What is Bodrum known for?

Windmills in Gumbet, Bodrum

As one of the best destinations to visit in the Aegean territory, and in Turkey, to be honest, Bodrum is a special part of the country. And this specialty is not only for magnificent sea-related views and holidays: Bodrum has so much more than that. If you want to learn more about what Bodrum owes its reputation to, just keep reading.

Among all of the things about Bodrum, it is especially known for its fun activities and particularly festivals all year long, traditional foods especially which are being done with olive oil, holiday resorts, sandals, gulets, and white-colored houses.

So, if you want to learn more about Bodrum, or you have plans to visit there (seriously, you do not want to miss those things that I will talk about) keep reading and get more information now!

Fun activities to do in Bodrum: Festivals and theme park visits

A pleasant vacation period in Bodrum can become even more colorful thanks to the festivals that take place almost every month. You will see the thematic festivals organized in different periods in the rest of the content.

12 festivals for 12 months in Bodrum

Even though festivals are characterized by being done in certain time periods of the year, Bodrum is a little bit different. You can find a festival every month basically. These are the most famous festivals that you can participate in each month:

  • January: Tangerine harvest festival.
  • February: Gündoğan sausage and wine festival.
  • March: Bitter herb festival.
  • April: Halikarnassos two side cultural festival and sustainable life film festival.
  • May: The color fest Bodrum.
  • June: Bodrum International Modern Dance Festival.
  • July: Zai Bodrum Coffee Festival
  • August: Bodrum Music Festival
  • September: Heritage Festival Halikarnassos
  • October: Bodrum Latin Dance Festival
  • November:  The Bodrum Bridge Festival
  • December: Bodrum Camel Wrestling Festival
Camel Wrestling Festival, Bodrum
Camel Wrestling Festival, Bodrum

Holiday resorts of Bodrum promise an excellent vacation experience

Bodrum is mostly preferred as a holiday destination for both tourists and visitors. Since a considerable amount of tourism activities are dependent on those holiday resorts, that must mean something. Even though all holiday resorts have their own unique beauty, these are the most famous and the first ones that will come to mind when you speak about the holiday in Bodrum.

Camel Beach in Bitez, Bodrum
Camel Beach in Bitez, Bodrum
  • Gümbet: Gümbet is mainly preferred for its crystal clear sea, probably the cleanest sea that you can ever see, and delicious seafood.
  • Bitez: Locals state that Bitez has the most beautiful bay in Bodrum. Individuals typically prefer this place for surfing purposes.
  • Yalıkavak: Besides its vocational features, Yalıkavak is famous for its windshields, sponges, honey, and citrus. If you ever go to Yalıkavak, do not forget to buy honey almonds!
  • Türkbükü: It is one of the best places to see the beauty of the white-colored houses. You can go and explore big mandarin gardens with the best smell you will ever smell.
  • Turgutreis: This place is generally preferred for those who rather a calm, relaxing vacation than a party in a crowded place. It is best to get a headrest.
  • Torba: It is one of the rare areas in Bodrum that is wooded. If you like being connected with nature, you must visit Torba.

White-colored houses of Bodrum: Impressive view of architectural aesthetics

Another thing that comes to mind immediately when we talk about Bodrum, is its white-colored houses. Different from some ugly city planning of some regions, Bodrum’s houses are white-colored and look quite beautiful. The stones of the houses are colored blue, with the same shape of indigo blue for each house. This is due to the belief that blue color keeps scorpions away. 

Bodrum with houses and ships
Bodrum with houses and ships

These white-colored houses in Bodrum will feast your eyes and make you feel as if you are in another dimension. You will not want to get out.

Sandals of Bodrum

Inspired by ancient periods of history, Bodrum is also famous for its sandals. They are sold out pretty quickly in certain periods, and a lot of famous names are buying them. It is a special kind of sandal that is made differently from regular sandals, which makes it extremely comfortable and beautiful.

You can find different models of sandals that you can choose from, and even you can order a custom made sandal for you or for your loved ones as a gift that will be a unique piece.

Gulets of Bodrum

The most modern and most unique types of gulets are produced in Bodrum. This tradition comes from ancient times, Bodrum is a host for gullet makers for quite a bit of a time. Gulet making is one of the daily bread for some families in Bodrum, which is a form of ‘’father to son’’ job. You can stay in some gulets since they serve as like a hotel.

Traditional foods of Bodrum

If you are a foodie, you cannot miss some of the famous dishes of Bodrum. Bodrum dishes are famous for being light, nutritious, and delicious. Maybe this is the reason why Bodrum locals are that beautiful and healthy.

Salads: Unique Cuisine

When it comes to food, Bodrum is famous for its different kinds of salads. Mustard herb salad is one of the traditional foods that you can try out in Bodrum. It is made from the mustard herbs that are growing up on Bodrum. Like most other Bodrum traditional food, this one is also made with olive oil. Ivy herb, also as known as a bitter herb, salad is another one. Ivy herb is only growing in Bodrum. This salad is prepared with eggs and onions. Ivy herb is used as a medicinal herb for many years and it is known to have many benefits for your health. One other different salad that is famous in Bodrum is radish herb salad. Radish herb, which is special to the Aegean territory, is a wild herb. With all of the beneficial sides, you will love this salad if you like a radish.

Main courses

Of course, the famous dishes of Bodrum are not limited to salads. If you want a filling lunch or dinner with delicious food, Bodrum has amazing options for that too. One of them is çökertme kebabı, which is translated as crumble kebab, and also known as Bodrum kebab. Stating that çökertme kebabı is the most famous dish of Bodrum would not be exaggerating. It is typically served with red meat, French fries’, butter and yogurt. Meat lovers would adore this dish most probably.

Çökertme Kebabı, a traditional dish
Çökertme Kebabı

Another famous option is stuffed squash blossoms. This dish is made by elaborately collected squash blossoms in the early morning. This is also a light dish that is made with olive oil.

Stuffed mullet is sort of an interesting dish that is also another food that is Bodrum famous for and you must try out. It is made by stuffing mullet with rice stuffing. There are different variations of this dish with different kinds of fish rather than mullet, yet mullet is the most preferred one.

Another dish that is made with squash blossoms is squash blossom fries. It is a healthier alternative to potato chips and can be eaten with yogurt. After you cover squash blossoms with eggs followed by flour, there is only left to fry them in the oil left. Bon appetit!

Seafood of Bodrum

Since Bodrum has one of the best seas in Turkey, it’s fish and seafood are worth trying. Leaving Bodrum without trying seafood in a fish restaurant by the sea should be illegal if you ask me. You should try out different kinds of fish in various restaurants, and maybe experiment a little and try some seafood that you have never tried before. Additionally, you must try every single appetizer that has come with your dish, they are very delicious as well!

Dessert To Experience in Bodrum

After a nice main course, of course, it is time for desserts. And of course, there are some special desserts that you must try out in Bodrum.

Lokma, means “bite” in English and I believe the name comes from the size of the dessert – you can eat one in only one bite. It is a dessert that is made with dough and sherbet. Even though the preparation of it is quite easy, the taste is indescribable. This dessert is also known for being served on special occasions, for example, if something happened that you wanted for a long time, you can serve lokma for your appreciation. Different districts are observed in making lokma in different ways.

Bitez ice cream is another dessert that Bodrum is famous for. Bitez is one of the districts in Bodrum where you can spend your holiday by the sea, and of course, try its ice cream. It is one of the most famous foods in Bodrum. Especially mandarin flavored is the most popular one among all different kinds of ice creams.


Mandarin is probably the first thing you will hear if you would ask any person in Turkish about what Bodrum is famous for. The best mandarin is growing in Bodrum. In fact, many of the store products that include mandarin use Bodrum mandarin in their products – because it is the best.

Theme parks of Bodrum: Best for family travels

With lots of options to choose from, quality and amusing time are guaranteed with Bodrum’s theme parks. The following are the most famous theme parks of Bodrum:

  • Pirates Inn Cactus Aquapark
  • Bodrum Aquapark
  • Funtown Yahşipark

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