Top-Rated Beaches in Turkey – Replan Your Summer Vacation

Turkey is a popular holiday destination with its tourism centers. One thing that makes Turkey a convenient place, especially for summer tourism, is the abundance of high-quality and clean beaches.

Naturally, each beach has its own characteristics in terms of seawater, weather, pensions, etc. Here you can find the list of top-rated beaches in Turkey to choose a convenient beach for your vacation.

Ölüdeniz Beach – Fethiye / Muğla

Ölüdeniz Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in the world, and it is considered the best beach in Turkey. The sea is known to be crystal clear, clean, and transparent. Next to the beach, there is a big forest which contributes to the water’s color.

The name “Ölüdeniz” means “dead sea” in Turkish. The reason for it to get this name is because of the stillness of the sea – there are no waves at all. The sea is a lagoon formation, and even on the windiest days, the wind does not come to the sea. Since there is no wave in Ölüdeniz beach, it is possible to do various water sports (those that do not require wind and waves).

Ölüdeniz Beach – Fethiye / Muğla

The sand in Ölüdeniz Beach is white and soft, and the beach is a pebble beach. Since the lagoon is naturally formed, there is a strict “no construction” policy in Ölüdeniz beach. Additionally, Ölüdeniz Beach is a Blue Flag Beach, which is a certification given by Foundation for Environmental Education. This certification is only given to the beaches that meet specific standards.   

In ancient times, Lycian Empire named the area the “sun land.” In the area, there were remaining found from Lycian Empire as well.

Today, the beach offers various services such as pension, WC, parking lot, boat tours, scuba diving, sunbeds, and umbrellas. Accommodation options nearby are abundant.

One thing to note about Ölüdeniz beach is that the water gets deep quite fast and unnoticed. For this reason, it might be dangerous for children and those who do not know how to swim.

Altın Kum Beach – Çeşme / İzmir

Altın Kum (“golden sand” in Turkish) Beach is a beach in Çeşme, İzmir. The name of the beach comes from its golden-colored sand. The beach takes place 10 kilometers away from Çeşme city center.

The sea in Altın Kum Beach is clear and cold. In fact, one of the most known features of Altın Kum Beach is the ice-cold water, even on the hottest summer days. For this reason, it is typically preferred by those who want to cool off in heatwaves.

The beach takes place on the southeast side of Çeşme Peninsula, in a semi-protected cove. The beach is known for its entertainment facilities such as beach clubs and pubs and camping areas.

Ovabükü Beach – Datça / Muğla

Ovabükü Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Mediterranean Region. The sea is known for being clear, wide, and transparent. The sea is a little bit rocky, but not in a way that would bother people. The sea is known to be dynamic, meaning that there are frequent waves and movements.

Ovabükü Beach – Datça / Muğla

The beach includes various family businesses working as pensions. The pensions in Ovabükü Beach are known for their homemade and organic food. The locals of Datça recommend people to visit Ovabükü in August and post-August.

The beach takes place approximately 125 kilometers away from the Muğla city center. The beach gets quite crowded, especially in the summertime. The coastline of Ovabükü beach is pretty long, long enough to handle crowdedness smoothly.

Like Ölüdeniz, the sea in Ovabükü Beach gets deep quite fast. Given that there are waves, too, people who do not know how to swim and children need to be extra careful.

Çeşme Ilıca Beach – Çeşme / İzmir

Çeşme Ilıca Beach is one of the most popular beaches of both İzmir and Turkey. The coastline is two kilometers long and full of thin white sand. Since there are thermal waters in the sea, it is possible to mention Çeşme Ilıca sea as a big thermal pool.

The abundance of pensions and facilitates in the area makes it possible to handle big crowds simultaneously. Those pensions and facilities typically include thermal water, too.

Çeşme Ilıca Beach – Çeşme / İzmir

The sea does not get deep for at least 100 meters from the coastline, which makes it a convenient place for children and people who are not good at swimming.

While the sea is relatively warmer, the cool winds help people to cool off from the heat waves. The beach also offers various beach clubs, pubs, and discos for nightlife.

Ayazma Beach – Bozcaada / Çanakkale

It is known that the beaches in Bozcaada, in general, have cold water. Additionally, the weather is several degrees lower than the average in Bozcaada, so it is typically preferred by those who want to cool off from the heat waves in the summertime.

Besides being cold, Ayazma Beach in Bozcaada is famous for being clean and clear. The sand is quite soft. Most of the time, the wind is prominent in Ayazma Beach, which leads to waves. The beach is pretty close to Bozcaada city center, and getting there is possible through minibusses or taxis.

Moreover, Ayazma Beach is preferred for those who want to experience camping. The beach offers various camping opportunities. The beach also offers sunbeds and umbrellas for its visitors.

Ayazma Beach – Bozcaada / Çanakkale

Palamutbükü Beach – Datça / Muğla

Another famous beach in Muğla is Palamutbükü Beach. In fact, most of the Datça visitors prefer Palamutbükü Beach. The reason for Palamutbükü being so popular is the clear sea, green trees, and the coastline full of flat gravel.

The sea in Palamutbükü gets very deep really fast and has relatively cold water, which makes it a convenient place to go in heatwaves. Additionally, the area is quite windy, meaning that the sea is also wavy.

There are various restaurants and cafés all over the coastline.

Palamutbükü Beach – Datça / Muğla

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Badavut Beach – Ayvalık / Balıkesir

Badavut Beach is a natural beach in Sarımsaklı area of Ayvalık, Balıkesir. The sea is calm and waveless, which makes it convenient for people who are not good at swimming. Moreover, the beach is preferred for the abundance of nearby attractions.

The beach is typically calm and not crowded, which makes it a popular destination for those who want to get some headrest. The reason for the beach is not crowded is not because it is not good enough, but it is because transportation is not easy, and Balıkesir is not as popular as other tourism centers such as Muğla and Antalya.

Still, the people who visit Badavut Beach praise it and mention that it is a hidden gem.

Kaputaş Beach – Kaş / Antalya

Kaputaş Beach takes place in between two districts of Antalya, Kaş and Kalkan. The seawater in Kaputaş Beach is known for being cool and turquoise color. Given that Antalya becomes pretty hot, especially in the summertime, Kaputaş Beach is typically preferred by those who want to cool off from the heat waves.

In general, Kaputaş Beach is described as a “typical Mediterranean beach.” One of the features of Kaputaş Beach is the constantly color-changing seawater. At different times, it is possible to see Kaputaş Beach in different colors.

Kaputaş Beach – Kaş / Antalya

There is a legend saying that the sea in Kaputaş Beach is the origin of the color turquoise. Additionally, the beach takes place in a canyon mouth, which makes it different from other beaches.

Kleopatra Beach – Antalya

Another famous beach in Turkey takes place in Antalya. It is important not to mistake Kleopatra Beach with Kleopatra Cove in Çeşme, İzmir. The sand on the beach is gold-colored, and the water does not get deep for at least 8 to 10 meters.

Kleopatra Beach – Antalya

The name of this beach is inspired by the ancient Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. According to a legend, Alanya was gifted to Cleopatra, and Cleopatra was using this beach to take a bath every day. Additionally, it has been said that Cleopatra had a tunnel from her castle to get into the sea directly.

The beach is popular for various water sport opportunities. Many people who want to participate in or try water sports prefer Kleopatra Beach in Turkey. The area dedicated to water sports is not in the same spot where people swim for safety purposes. Some of the water sports done in Kleopatra Beach include jet ski and pedalo.

İztuzu Beach – Dalyan / Muğla

İztuzu Beach in Muğla is one of the rarest beaches in the world, by being in the middle of seawater and sweet water. The beach is the egg-laying point for Caretta carettas. For the sake of not disturbing Caretta carettas, the beach is closed between 8 PM and 8 AM. However, at other hours of the day, it is possible to visit İztuzu Beach.

İztuzu Beach – Dalyan / Muğla

Tourists and Turkey locals frequently visit the beach. It is also known for its cleanness and naturalness. Insomuch that, it was awarded the best beach award by Zoover and Meteovista, and as “Europe’s Best Open Space” by The Times.

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