Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Ankara: Modern Cuisine Experience

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, is known for its rich cuisine. In fact, it is possible to find dishes in all regions of Turkey and all around the world in Ankara. Ankara also offers a modern cuisine experience with its high-quality and popular fine dining restaurants.

In essence, fine dining is a restaurant experience characterized by exquisite meals, high-quality and modern interior design, highly professional and expert staff, and a good presentation. While any restaurant can offer those features, it is important to do things right in a fine dining restaurant fully.

Of course, those who want to experience fine dining typically prefer the best restaurants to fit the essence of fine dining. Today on this list, you can find the top fine dining restaurants in Ankara.

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Trilye Restaurant

Trilye restaurant is known as not only one of the best fine dining restaurants in Ankara but also one of the best restaurants in general. The restaurant has served people since 2002, which makes it an experienced one.

Trilye restaurant is famous for its seafood dishes in addition to Mediterranean cuisine dishes. Throughout the years, Trilye restaurant got several international awards for its high quality.

The interior design of Trilye restaurant is modern and simple, and especially the marble fireplace attracts attention from its visitors. Additionally, the restaurant’s large windows make it look larger and fresher, which is a characteristic of modern architecture. The restaurant is decorated with lots of plants and olive trees.

The restaurant is available for large groups and preferred for professional business meetings and special events as well. A Valet parking service is given by the restaurant. Trilye restaurant also offers a private dining experience, where you get a private room of yours to dine.

Address: Kazim Ozalp Neighborhood. Kuleli Street No:32 Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara 06680 Turkey

Number: +90 312 447 12 00

Niki Restaurant

Niki restaurant is known for its Mediterranean cuisine dishes and takes place in a spot that is away from the crowd. The backyard of Niki Restaurant is one of the reasons why people prefer there for a fine dining experience.

Moreover, the food quality in Niki restaurant is known to be good. The interior design of Niki restaurant is modern and luxurious. The menu is known to be rich with various dish options. The visitors typically recommend trying the wine varieties and wine bottles in the restaurant.

Since the restaurant offers such high-quality dishes and service, the people who visit there are those who “fit” to the atmosphere. In other words, even though there is not a specific dress code, it is recommended to dress according to the modern and luxurious nature of the restaurant.

Additionally, Niki restaurant is typically considered to be a convenient place for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, etc. For special occasions, people tend to prefer the desks by the windows, so making a reservation prior to your visit is recommended. In fact, even if you do not have a special occasion, it is still necessary to make a reservation prior to your visit.

The restaurant also offers a bar section, which is a little bit different from the remaining of the restaurant.

Address: Kazım Özalp Neighborhood, Hafta Street, No 16, Kazım Özalp Neighborhood, Gaziosmanpaşa, Ankara

Number: +90312 466 00 48

JW Steakhouse

JW Steakhouse takes place in JW Marriott Hotel, and it is a luxurious and modern American steakhouse restaurant. Most of the visitors of JW Steakhouse praise the deliciousness and the high quality of the dishes they eat there.

The restaurant does not include an outdoor venue, but the restaurant’s interior design makes up for it. Everything is luxuriously designed, and the decoration is pretty modern. The staff of JW Steakhouse is known to be knowledgeable and professional, which is a big part of the fine dining experience.

Moreover, the menu of JW Steakhouse is pretty comprehensive; it includes all the necessities that should be on a steakhouse. From appetizers to main dishes and sides, all JW Steakhouse items are like from an authentic American restaurant.

JW Steakhouse also includes a bar section for various alcoholic beverages. Like the rest of the restaurant, the bar section is also modernly decorated and luxurious. Alcoholic beverages in the restaurant are known to be high quality and luxurious.

Address: JW Marriott Ankara, Kızılırmak Neighborhood, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Avenue, No 1, Çankaya, Ankara

Number: +90312 248 88 88

Grappa Restaurant

Another top-rated fine dining restaurant in Ankara is Grappa Restaurant. The restaurant has a comprehensive menu in which many dishes from French, Italian, and Turkish cuisine are included, in addition to world cuisine dishes.

The restaurant is known for its high-quality dishes, professional service, and outstanding presentation skills of the chefs. The interior design is pretty modern and luxurious. Given the fine dining restaurant standards in Ankara, Grappa is more affordable than the other alternatives without compromising on quality.

Grappa Restaurant also includes a full bar, where you can find high-end alcoholic beverages. Wine bottles are highly recommended by visitors. It is not obligatory to make a reservation prior to your visit, but it is recommended, especially if you want to have a good seat in the restaurant.

Address: Gazi Osman Paşa Neighborhood, Çankaya Avenue, Kader Street, No 34/A, Çankaya, Ankara

Number: +90312 428 36 26 / +90312 428 36 25

Skye Vue Cocktail Bar & Terrace

Skye Vue Cocktail Bar & Terrace is another fine dining restaurant located in JW Marriott Hotel, Ankara. The restaurant offers many different international dishes and alcoholic beverages and is famous for its late-night services. Another famous part of Skye Vue Cocktail Bar & Terrace is Japanese cuisine dishes, especially sushi.

Moreover, according to some visitors of Skye Vue Cocktail Bar & Terrace, the best cocktails you can find in Ankara are served here. Since the restaurant takes place on a terrace, the view is pretty wide and good, especially in the nighttime.

Besides, Skye Vue Cocktail Bar & Terrace offers jazz music to its visitors for the full fine dining experience. Since the quality is that high in the restaurant, prices are above average, even for fine dining standards. However, many visitors state that it is worth the quality and atmosphere.

Skye Vue Cocktail Bar & Terrace offers outdoor seating by the terrace, valet parking service, and is wheelchair accessible.

Address: JW Marriott Ankara, Kızılırmak Neighborhood, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Avenue, No 1, Çankaya, Ankara

Number: +90312 248 88 88

No4 Restaurant Bar Lounge

No4 Restaurant Bar Lounge takes place in Wyndham Hotel and is a top-rated fine dining restaurant in Ankara. The interior design of the restaurant is modern and luxurious. People tend to visit No4 Restaurant Bar Lounge, especially when they want to consume alcohol with their dishes since it includes a broad and comprehensive bar.

Moreover, the dishes served in No4 Restaurant Bar Lounge can be described as “international.” The restaurant serves all kinds of foods from all around the world, and most of the visitors are satisfied with its taste.

The restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and late at night. Since it is open until late hours of the night, it is a frequented place for those who prefer a decent nightlife activity. Given the quality and service is above average, the prices are also above the average.

Address: Wyndham Hotel, Ayvalı Neighborhood, Yaşam Avenue, 4. Street, No 4, Yenimahalle, Ankara

Number: +90312 219 03 04

Yelken Balık

Yelken Balık is one of the most frequented fine dining restaurants in Ankara. The restaurant is famous for its seafood, especially fish varieties. The atmosphere and interior design of Yelken Balık is a typical Turkish restaurant with modern inspirations and luxurious décors.

The restaurant offers both outdoor venues and indoor venues. A full bar is present, in which you can find various alcoholic beverage varieties. Both Turkish people and tourists prefer Yelken Balık for a modernized Turkish dining experience, especially with Turkish appetizers.

Even though it is not mandatory, a reservation prior to your visit is highly recommended, especially if you would like to sit at a suitable desk. The restaurant is open until 1:30 AM, making it a convenient place for late-night dates or those who want to have a decent nightlife experience.

Address: Kazım Özalp, Reşit Galip Avenue No:58, 06700 Çankaya/Ankara

Number: (0312) 448 29 90

Fige Restaurant

Another top-rated fine dining restaurant in Ankara is Fige Restaurant. The restaurant is known for its romantic atmosphere, exquisite interior design, and décor, which includes an antique piano, flowers, and red walls. The restaurant offers live music Fridays and Saturdays.

Some of the most famous dishes of Fige Restaurant include seafood, fish, and kebab. The restaurant is also known for the world cuisine dishes, with a wide and comprehensive menu. You can find all kinds of alcoholic beverages in Fige Restaurant to company your dish.

Moreover, the restaurant hosts a brunch every Sunday and an open buffet for lunch. It is highly recommended to make a reservation prior to your visit to Fige Restaurant, especially if you are planning to go when there is live music.

Address: Çankaya Neighborhood, Simon Bolivar Avenue, Abdullah Cevdet Street, No 15, Çankaya, Ankara

Number: +90312 438 07 21

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