Top 17 Instagrammable Places in Istanbul

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and very important to some people and even companies. Taking the best pictures to post might be tricky, and Istanbul has lots of places to provide you the best background, lighting, and small details for your posts.

Whether if you just want to add a little spice to your Instagram feed or you want to keep your Instagram page about traveling unique, Istanbul has a lot of places to offer you. You can get your followers to ask you a million questions about where you took those photos. Not only amateurs but for professional photoshoots as well, there are lots of outdoor and indoor places in Istanbul for your shoots.

You can prefer to be in nature, to have the Bosphorus on your background, or in places that have some architectural masterpieces. 

Galata Tower

Besides its historical value and legends, Galata Tower offers you a place for the perfect Instagram post. Either on the top of the Galata Tower or under the tower, you will get unique and beautiful results. Since Galata Tower is one of the places where you can see a panoramic view of Istanbul, it is one of the most popular places for photographers. You can take a selfie on the top of the Galata Tower with a beautiful Istanbul view in the background, or you can ask someone to take pictures with you.

View of Haliç (Golden Horn) from the top of the Galata Tower

Since Galata Tower has legends about love and relationship, it is also preferred by couples. You can witness a proposal in Galata Tower, with photographers there. Even you can plan your proposal in the Galata Tower, in which you can get unforgettable pictures.

Galata Tower lights up with beautiful lights in the evenings. This could be the best opportunity for you to get the perfect pictures. Additionally, there are lots of cute coffee shops in the Galata Tower area. You can take good pictures there as well, with Galata Tower as your background.

Galata Tower is located in a lovely neighborhood called Galata

Istiklal Street

In so many movies, TV shows, and documentaries shoot in Istanbul, you can see Istiklal Street as a shooting area, and it is not just a coincidence. Istiklal Street has a wonderful vibe with amazing backgrounds especially with its old tram, and if you get there when it is not crowded you can take the most beautiful Instagram pictures. 

View of the İstiklal Street

Istiklal Street is one of the liveliest streets and Istanbul and it goes without saying that it is one of the most crowded areas. You can use this crowdedness in your favor as well, by editing the pictures where people walk behind you in motion. The old tram in the Istiklal street must be on your lists to take pictures. You cannot find the old-fashioned tram in every place in Istanbul, and this nostalgic detail would look perfect in your feed. You can take pictures outside of the tram while you are sitting inside of the tram, or you can use the tram as your background.

Maiden’s Tower

Not only Galata Tower is popular and unique in Istanbul, and Maiden’s Tower is another place that you can take incredible Instagram posts. In the middle of the Bosphorus, you will find a place in which you can include the natural beauties of Istanbul and the historical mystery of the Maiden’s Tower.

View of the Maiden’s Tower from the Salacak Neighborhood in the Asian Side of İstanbul

Sunsets are on another level at the Bosphorus, and Maiden’s Tower could provide you the perfect lighting. The golden hour pictures in Maiden’s Tower would be nothing like your typical golden hour pictures because even though golden hour makes a picture pretty, nothing can make it like the view of Istanbul.

Typically, in the Bosphorus, you can see lots of seagulls. The seagulls flying in your background will be the perfect detail in your pictures.

Emirgan Park

If you are in Istanbul in the springtime, there are no excuses to skip going to the Emirgan Park for Instagram pictures. The appearance of tulips blooming in spring is too fascinating to be expressed in words. The way tulips are planted is such that they create a visual feast for you. The walking path in Emirgan Park is the optimal place for you to take Instagram pictures. Consider yourself lucky if you have a post on your feed with those colorful tulips as your background.

Emirgan Park during Tulip Festival


With its beautiful colorful houses, Balat is one of the most preferred destinations in Istanbul when it comes to taking pictures. If you want to have a unique photoshoot full of colors, you must visit Balat. The interior design of the cafes in the Balat area is also unbelievable, you can add spice to your Instagram feed with not only houses in Balat but also the cafes. Besides, lots of TV shows in Turkey were filmed in the Balat streets.

Colorful Buildings in Balat

Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar)

Kapalıçarşı is one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul and could also serve as a perfect place for your Instagram posts. With its authentic and unique vibe, you can have great pictures for your Instagram feed. If you want something different from all of the posts taken in Istanbul (or any place of the world), Kapalıçarşı will provide you to get rid of this sameness. You can find handmade ceramics, carpets, and traditional symbols such as evil eye beads that are not known and common in some other cultures. Those features of Kapalıçarşı will both attract attention and will make your posts look mysterious.

Shops in Kapalı Çerşı (Grand Bazaar)

Additionally, Kapalıçarşı has special areas for professional photoshoots in which you can dress up with costumes of Ottoman period. They provide you all the costumes and accessories, and an environment that looks just like a part of an Ottoman palace. Keep in mind to take pictures in those areas if you want something really unique.

Atatürk Arboretum

If you want pictures that include nature, Atatürk Arboretum must be on your list to go. You can experience country living at its best without even leaving the city. With beautiful plants and the little lake in the Atatürk Arboretum, you can have the perfect post for your Instagram feed. Keep in mind that Atatürk Arboretum is at its best in the springtime. This place is not as popular as the other places I mentioned earlier, so do not forget this place if you want a relatively calm photoshoot.

Atatürk Arboretum

Prince Islands

Life and environment on the islands are like you cannot see anywhere. With the amazing view of the Bosphorus, the unique architectural properties, and the streets of the Prince Islands, you will not regret getting to the Prince Islands to take Instagram pictures. Also, there are lots of small shops in the Prince Islands in which you can buy some accessories (straw hats, tiaras made from flowers, cute hats with flowers on them, etc.) to make your pictures even prettier.

A street in Büyükada

Renting a bicycle and exploring the Prince Islands with the bicycle while you are looking for the perfect place for pictures is strongly recommended. You can find lots of colorful and pretty bicycles that would look so cute in your pictures. 

Dolmabahçe Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace, once built for people who ruled an empire, could not be expected to be an average place. Right next to the Bosphorus, Dolmabahçe Palace will provide you the best view and this is not all. The amazing architecture of the palace itself and the structures in the yard of the palace, all would look great in terms of photography, and this is why Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most preferred destinations for photographers in Istanbul. Do not forget to explore this wonderful palace while you are concentrated on taking pictures.

Dolmabahçe Palace


An Istanbul tour without seeing Ortaköy would be incomplete, and if you want to have cool pictures you should not overlook Ortaköy. Ortaköy is one of the places in Istanbul where you can see the Bosphorus view at its best. Even on the second floors of the cafes in Ortaköy would provide you an amazing place for taking pictures, since the Bosphorus makes every picture ten times better.

View of Ortaköy Mosque and Bosphorus


Akaretler is one of the most popular areas in the beautiful district of Besiktas. The area is built on sloping land, and it has a housing type of row houses. This place is perfect for your Instagram posts and is a quite popular place to take pictures. You can see hundreds of influencers taking pictures here and posting them. 


You can just take pictures in the middle of Akaretler, or you can use the beautiful boards with neon writings on them as your background. Those boards include some inspiring quotes. If you choose the time wisely, you do not even need to edit your pictures. Sunset looks amazing in Akaretler.

Spice Bazaar

You might think like what a bazaar can offer me when it comes to Instagram pictures, but be careful with your words until you see the Spice Bazaar. Besides having a historical significance, Spice Bazaar is another spot in Istanbul that will add authenticity and uniqueness to your Instagram feed or stories. With all the colorful spices and dried fruits in the Spice Bazaar, you can both take amazing pictures of yourself or the environment. 

People in Spice Bazaar

Since Spice Bazaar has a close top, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the natural lighting but do not worry about it, the lightning inside of the Spice Bazaar will be more than enough.


Moda is one of the most popular places among young people and is another good place for Instagram posts and stories. The sea view from Moda is amazing, and the seashore of Moda in which you can sit on the big rocks will provide you a nice background. You can lay on the grasses, and the things Moda offers you is not limited to its seashore. There are lots of old buildings in Moda that you can consider taking pictures of them or with them. The Haydarpasa Station is one of the most preferred places in Moda that you can take pictures. Besides, Moda is another place where you can see an old-fashioned tram. The seaview from the tram ride is priceless.

Moda Pier

Basilica Cistern

If you want more like a mysterious vibe on your Instagram feed, visiting the Basilica Cistern is strongly recommended. You can feel like you are in another dimension, and so does your photos will be reflecting this uniqueness. With gorgeous architectural features of the Basilica Cistern, your pictures will look amazing. Keep in mind that lighting in the Basilica Cistern is quite dim, so bringing a camera that works well in dim lighting would be so much better.

View of the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul
Basilica Cistern


Eminönü is one of the busiest places in Istanbul that you can ever see and the daily rush of the people there would be a great subject for your pictures. You can take a picture of the fishermen trying to catch some fish or you just can take a picture of yourself while standing in front of the Bosphorus. In addition, you can see lots of fish boats in which fish is served as a dish, and those fish boats are typically decorated with lights and other decorations. Photos of those fish boats would look immaculate with or without you in them.

Eminönü Square

Çiçek Pasaj (Cité de Péra)

Çiçek Pasaj should be on your bucket list if you want to take amazing pictures in Istanbul. Çiçek Pasaj has a beautiful atmosphere in which you can feel like you are in somewhere northern Italy, or you are Cinderella trying to escape from the ball. It has spectacular architecture and the small details in the Çiçek Pasaj are quite interesting.

Çiçek Pasajı


When one mentions taking pictures in Istanbul, there has to be someone who recommends Karaköy, and they are not misleading you while making this recommendation. Karaköy is known for the graffiti art in its streets, which will provide you an incredible photoshoot. Besides those graffiti art, Karaköy streets itself is a work of art and must be considered while choosing a place for your Instagram posts. Additionally, you can find really cute antique shops and cafes in which you can also evaluate as a photoshoot place.

Colorful Umbrellas in Karaköy

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