The best time to visit Antalya

Antalya is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey and at different times throughout the year, it attracts people. If you think about visiting Antalya and wondering when is the best time to visit Antalya, we will talk about it in detail.

The best time to visit Antalya is between June and August for swimming and sunbathing. You can prefer May, September, and October for sightseeing. Also, the months between October and April are good for relaxing.

On the other hand, the explanation above is a generalization and we will give recommendations for solo travelers, couples, families, and elderly people below.

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Recommendation for solo travelers 

The best time to visit Antalya for solo travelers is the summer months. Since summer is the peak season, everywhere is full of visitors and it is easy to socialize. Nightlife is more active during summer months.

However, if you are a person who would like to prefer to avoid crowds (a digital nomad for example), you may consider staying in the area during May, September, October, and November. In these months, the weather is not extremely hot and humid, but it is still hot enough for swimming. Moreover, prices are lower than in the summer months.

Recommendation for couples

The best time to visit Antalya for couples is the months of May and September. In these months, the region is not crowded and it is easier to find a room in a good hotel and booking a restaurant. Since the schools are opened in these months, families with children return to their homes. So you do not be disturbed by child noise.

Recommendation for families with children

The best time to visit Antalya for families is the months of summer since the schools are closed during these months. During these months there are lots of families around.

Recommendation for elderly people

The best time to visit Antalya for elderly people is the months of autumn, winter, and spring due to the mild weather of Antalya. Moreover, during these months the region is not that crowded and prices are low. You will see lots of elderly people who enjoy the great weather in Antalya.

Climate of Antalya

The climate of Antalya plays an important role in the popularity of the city among tourists. Antalya has a classical Mediterranean climate as any other city on the Mediterranean coast. The summers are hot and dry in the city. In winters, the weather is generally wet and humid. Although the temperature is not very low in the winter, because of the sea breezes and humidity, the weather could be cool in winters. Winters are also rainy in Antalya. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Antalya in winter, be prepared against rains and humid air. Between April and October, the weather is ideal for tourist activities.  In the table below, you can see the average temperatures by months.


Weather in January

For January, we advise you to dress in layers. As you can see at the table, the average temperature is 50 °F (15 °C)in the daytime.  At night, the temperature could decrease in half. Moreover, the weather is generally rainy in January in Antalya. We do not advise you to swim in January because the sea is very cold in January. 

Weather in February

The weather in Antalya in February is almost the same as the weather in January.  You should be prepared against rains again. However, when you dress in layers and wear a boat, February would be a perfect time to explore the city by walking. We do not recommend you to swim as we do not recommend it in January. 

Weather in March 

In March, Antalya is a bit hotter than February and January.  Although swimming could be still difficult, you can enjoy the sun on the beach. Do not forget that March is only spring, not summer. So, do not forget to have your coat with you in case of sudden rain. 

Weather in April 

In April, the weather starts to become hotter in Antalya. The average temperature in the daytime would be about  60 °F (16 °C) You can spend long hours at the beach. The sea is still not at the proper temperature to swim. However, you can try your chance if you believe in yourself. Do not forget the possibility of April rains!

Weather in May

Antalya’s weather in May would be ideal for you if you do not like too cold or too hot weather. The weather in May in Antalya is about  68 °F (20 °C) during the daytime in general. You can enjoy the sunshine without extremely hot temperatures.  Especially in the second half of May, you can also swim in the sea. 

Weather in June

June represents the beginning of the summer in Antalya. Especially in the afternoon, you may need to protect yourself from sunshine. We advise you to use sunscreen if you have tender skin. The temperature is generally about 76 °F (25 °C) in Antalya. June would be the ideal month to swim in Antalya. 

Weather in July

July is the hottest month of Antalya. The average temperature is 82 °F (28 °C). If you’ll be on the streets in the afternoon, we strongly advise you to use high factor sunscreen.  Do not forget to stay hydrated.  Although the weather would not be ideal for exploring the city in the afternoon, it would be easier to walk around the city in the evenings.  The sea would be really warm. 

Weather in August

The weather in Antalya in August is very similar to the weather in July. The ideal activity in the afternoon would be swimming.  Do not forget to use sunscreen in August. In the evenings, you can explore the city or have a drink in the pubs.

Weather in September

September is the beginning of the fall in Antalya.  However, because of the Mediterranean climate, the average temperature is 76 °F (25 °C) in the daytime. It is perfect for swimming. In the evenings, you can walk around the city without sweating. September could be rainy in Antalya. Therefore, it would be good to have your coat with you.

Weather in October

October is generally a warm month in Antalya. However, rainfalls are very common. Thus, you should have a coat with you if you are planning to have a walk in the city. At nights, temperatures could drop to 68 ºF (20 ºC). Therefore, a t-shirt and shorts would not be a good choice if you want to explore the city at night.  

Weather in November 

The weather in Antalya in November could be described as ‘’cool’. The temperature drops to 58 ºF (15 ºC) during the daytime. You should be prepared against rainfalls. However, the sea is still warm and it is usual to swim in Antalya in November. At night, you should wear more than a t-shirt. 

Weather in December 

The weather is cool in Antalya in December. In the daytime, the temperature could drop to  53 ºF (12 ºC). The weather would not be cold enough to make you feel cold. However, we advise you to wear warmer clothes than you wear in the summer and spring months. Heavy rains are always possible in December. Therefore, you should be prepared against the rains.


The peak season of Antalya is between June and September. Between these months the weather would be ideal for different activities. You can go swimming, you can have a walk in the city, you can visit museums, parks, waterfalls and at night, you can have fun in bars. These are the advantages of visiting Antalya in the peak season. However, you should not forget that Antalya is a really popular tourist destination and could be really crowded in the peak season. If you want to have a quiet holiday, these months would not be ideal for you. Of course, the prices of accommodation are higher than in the offseason. 


Winter is the off-season of Antalya. In these months, the weather is not really cold because of the Mediterranean climate. However, the weather could be really rainy and it may be hard for you to explore the city. Moreover, in these months, the sea is not warm enough to swim. Because of these reasons, winter is the off-season in Antalya. However, we can also talk about some advantages of visiting Antalya in the off-season. Firstly, the city would not be very crowded. Therefore, you can walk in the streets easily. All you need to do is to wear warmer clothes. Off-season also offers you to have a quiet holiday in Antalya. Another advantage is about prices. During the off-season, the price of accommodation would be cheaper than the peak season as you can guess. 

As you can see, visiting Antalya during the peak season and during the offseason have advantages and disadvantages. You can compare them and make your choice. The only certain thing is that the Antalya trip would be a good experience for you whether you choose peak season or off-season!

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