Museum Pass: A Detailed Look

A Museum pass is a card that is designed for the museums and other historical landmarks in Turkey. With a museum pass, you do not need to pay for every single museum or historical landmark you visit. Instead, you just need to pay once for the card and visit the places you want to visit for free. Keep in mind that museum pass is not valid in everywhere, but most of the places.

What is Museum Pass?

A Museum pass is a pass designed for tourists that came to Turkey for a short time. If you are not a Turkish citizen or foreigner with a residence permit in Turkey, you cannot get a museum card, but you can get a museum pass. Museum pass has different names according to the area that it is valid on, and there is one museum pass that is valid all around Turkey.

You need to pay an entrance fee to some of the museums, historical landmarks, and archeological sites. Museum pass helps you in terms of just paying once for the pass and then getting the most of those places for free.

Difference between Museum Pass and Müzekart+

Müzekart+ (museum card) is a card designed for Turkish citizens and foreigners with residence permits in Turkey, and it is valid in all cities in Turkey. You can enter over 300 museums and historical landmarks for free with a Müzekart+. One can use Müzekart+ for one year, and the start is defined as the day you bought the Müzekart+. It costs 60 Turkish liras to get a Müzekart+. Yet, müzekart+ is not valid in every museum and historical landmark as I discussed earlier. The following are the places which müzekart+ is not valid:

  • Harem Section in Topkapi Palace
  • Hagia Irene Museum in Topkapi Palace
  • Yamaçevler Section in Ephesus
  • Dark Church in Göreme Open Air Museum

Museum pass, on the other hand, is designed for tourists who do not have a residence permit. It is quite similar to a Müzekart+, but it has differences. Such that, if your trip in Turkey only includes Istanbul, you can get a museum pass Istanbul, which will be valid only in Turkey. There is also a museum pass that is valid in every city of Turkey.

Types of Museum Pass

As I mentioned earlier, museum pass different types in terms of the region or the city you are in. Types of museum pass include museum pass Turkey, museum pass Istanbul, museum pass Cappadocia, museum pass the Mediterranean, and the museum pass the Aegean.

Museum Pass Turkey

Museum pass Turkey is a type of museum pass that is valid in every city of Turkey. You can visit more than 300 museums, archeological sites, and ruins for free once you got the museum pass Turkey.

Museum pass Turkey is valid for 15 days, but your 15 days does not start until you first use the museum pass. In other words, you can get a museum pass and do not use it as long as you would like, your 15 days of validness in museum card will only start once you use the museum pass.

Museum Pass Istanbul

The museum pass Istanbul is a type of museum pass that is valid in the museums and historical landmarks in Istanbul. The museum pass Istanbul is valid for 5 days starting from your first use of museum pass in Istanbul. With museum pass Istanbul, you can visit 13 museums for free, as much as you would like. The museum pass Istanbul costs 325 Turkish liras. 

Museum Pass Cappadocia

Museum pass Cappadocia is a type of museum pass that is valid in the Cappadocia region, which includes Nevşehir and Aksaray. With the museum pass, Cappadocia, more than 10 museums and historical landmarks in the Cappadocia region are waiting for you to explore them without paying an entrance fee. Museum pass Cappadocia is valid for 5 days, but not 5 days from the day you buy it. Your 5 days of use starts when you first use the museum pass Cappadocia. You need to pay 190 Turkish liras to get a museum pass Cappadocia.

You can get the museum pass Cappadocia from Nevşehir, Istanbul, and Aksaray. In Aksaray, there is only one place you can get the museum pass Cappadocia, and that place is Ihlara. In Istanbul, you can get the museum pass Cappadocia from the Istanbul Airport Museum. 

Museum Pass the Mediterranean

Museum pass the Mediterranean is a type of museum pass that is valid in the Mediterranean region, which consists of Antalya, Mersin, Adana, and Denizli. With a museum pass the Mediterranean, you can visit over 50 museums and historical landmarks in those cities for 7 days. Your 7 days of permission to use the museum pass the Mediterranean does not start until your first use of it. You can only visit each museum once with the museum pass the Mediterranean. It costs 325 Turkish liras to get it. Museums pass the Mediterranean is not valid in the ancient pool in Denizli. 

Museum Pass the Aegean

Museum pass the Aegean is a type of museum pass that is valid in the Aegean region, and the cities İzmir, Denizli, Aydın, and Mugla are included in the museum pass the Aegean. Museum pass the Aegean is valid over 60 museums and the historical landmarks in those cities. Museum pass the Aegean is valid for 7 days, starting from the first day of using the museum pass. The price of the museum pass the Aegean is 325 Turkish liras. With the museum pass the Aegean, you can visit the museums for once. Museum passes the Aegean is not valid in the Ancient Pool of Pamukkale (Denizli). 

Where can I buy a Museum Pass?

You can buy the different types of Museum passes from different places. The following are the places that you can buy a museum pass Istanbul:

  • Istanbul Archeology Museums
  • Kariye Museum
  • Museum of Great Palace Mosaics
  • Galata Tower
  • Rumeli Hisarı (Fortress)
  • Istanbul Airport Museum

Places you can buy a museum pass the Aegean:

  • Aphrodisias Ancient City
  • Bergama Acropolis Ancient City
  • Bergama Asklepion Ancient City
  • Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum
  • Ephesus Museum (in İzmir)
  • Didim Appollon Temple (in Mugla)
  • Ephesus Ancient City
  • Ephesus Yamaçevler (Efes Yamaçevler) (in İzmir)
  • Datça Knidos Ancient City (in Mugla)
  • Fethiye Kayaköy Ruins (in Mugla)
  • Milet Ancient Theatre (in Aydın)
  • Milet Museum (in Aydın)
  • Hierapolis Archeology Museum (in Pamukkale/Denizli)
  • Laodicea Ancient City (in Denizli)
  • Istanbul Airport Museum
  • Marmaris Museum (in Mugla)
  • Hierapolis Ancient City (in Denizli)
  • Sedir Island Ruins (in Mugla)
  • Museum of Troy (in Canakkale)
  • Saint Jean Ruins (in Aydın)

Places you can buy museum pass the Mediterranean:

  • Alanya Castle (in Antalya)
  • Antalya Museum
  • Aspendos Ruins (in Antalya)
  • Silifke Heaven and Hell (in Mersin)
  • Andriake Museum (in Antalya)
  • Hierapolis Ancient City (in Denizli)
  • The Ancient City of Laodicea (in Denizli)
  • Xanthos Ancient City (in Antalya)
  • Istanbul Airport Museum
  • Myra Ancient City (in Antalya)
  • Olympus Ancient City (in Antalya)
  • Phaselis Ancient City (in Antalya)
  • Perga Ancient City (in Antalya)
  • Patara Ancient City (in Antalya)
  • Side Museum (in Antalya)
  • Ancient Side Theatre (in Antalya)
  • Saint Nicholas Museum (in Antalya)
  • Termessos Ruins (in Antalya)

Places you can buy a museum pass Cappadocia:

  • Göreme Open Air Museum
  • Dark Church (in Göreme)
  • Derinkuyu underground city
  • Kaymaklı underground city
  • Özkonak underground city
  • Paşabağlar ruins

Museum pass Turkey can be bought from every place mentioned in those places, plus Topkapi Palace, Hagia Irini Monument Museum, Zelve Ruins, Kaunos Ruins, Siema Ruins, Hatay Archeology Museum, Alanya Castle, Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Çeşme Museum, Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum, Akdamar Museum, Göbeklitepe, Mevlana Museum, Nemrut Ruins, and Kars Anı Ruins.

Is Buying Museum Pass Worth It?

If you are planning to see a large number of museums and historical landmarks then yes, but if you are just planning to visit one or two museums, getting a museum pass will create a loss in your wallet. Paying the entrance fee for one or two museums would be more convenient than buying a museum pass.

By doing some basic math, you can infer this as well. For instance, let us say you want to see the museums and historical landmarks in the Aegean territory. Visiting the Ephesus Ancient City, Ephesus Yamaçevler, Ephesus Archeology Museum, Acropolis Ruins, Sedir Island Ruins, Knidos Ruins and Knidos Museum, Underwater Archeology Museum, and Asklepion Ancient City will cost you more than 400 Turkish liras. If you want to see all of those places plus more by paying less, you should get a museum pass the Aegean, which costs less than 400 Turkish liras.

The math works the same with other regions and museum pass Turkey as well. The more you visit historical landmarks and museums, the more the museum pass worth buying.

Is Museum Pass Valid in Every Museum?

The museum pass is valid in almost every museum that is a part of the Turkey Culture and Tourism Ministry, but some of the special rooms or areas in those museums and historical landmarks can charge you for entering. 

Some of the museums that are not a part of the Turkey Culture and Tourism Ministry, hammams, museum shops, and coffees offer you some discount if you have a museum pass.

Frequently asked questions about Museum Pass

Museum pass could be a lifesaver if you want to see as much as museums and historical landmarks as possible. The following are some of the frequently asked questions about museum pass.

Can I buy a museum pass without being a Turkish citizen?

Yes, the museum pass is specially designed for those who are not Turkish citizens.

What if 15 days pass before I use my museum pass?

Museum pass gets active once you first use it. Your 15 days (days can differ depending on the type of museum pass) starts after your first use.

Can I visit the museums as much as I would like with a museum pass?

You can visit each museum only once with a museum pass.

What are the other benefits of buying a museum pass?

With a museum pass, you do not need to wait in line however you still need to pass through the security check.

As a foreigner with a resident permit in Turkey, can I purchase a museum pass?

The museum pass is for foreigners who do not have a residence permit. Foreigners with a residence permit can purchase a Müzekart+.

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