Marmaris is a district of the beautiful city Mugla, and you can have one of the most unforgettable holidays of your life here. It is a part of the Mediterranean coastline and it has a natural harbor. The city has a population of 80 thousand normally, yet this number can go up to 250 thousand in the summertime.

Marmaris is not only significant in terms of touristic reasons but due to its location, it was a center that was valued a lot throughout history. This means that you will be able to see the traces of lots of historical events and civilization memories in Marmaris. One of the most loved features of Marmaris is its climate, as it allows you to swim in the sea comfortably for about 7 months a year.

Where is Marmaris Located on the Map of Turkey?

Marmaris is located on the south west coast of Turkey in the Muğla province.

About the City

Mugla, and hence Marmaris, carries the features of the Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by being hot and dry in the summertime and by being warm and rainy in the wintertime. Due to the way that mountains are located, Marmaris is one of the wettest regions of Turkey after Rize. 

Yet, this rainy feature of Marmaris is only for the wintertime. Rainy weather rarely occurs between May and September. The following table might help you in terms of understanding the climate of Marmaris better.

MonthExpected Weather ConditionAverage Temperature (°C / °F)
JanuaryRainy and warm9.6 / 49.2
FebruaryRainy and warm10.1 / 50.1
MarchRainy and warm12.2 / 54
AprilWarm and sunny15.2 / 59.3
MayWarm and sunny 19.7 / 67.4
JuneHot, dry, and sunny24.5 / 76.1
JulyHot, dry, and sunny27.8 / 82.1
AugustHot, dry, and sunny27.7 / 81.9
SeptemberHot, dry, and sunny24.2 / 75.6
OctoberRainy and warm19.7 / 67.4
NovemberRainy and warm15.1 / 59.1
DecemberRainy and warm11.3 / 52.3

The most popular tourism activity in Marmaris is tourism, yet agriculture and industrial activities are done at a level. The population of Marmaris suddenly increased after Marmaris’ popularity as a tourist attraction. 

History of Marmaris

Evidence shows that Marmaris’ history goes back to BC 1200s. The word Marmaris has many equivalents in the Greek language. The most common and known word in the Greek language for Marmaris was “Physkos”. 

Herodotus, an important historian, mentioned that there was a castle in Marmaris since 3000 BC, which was occupied by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. The residents of the caste were desperate and did not know what to do, so they had to burn everything they own and escape from the area. The occupiers were aware of how valuable the castle was, so they repaired the burned sections of the castle and kept it. 

It was not until the period of Beylik of Menteşe to “Physkos” to be named as Marmaris. The name Marmaris is also Greek originated, from the word “marmaron”, which means marble. Due to the events that occurred in the Ottoman Empire in the mid-15th century, Marmaris became a base for the Ottoman Navy. In the year 1572, the Marmaris Castle was rebuilt from the very beginning.  

In the year 1801, in the scope of ending the French campaign in Egypt and Syria, 120 ships that belong to the British force stood in the Marmaris bay for 8 weeks. The 1957 Fethiye earthquakes nearly destroyed the whole city, except the Marmaris Castle and the other historical structures around.

The ongoing renovations in the castle even continue today, which were started in the year 1979. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism transferred this castle to a museum, which includes seven galleries.

Getting to Marmaris

You can get to Marmaris in various ways, depending on your starting point. 

By Plane

The closest airport to Marmaris is the Mugla Dalaman airport, and it is 95 kilometers away from Marmaris. You can find flights from almost every big city of Turkey to Mugla Dalaman Airport, including Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara. Besides, you can find some international flights to Mugla Dalaman airport, seasonally. The following are some of the countries that you can find seasonal flights to Mugla Dalaman airport:

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • England
  • Norway

To get to Marmaris from Mugla Dalaman airport, you can use the HAVABUS services. It takes approximately one and a half hours to get to Marmaris from Mugla Dalaman airport with those services. If you would like, you can take a taxi from Mugla Dalaman airport to Marmaris, and it will cost you around 455 Turkish liras.

By Bus

Getting to Marmaris by bus is another option. You can find direct buses to Marmaris from various cities of Turkey, yet you cannot find direct buses to Marmaris from some cities.  If there is no direct bus from your starting point, you can get to Mugla bus station first and then get to Marmaris. You can find the relative information about getting to Marmaris by bus in the following table.


Km / Mile 

Estimated travel duration by bus
Muğla54.8 / 341 hours
Fethiye125.1 / 77.71 hours 30 minutes
Bodrum108.3 / 67.22 hours (via Mugla)
İstanbul724.6 / 45011 hours 44 minutes
Ankara649.7 / 403.79 hours (via Mugla)
İzmir264.2 / 164.14 hours
Denizli (Pamukkale)202 / 125.58 hours 30 minutes
Nevşehir (Cappadocia)816.8 / 507.512 hours 30 minutes
Konya559 / 3478 hours 30 minutes
Antalya316.7/  196.74 hours 30 minutes

Urban Transportation

You can transport Marmaris easily with buses and minibusses. You can find buses even at late night in the summertime. Besides, you can follow the minibus hours to get to your destination easily.

Top Things to do in Marmaris

Your trip to Marmaris would be so much better if you have an idea about where to go, what to see, or what you should do in Marmaris. The following are top things to do in Marmaris so that you can have an idea about your plans. Marmaris used to be a part of the Rhodes, and it has been said that Marmaris was sacred to Leto, who is the mother of Apollo and Artemis. 


One of the most popular destinations in Marmaris to visit is the beaches, of course. In general, the seawater of the beaches is warm and clean. A Marmaris trip without a visit to at least one of the beaches would be deficient.

Marmaris Public Beach

Marmaris public beach is one of the beaches in Marmaris which you can get to easily from Marmaris center. In fact, Marmaris public beach starts from the Marmaris city center itself and then connects with the Uzunyalı beach. Marmaris public beach is a great option especially when you are so exhausted from the heat while you are in the city center.

Uzunyalı Beach

Uzunyalı beach is located right next to the Marmara public beach and continues until the İçmeler region. The coastline of the Uzunyalı beach is around 10 kilometers. You can find lots of high-quality restaurants and cafes on the Uzunyalı beach, and this opportunity makes Uzunyalı beach a great destination to spend your whole day in. Additionally, you can go on long walks on the walking paths of the Uzunyalı beach.

İçmeler Beach

İçmeler beach is one of the most preferred beaches, which takes place 8 kilometers away from Marmaris center. İçmeler itself is the most popular district of Marmaris, and the İçmeler beach being one of the most preferred beaches is not a surprise.

You can find various minibuses that would take you to the İçmeler beach from the Marmaris center. Besides, İçmeler beach is surrounded by forests and you can be in nature while you are enjoying yourself at the beach.

Turunç Beach

Turunç is a beach town that is 21 kilometers away from Marmaris, and the beach of Turunç offers you an amazing time. Besides, the Turunç cove has a blue flag, which means that it carries the European standards for cleanness. 

Another opportunity in the Turunç beach is scuba diving. Since the sea is crystal clear, you can have a wonderful scuba diving experience on the Turunç beach.

İncekum Beach

Incekum Beach is ready to amaze you with its cleanness. Such that, you will be able to see your feet once you get into the sea. The İncekum beach is one of the most pleasant beaches of Marmaris, where you can have a both clean beach and facility opportunities. There are cafes, restaurants and other things you might need while you are at the beach.

Additionally, there is a camping area at the Incekum beach as well. If you loved this place too much after one time visiting and would be happy to spend some days here, get a tent and settle here for a couple of days (maybe even more).


Selimiye is a village in Marmaris that is loved among tourists and the local people, in a way that some people get addicted to Selimiye after a point. If you want to get some headrest, then Selimiye is perhaps the best option for you. The atmosphere of Selimiye is rather calm and hushed. You can get to the cafes and the restaurants by sea, and have an amazing time.

In addition to the natural beauty and the calmness of Selimiye, you can visit various historical landmarks around Selimiye as well. While you are in Selimiye, visiting the church, the ancient theatre, and the lighthouse is highly recommended. You can get to Selimiye easily by minibuses that depart from Marmaris or by taxi.

Kız Kumu

Kız Kumu is another destination in Marmaris that will not disappoint you for visiting. People who see the pictures taken here or people who visit Kız Kumu themselves often get surprised, since Kız Kumu has an environment that can be described as an “illusion”. Due to the natural occurrences here, you can assume that people in Kız Kumu are walking above the sea.

Of course, this is not possible and it is only due to the nature of Kız Kumu. In the Kız Kumu beach, there is another sunken beach that is indistinguishable from the sea. So that, while you are walking on this sunken beach, you are looking like you are above the sea. How cool is that?

Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is a historical landmark in Marmaris, and one of the rare castles of Turkey which has a museum as well. It is located in the transition zone between the Mediterranean Region and the Aegean Region, which allows it to dominate the whole city.

The history of the Marmaris Castle goes back to the year 3000 BC. The only written source about the construction of the Marmaris Castle is from Evliya Çelebi’s travel book. It got some renovations on the Ions period and Alexander’s period. Lastly, the Marmaris Castle was rebuilt during the Suleiman I. period in the Ottoman Empire.

Boat Tours

One of the best things to do in Marmaris is a boat tour, without a doubt. There are lots of boat tours to choose from in Marmaris, and literally, you can have the time of your life in the boat tours. The options include all kinds of stuff that you can think of. There are boat tours with crazy parties, boat tours with chill and calm environments, boat tours for families, boat tours for fishing, and so on. 

Besides, you will be able to see lots of different islands, coves, beaches in only one day. I cannot think of a better way to explore the Aegean Sea and Marmaris. You can easily find a boat tour that you think you will have the most fun.


Turunç is one of the most popular destinations to visit while in Marmaris, after İçmeler. The amazingness of Turunç starts while you are on the road. The road trip to Turunç takes around half an hour, and you have the opportunity to see the wonderful view of the forest and the sea.

“Turunç” means “bitter orange” in Turkish, and this region gets this name due to the plurality of the bitter orange trees in the region. It is a popular destination among boat tours. So if you ever find yourself on a boat tour in Marmaris, there is a high chance of you not wanting to leave Turunç. Keep in mind to plan a trip to Turunç.

The Turunç Cove and the Turunç beach hold the blue flag, which represents the cleanness. In addition to spending time at Turunç Beach, there are lots of activities to engage in while in Turunç as well. If you like hiking, then you must go hiking at the Palamut Hill of Turunç. 

Amos Ancient City is 1 hour of walking from Turunç. You can prefer your hiking towards this direction, and see the wonderful Amos Ancient City. Besides, since the sea of the Turunç beach is so clean and clear, it is a great place for scuba diving. There are lots of underwater caves on the Turunç beach that would make your scuba diving experience even better.


İçmeler is a neighborhood of Marmaris, and it is the most popular destination to go to without a doubt. It is only 8 kilometers away from Marmaris center, and with the minibuses that depart from Marmaris center every day, you can easily get to Marmaris.

There are lots of accommodation opportunities in İçmeler. Even though you are not planning to accommodate in İçmeler, visiting is highly recommended. You can find everything you need in İçmeler, so there is no need to leave here once you get to it.

If you are looking for some entertainment, you can find it in İçmeler. You can engage in various water sports including parasailing and canoeing. The nightlife in İçmeler is not as alive as the rest of the Marmaris, however, almost every hotel and pension organize activities for the night.


Downtown Marmaris is another popular destination to visit while in Marmaris. You can find the most popular hangouts, lively streets, lots of cafes, restaurants, pubs, discos, and accommodation centers in Downtown Marmaris. You can see various landmarks, walking paths, and shopping centers in Downtown Marmaris.

Some of the beaches such as Marmaris Public Beach and the Uzunyalı Beach are within walking distance from Downtown Marmaris.


Söğüt is a village of Marmaris, and it must be on your to-do list while in Marmaris. If you thought that nature cannot get any better after you see all the beauty of Marmaris, wait until you get to the Söğüt village. It can be said that Söğüt is the heaven on earth.

With its charming nature, hospitable people, and organic life of Söğüt, you will not want to get out of there. Some of the stores in the Söğüt are run by local people, and you can find various organic food that grows in Söğüt. If you ever think of joining a boat tour in Marmaris, you can choose Söğüt as your starting point. 

You will be able to see the Greek islands as you look at the sea view of Söğüt. If you would like, the local people would be more than happy to chat with you, this way you can learn more about the area. Besides, there is an ancient city in the Söğüt village but the excavations have not started yet, unfortunately. 

You can wander around the Thyssanos Ancient City’s not-yet-explored land and see some cool remaining. Who knows, maybe in the excavations researchers will found something that has never been seen earlier. Do not forget to eat some almonds, carob, and products made from them since Söğüt is a center for growing almond and carob.


Bozburun is a village in Marmaris, which is 50 kilometers away from the center. It is one of the most popular destinations in Marmaris for people who want to get away from the crowd, noise, and busyness of the city. It has a virgin nature that is not exposed to human occupation, and you would be surprised to see how beautiful all the landscapes are in Bozburun. 

Bozburun is one of the oldest settlement areas of Turkey, and the history of Bozburun goes back to approximately 4000 years ago. There are 10 ancient cities in the Bozburun village, yet not all of them could come to this day. 

Jeep Safari

Another thing to have full entertainment in Marmaris is a jeep safari. It is a great opportunity for a nice escape from the city and exploring nature. Jeep safaris usually last a day long and are full of fun activities. 

You can find various jeep safari tours with different opportunities. For instance, some jeep safari tours offer lunch whereas some don’t. You can choose from the options that would work best for you. Keep in mind to wear something that you do not like that much to prevent any harm since a jeep safari can be pretty extraordinary. 

Bar Street

The indispensable part of the nightlife in Marmaris is the bar street. Bar Street refers to the street or streets in which some fun pubs, nightclubs, and other places where you can have a fun night are located.

Bar Street in Marmaris is popular among both tourists and the locals of Marmaris. It offers you some fun and quality time, and the prices are rather cheap. It can be said that the bar street is the most popular meeting point of Marmaris. You can have fun at the pubs in the bar street until 4 AM.

Aqua Dream Waterpark

If you are looking for some entertainment in Marmaris, Aqua Dream Waterpark could be a great option for you. You can find various water slides in Aqua Dream Waterpark, and you will not even know how the time passed by while you are in there. 

The facility includes a lifeguard, so you can have fun safely. It is one of the most preferred destinations among families with children. Yet, in Aqua Dream Waterpark, there is no age limit and everyone can have fun. 


If you are looking for an adrenaline boost with an unforgettable experience, then paragliding in Marmaris is the best option for you. There are various centers of paragliding in Marmaris, in which you can have a wonderful paragliding experience while floating above the gorgeous landscapes of the Aegean region.

You can find different firms offering you a paragliding experience, with different options. You can decide where do you want to paraglide, or from which regions you want to. Paragliding with professionals will be both safe and fun. Besides, with the photoshoot options while on the air, you can make this experience immortal.

Walking to İçmeler

Walking perhaps is the most underrated activity in any holiday destination, including Marmaris. People often forget how wonderful and peaceful walking on a beautiful path can be. If you want to get to İçmeler from Marmaris, and you have the time and the conditions, then getting there by foot is highly recommended.

The distance between İçmeler and Marmaris is around 8 kilometers, and you can walk this distance between 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours, according to your speed and resting. There is a walking path between Marmaris and İçmeler, which is by the beach, and you can walk this distance while watching the wonderful sea view of Marmaris.

If you want to explore İçmeler and walk this path on the same day, then you can get on the road in the early morning. Early morning walks are the best if you ask me. There will be fewer people, and you have the opportunity to be on your own (or with your significant other, family, friends, etc…), and you have the opportunity to watch the sunrise. The weather in the early morning in Marmaris is amazing as well.

If you are not a morning person and waking up at such an early hour can be torture for you, then an evening walk to İçmeler would be great as well. Even though it can be a little bit more crowded than early morning, you can watch the sunset in this option. If you feel so tired after walking 8 kilometers to İçmeler, you can always prefer to come back to Marmaris by bus or taxi. 

Günnücek, Yalancı Boğaz, and Cennet Island (Nimana)

The area of Günnücek, Yalancı Boğaz, and Cennet Island (cennet means heaven in Turkish), takes place right after Netsel Marina, in the forest area. The reason these 3 destinations are mentioned at the same time is that they all take place right after one another. In other words, you can get into Günnücek, and after some walking, you can get to Yalancı Boaz and Cennet Island.

The most popular part of the Günnücek is the national park and the picnic areas within. The picnic areas in Günnücek national park are organized so well for you to have the best picnic experience. You can bring the food that you baked, or the food you bought from the beautiful restaurants of Marmaris. Being with nature while having a picnic is the best form of picnics, and you can have this fully in Günnücek.

You can get to Yalancı Boğaz, which means “liar bosphours” in Turkish. It is not that the Bosphorus was such a liar and it got this name, instead the reason for this is assigned with the adjective liar is as it looks like a Bosphorus but it is not. I am not sure about the ethical part of assigning a natural occurrence with the adjective liar due to its look, but anyways. 

The Yalancı Boğaz connects the Cennet Island (or as known as Nimana) to the mainland. Cennet Island is one of the most popular destinations among boat tours of Marmaris. If you ever participate in a boat tour in Marmaris, then there is a high chance of you finding yourself in Cennet Island. You can witness one of the most beautiful views you can ever see on Cennet Island, and going on long walks here is highly recommended.

Amazon Bördübet Cove

Amazon Bördübet Cove is another destination that must be among your plans in Marmaris. It is known as one of the most beautiful coves of the world, and indeed, it is. You can easily get to the Amazon Bördübet Cove with the minibuses departs from Marmaris center.

This cove takes place in the middle of a forest, and this way you have the opportunity to be away from the settlement areas and the concretes of the city for a while. Besides, since there are no settlement areas and blinding lights in the area, you can see the stars in the night sky fully. 

The reason for this cove getting the name Bördübet is that, as there are lots of bird species in this cove, the British soldier here was mentioning here as “bird the bed”. Hence, the (kind of) Turkish understanding of this phrase, Bördübet, remained as its name.

İnbükü Emel Sayın Cove

Another popular cove of Marmaris is İnbükü Emel Sayın Cove. Emel Sayın is a famous Turkish singer. There are different stories about why this cove was named after Emel Sayın. Some say that it is because Emel Sayın loved this cove, whereas some say that it is because the water in this cove is the exact same color as Emel Sayın’s eyes.

Regardless of how the cove got its name, it is a wonderful place to visit. The number of coves in Marmaris might sound ridiculously too much for you, but each one of them is prettier than the other. Besides, you have the opportunity for camping in this cove as well, as it has wonderful camping areas. If you think that spending a day in nature is not enough for me and I need to stay there for a while, then İnbülü Emel Sayın Cove is the best option for you. 


Kumlübük takes place 25 kilometers away from Marmaris and is a popular destination among those who prefer a calm holiday. Kumlubük is mostly known for its clear sea, and fish restaurants. The view of Kumlubük is one of a kind and there is no way that you will not admire it.

Thanks to the amazing nature of Kumlubük, you can engage in some sports such as trekking and hiking. I must mention again about the fish restaurants here, as they are the best in Marmaris. So, if you ever find yourself in Kumlubük, do not leave without getting to a fish restaurant.

Water Sports

Water sports in Marmaris are quite popular since a clear sea is something rare in this world now. You have lots of opportunities in terms of water sports in Marmaris. You can explore the sea with a jet ski, parasail to the beautiful Aegean Sea of Marmaris, go on some bicycling at the sea, go windsurfing, and many more.

One of the most popular water sports in Marmaris is scuba diving. I am mentioning for the millionth time, yet the cleanness of the sea in Marmaris is at another level and you must experience it under the water as well. There are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to water sports in Marmaris, and trying at least one of them is strongly recommended.

Day Trips from Marmaris

Even though you planned your trip to Marmaris and you will accommodate here during your stay, there are lots of other places to explore around Marmaris.

Luckily, some of the places near Marmaris are on a perfect distance in which you can get on the road in the morning, spend the day there, and come back to your accommodation place in Marmaris in the evening. The following are some recommendations for day trips from Marmaris.


Datça is only 74 kilometers away from Marmaris, which is the equivalent of approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes of driving, and it is a perfect day trip destination from Marmaris. You can easily get to Datça from Marmaris by services that depart from Marmaris bus station every day. 

It is another great destination for people who do not like crowded areas, and you can get a great day off from the noise of the city in Datça. It has a great nature and activities you can participate in.


Bodrum is the most popular touristic district of Mugla, and it is the typical first thing that comes to mind as someone mentions Mugla. It is famous for its white and blue colored houses, delicious cuisine, wonderful coves, peaceful environment, and hospitably people. It is summertime in Bodrum almost 6 months a year.

Even though it could be difficult to explore Bodrum in a day, you can make a nice plan for your day trip to Bodrum and decide what to do before you get there. Another way, all of the beauties of Bodrum might confuse you and you can end up not knowing what to do or where to go. Bodrum is around 108 kilometers away from Marmaris, which is the equivalent of 2 hours and 12 minutes of driving.


Köyceğiz is another district of Mugla that is only 61.5 kilometers away from Marmaris. It has a rich history, and Köyceğiz hosted so many civilizations throughout history. It has been said that the plain on which Köyceğiz was built on was sunken, and the people who saw this event said “All of the plains is sunken now, there is only this Köyceğiz” (Köyceğiz means village, but with a reduction suffix. It refers something like a small village).


Another beautiful district of Mugla is Fethiye, and it is only 124.9 kilometers away from Marmaris. With its peaceful vibe, it is one of the most preferred destinations in Mugla. Fethiye has beaches and coves that are known worldwide. Besides, you can see lots of historical landmarks in Fethiye in addition to the natural beauties.

This means that you can have a both tourist holiday and a historical holiday at the same time. Spending a day in Fethiye would be unforgettable. The most popular destination to visit while in Fethiye is Ölüdeniz. Ölüdeniz means “dead sea” in Turkish, and the reason why it got this name is due to the sea’s stillness. There are almost no waves in Ölüdeniz, which makes it a unique experience for you. Ölüdeniz is a good place for paragliding as well. 


Kaş is a popular holiday destination that takes place in Antalya, and you can get to Kaş from Marmaris by 3 hours of driving. Kaş has lots of natural beauties including caves, waterfalls, and coves. You have the opportunity to do various sports in Kaş including scuba diving, paragliding, rafting, climbing, and hiking, and so on. 

The nature of Kaş offers you to these sports uniquely. Kaş is one of the most important, if not the most important, the center of Turkey in terms of underwater history. The sunken city on Kaş is quite interesting and would add a different vibe to your scuba diving experience. It is highly recommended to consider Kaş as a destination on your day trip from Marmaris.

What to Eat in Marmaris?

Food and eating on a holiday is an important part of it, as you have a great opportunity to taste some new things. If you do not want to eat some stuff that you normally eat every day and want to try some traditional food of Marmaris, consider yourself lucky since there are lots of options to choose from. You can find the Aegean cuisine and the Mediterranean cuisine at their best in Marmaris. 

As a typical feature of the Aegean and the Mediterranean cuisines, the food in Marmaris is relatively light and healthy. This means that you will be able to leave Marmaris by eating delicious food and not gaining that “holiday weight”. Of course, there is some heavy food of the general Turkish cuisine in Marmaris that is a hundred percent worth to those holiday weight gain.

Kidney Bean Ekşileme

There is no direct translation of “Ekşileme” in English, I am not even sure if Ekşileme is a real word in Turkish (it is, but it is not used in the dictionary meaning of Ekşileme in this dish). Yet, it means something like “making something sour”.

It is a healthy and nutritious appetizer made from tomatoes, garlic, pomegranate syrup, verjuice, olive oil, and of course, kidney beans. You can see this appetizer while you are out eating dinner in a fish restaurant, and it is an appetizer that is widely consumed by the local people of Marmaris in their homes.

Marmaris Pine Honey

The pine honey’s production on the world belongs to Turkey by 90%, and Turkey’s pine honey production belongs to Marmaris by 30%. With quick math, it can be inferred that Marmaris is responsible for 27% of all pine honey production in the world.

The pine honey of Marmaris is produced by red pine and pistachio pine. Pine honey is different from regular honey by having a darker color, and its feature of not being decayed for years. It is very healthy and widely used in medicine. You must try pine honey while you are in Marmaris, and even you can take a couple of jars to take with you.

Eggplants with Egg

In Turkish cuisine, it is not something weird to combine eggs with different ingredients such as meat, potatoes, or sujuk but the combination of eggs and eggplants is still something strange to the rest of the Turkish people. Since this dish includes both eggs and eggplants, it can be consumed in any meal of the day.

You can encounter eggplants with eggs in every Aegean city, and you must give it a shot while you are in Marmaris. You can find this dish in restaurants, and if you ever find yourself in a Marmaris local’s home, there is a chance that they cooked it at home. 

Stuffed Brisket 

Stuffed brisket joined the Marmaris cuisine thanks to the Yoruks. Even though it is quite difficult to make, the taste of stuffed brisket is worth the struggle. Since it looks representable and tastes delicious, it is an indispensable part of the special occasions in Marmaris.

Stuffed brisket is made from kid (kid as in the goat meat). After the stuffing made from rice, onion, and meat is ready, it is being filled to the bossom. After the stuffing is done, the open parts are needed to be stitched with each other. You can find the stuffed brisket at the restaurants that serve traditional foods. 


Cızdırma is a type of crepe in the Marmaris region. Even though it is pretty much the same as a crepe, it is named differently in Marmaris than the rest of Turkey and the world. You may or may not try something similar to Cızdırma, but it is recommended to try it while you are in Marmaris.

Cızdırma includes eggs, flour, and milk. Some cafes prefer to include some herbs from the Marmaris region as well. If you want something more traditional than a crepe, you can ask for a Cızdırma with herbs. It is typically eaten with jam. 

Stuffed Sura

Stuffed sura is a famous dish of the Aegean region, and it is one of the most traditional dishes of Marmaris. It is cooked especially in the Feast of Sacrifice. The most important feature of the stuffed sura is being made from lamb rib. 

Even though stuffed sura is difficult to make, the taste and the look of it are worth it. It is made by preparing a stuffing according to the demand and then stuffing it to the lamb rib. The open parts of the rib must be stitched with yarn. You can find stuffed sura in the restaurants of Marmaris in addition to the local households.  

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Stuffed squash blossoms are one of the most popular dishes in the Aegean region, and you must try them out. The popularity of the stuffed squash blossoms is due to the Aegean region’s ability to grow squash. You can taste stuffed squash blossoms in Marmaris at its best.

Like in other Aegean dishes, stuffed squash blossoms are also light and are made with olive oil. If you ate too much that day and want to have a light dinner, then stuffed squash blossoms would be the best for you. 

Nightlife in Marmaris

Marmaris being one of the most popular holiday destinations of Turkey makes it inevitable to have a colorful, alive nightlife. Whether if you like crowded places and partying all night, or you just want to spend your night in a chill, calm place with your loved ones, Marmaris has a place to offer you.

You can find discos to dance to until the sun comes up, or pubs with live music to drink a couple of drinks and talk about life with your significant other. There are alternatives for every music taste in Marmaris. Besides, if you do not want just a typical disco, nightclub, or pub night, you can find various events in the night in Marmaris such as music recitals, dance shows, animated shows, and so on. You can participate in a Turkish night in Marmaris to learn about the Turkish culture a little bit more. 

Shopping in Marmaris

There are lots of alternatives in Marmaris when it comes to shopping. You can find big shopping centers, small local shops, and weekly bazaars in Marmaris. Shopping centers are an indispensable part of modern life, and if you need something they are the most convenient way to get it.

But if you want to see the traditional products of Marmaris, the products that you cannot find in those big shopping malls, lots of alternatives are waiting for you as well. As you wander around the streets of Marmaris, you can encounter a shop that sells handmade jewelry, jams, carpets, traditional clothes, and so on. I am sure that you can find something you will like, and you can get something to remember Marmaris forever.

There is a closeted bazaar in Marmaris as well, it is like a miniature version of the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. The concept is similar to the Grand Bazaar, the differences are Marmaris bazaar does not have a rich history and charming architecture. Yet, it is still a wonderful place to visit and buy some traditional stuff. You can find jewelry, souvenirs, traditional food, clothing, and herbs in Marmaris’ closeted bazaar. 

The weekly bazaars, or street markets, are another shopping option that you must visit. It is a great opportunity to see some handmade goods, in addition to some fresh fruits and vegetables. As I mentioned earlier, the pine honey and the jams of Marmaris are quite popular and easy to store. Keep in mind to look out for those as well on your time in street markets.

Events in Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the tourism districts of Turkey that hosts so many different events. Such that, some people come to Marmaris just to participate in those events and festivals. If your holiday dates in Marmaris and the dates of those festivals happen to be on the same date, it is highly recommended for you to join them. The following are some of the important events that take place in Marmaris. 

Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival

The Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival takes place each May in Marmaris. The festival includes some fun events like sports activities, tournaments, yacht races, concerts, street shows, exhibitions, and panels.

Marmaris International Yacht Charter Show

Marmaris International Yacht Charter Show takes place each May. All yacht owners and rental brokers can participate in the Marmaris International Yacht Charter Show.

Marmaris International Short Film Festival

Marmaris International Short Film Festival is designed by a non-profit group that works voluntarily. The Marmaris International Short Film Festival aims to introduce young and new talents to the film world.

Tips and Further Information about Marmaris

If you are impressed by Marmaris even when reading about it, and you do not want to miss a single thing to do in Marmaris, you should separate your 10 days to it. Of course, this duration can decrease about 2-3 days but I am talking about the day trips to sports activities. If you are short on time and only have 2-3 days, it would be enough to see the top tourist attractions of Marmaris.

If you do not want to plan your holiday and worry about your transportation or where to go, then tourism firms are the best for you. You can assign yourself to one of the Marmaris tours and let yourself to the arms of those who know the area like the palm of their hands. This way, it would be as if you are traveling around with a local.

If you are getting to Marmaris with children, keep in mind to look for the activities you can do while in Marmaris. If you want to both get to Marmaris with children and have some me time, make sure that you choose a hotel or accommodation place with a safe daycare. Have a nice holiday!

Questions and Answers about Marmaris

Marmaris is a magical place, and you will not regret visiting it. The following questions and answers might help you to clear out the way if you have some question marks in your mind about Marmaris.

What is Marmaris known for?

Marmaris is mainly known for its rich holiday opportunities, crystal clear seas, wonderful beaches, and fun nightlife.

Is Marmaris worth visiting?

Yes, it definitely is. Marmaris is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey, and there is some plan available for every age group, every taste, and every budget. You have the opportunity to have the best holiday of your life in Marmaris.

Is Marmaris safe to visit?

Marmaris is far, far away from all the terror zones. There are no records of terror attacks in Marmaris earlier. You can visit Marmaris with peace of mind.

Is Marmaris expensive?

Marmaris is considered relatively cheaper than other touristic districts of Turkey.

How far is the airport from Marmaris?

The airport is around 95 kilometers away from Marmaris.

Which airport should I fly to to get to Marmaris?

The closest airport to Marmaris is the Mugla Dalaman airport.

Which sea is Marmaris on?

Marmaris takes place at the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

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