Leisure Centers of Turkey: Mediterranean Coast

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is a frequently preferred destination both by tourists and Turkish locals. The convenient climate, abundance of high-quality and clean beaches, cultural heritage, historical significance, and entertainment options make the Mediterranean coast makes indispensable.

Mediterranean coast is also as known as the Turquoise Coast, insomuch that according to a legend, the color “turquoise” is derived from the Mediterranean coast’s colors and derived from the word “Turkey” in French, “Turquie.” The coast

Covering the southern part of Turkey, the Mediterranean coast meets all the requirements of being a top-rated holiday destination. Hence, the coast is considered a typical “leisure center” for those who want a vacation.

Here you can find the most popular and preferred Mediterranean coast spots in Turkey, and relative information about them.


One of the most popular leisure centers on the Mediterranean coast is Alanya, which takes place on the east side of Antalya. Placed in the middle of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Alanya is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers.

In general, Alanya is a typical Mediterranean coastal city. The summertime is hot and dry. There are many beaches, natural beauties, historic landmarks, and entertainment activities in Alanya, which makes it suitable for leisure time. 

Moreover, the population of Alanya is typical of Mediterranean people, too. As you may already know, Mediterranean people are known to be welcoming, warm, and friendly. This allows Alanya to be an even more attractive destination for visitors, according to people.

Some of the best beaches of Turkey, like Kleopatra Beach and Damlataş Beach, takes place in Alanya. Most of the beaches in Alanya offer entertainment centers like beach clubs, pubs, and discos. Additionally, the nightlife in Alanya is alive in general.


Another district of Antalya and a leisure center for the Mediterranean coast is Kaş. Kaş takes place on the western side of Antalya. Besides its value as a tourism center, it has a significant historical value since it is located in the cross-section of Lycian Way and Karia Way. It is known that the history of Kaş goes back to Hittites, around the 2000s B.C.

Kaş takes place in a peninsula named “Teke,” which is between Antalya and Fethiye gulf. The climate in Kaş is a typical Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by hot and dry summers and rainy and warm winters.

The coastline in Kaş is approximately 70 kilometers long, which makes it possible to host many different beaches. For this reason, people who want a vacation where a lot of sea visits are present typically prefer Kaş.

The common point of Kaş beaches is that they are typically very rocky. This might be a problem, but it can be solved with a pair of sea shoes. Additionally, many beaches in Kaş offer water sports. Water sports in Kaş are highly recommended both by locals and tourists. Since there are some underwater cities in Kaş, scuba diving is frequently done as a leisure time activity in Kaş.

As mentioned earlier, Lycian Way and Karia Way take place in Kaş, and another popular activity to do in Kaş is to go hiking in those paths. Both of those paths carry great historical significance.

Like Alanya, Kaş is an alive district with many different entertainment options. It is possible to find an activity to do at any moment.


Even though the city that Marmaris takes place, Muğla, is in the Aegean region, the coast of Marmaris is located at the point where the Aegean Sea ends and the Mediterranean coast starts and it can be mentioned in the Mediterranean coast list.

Marmaris is a peninsula famous for its nature, tourism activities, and historical heritage. Thanks to its location, Marmaris was an important center throughout history and hosted many different civilizations. The area has a long coastline, hills full of forests, hidden coves, and many beaches.

The sea in the whole Marmaris coastline is known to be clear, transparent, and turquoise, like other Mediterranean seas. Even though Marmaris is located in the Aegean region, the climate in Marmaris is typical Mediterranean region.

Moreover, the area is famous for its ancient cities. The ancient cities in Marmaris included but were not limited to Amos, Phoenix, Thyssanos, Kedrai, and Kastabos.

Marmaris is an area that has many different entertainment options. Tourists typically spend their time in boat tours, safari tours, sightseeing in discos, nightclubs, shopping centers, attractions, and the restaurants of Marmaris. Additionally, Marmaris is only 1 hour away (by ferry) to Rhodes Island, which is a Greek island. Visitors who do not have visa problems prefer to visit Rhodes Island while they are in Marmaris.


Another area in the conjunction point of the Aegean sea and Mediterranean sea, and a part of Turquoise Coast is Ölüdeniz. The area takes place in Muğla province. The name Ölüdeniz literally translates to “dead sea,” a reference to the still and not moving sea of the area. Indeed, Ölüdeniz has a sea that has no waves at all, even in strong winds.

The formation of Ölüdeniz is a blue lagoon, and it is known to have clean, high-quality beaches. Insomuch that, according to voting made in 2006 by a German newspaper, 86% of the participants chose Ölüdeniz as the best beach in the world.

One of the most popular activities to do in Ölüdeniz is paragliding. In fact, some people visit Ölüdeniz just for paragliding. By the company of experienced pilots, anyone with or without experience can do paragliding in Ölüdeniz. Given the nature of Ölüdeniz, people who tried it state that the “view is worth seeing.”

A part of the previously mentioned Lycian Way takes place in Marmaris. Since Lycian Way is a 500 kilometers long parkour, it starts with Marmaris and goes all the way through Antalya.

Ölüdeniz is also very close to another vacation destination, Fethiye. In fact, Ölüdeniz is a part of Fethiye, and these two are only 1 hour apart. This makes it possible for day trips in both ways.

Lastly, the area is quite famous for camping lovers. There are many different areas in Ölüdeniz offering camping areas for different budgets and opportunities.


Manavgat is another district of Antalya, and it is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers. The area hosts millions of tourists annually due to its entertainment opportunities, countless beaches, nature, and historical landmarks.

Manavgat River divides the city into two sections. The north side of the district is framed with the Taurus Mountains. The district is 80 kilometers away from Antalya’s city center. The climate in Manavgat is a typical Mediterranean climate, with its hot and dry summers.

The abundance of landmarks in Manavgat is one of the most important features of the district. The most important symbol of the district is Manavgat Waterfall. Even though the height of this waterfall is small, its fast flow speeds makes up for it. Restaurants and cafés surround the waterfall.

One of the most preferred activities to do in Manavgat is rafting. In fact, many people visit Manavgat just for rafting. Rafting is mainly done in Köprülü Canyon, and it is known to be the best place to do rafting in Turkey.

Additionally, Side, a famous holiday area, takes place in Marmaris. Side is famous for its crystal clear blue sea, nature, and historical significance. Side is one of the most visited areas in the summertime. Insomuch that, Side’s population is around 15 thousand in the wintertime; however, it becomes over 1 million in the summertime.

Moreover, the Side Ancient City takes place in this area. The ancient city also includes a museum named Side Museum.


Anamur is a district of Mersin, a city in the Mediterranean region. Even though this city is not as popular as other tourism centers like Bodrum and Antalya, it is highly preferred by those who prefer a calmer vacation on a budget.

Throughout history, Anamur hosted many different civilizations, including Hittites, Persians, Arabs, Byzantine, and Rome.

Anamur’s beaches are known to be clean and clear, blue, and transparent. Anamur has many different beaches where you can have a peaceful and relaxing stay and those where you can have fun in the beach clubs and discos.

Some beaches in Anamur, such as Anamur Public Beach is an egg-laying place for Caretta carettas. For this reason, the beach is pretty sheltered, and the sea is extra clean.

Köşebükü Cave, which is known for healing asthma, takes place in Anamur. While this does not promise anything to anyone, most people who visit Anamur visits Köşebükü Cave for sightseeing purposes.

Another landmark in Anamur is Anamur Museum, which includes historical artifacts found in the Anemurium Ancient City. In addition to those artifacts, over 9.000 artifacts taken from surrounding museums (the ones that belong to Anamur) are exhibited in the museum.

Anamur is also famous for its fruits and vegetables, especially bananas and strawberries. In general, Anamur is a typical yet more “hidden” Mediterranean coast district, offering great alternatives for those who want to spend some leisure.

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