Kaş Travel Guide (Tips, Things to Do, Photos, Maps)

Kaş is a lovely district of Antalya that takes place on the west side of Antalya. Thousands of tourists annually prefer Kaş as a holiday destination for a reason. The possibilities in Kaş are endless in terms of activities to engage in. Besides, Kaş is one of the most important diving centers of Turkey as well.

Lots of historical landmarks and natural beauties are waiting for you in the Kaş district. If you want more than beautiful and fun beaches, Kaş is one of the best places to visit since there are lots of other things to do.

Where is Kaş Located on the Map of Turkey?

Kaş takes place in Antalya, a city in the south of Turkey and the Mediterranean Region.

About the City

Kaş is one of the most important tourism centers of Antalya and Turkey. It is the 4th biggest district of Antalya in terms of surface area. It takes place at the intersection of the Lycian Way and the Karia Way, which makes it inevitable to be historically important.

The climate of Kaş is the Mediterranean climate in which the summertime is hot and dry, and the wintertime is warm and rainy. The Mediterranean climate makes it possible to people be able to swim in the sea for about 8 months of the year. The most important economic activity of Kaş is tourism.

There are lots of historical landmarks, natural beauties, entertainment centers, and other activities you can participate in Kaş. Besides, diving is quite popular in Kaş, and there are lots of underwater ruins that you might encounter during your scuba diving experience.

History of Kaş

The evidence shows that the oldest name of the Kaş district was “Habesos”, and it is known that the Kaş district was referred to as “Antiphellos” at some point in history as well. As I mentioned earlier, the Kaş district takes place at the intersection of the Lycian and Karia ways, and it was one of the reasons why this district was so important throughout history.

This district gained significance in the Roman period and was used as a bishop’s center in the Byzantine period. In the Byzantine period, Kaş exposed to Arab occupations and became a part of the Seljuks. While it was a part of the Seljuks, it got the name “Andifli”. The region joined the Ottoman Empire in the Bayezid I. period.

Even though Kaş exposed to the occupations of some European countries throughout history, it became a part of Anatolia in the Ottoman periods and it has not left the Anatolian land ever since. Today, Kaş is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey, and you can observe its historical significance from the historical landmarks and structures.

Getting to Kaş

There are different ways to choose from to get to Kaş, according to your starting point. You can get to Kaş by plane or by bus. Of course, if you would like, you can get there by car as well.

By Plane

If you choose to come to Kaş by plane, keep in mind that at least 2 hours of a road trip is waiting for you once you land at the airport. The closest airport to Kaş district is the Dalaman airport in Mugla province, hence choosing the Dalaman airport would be the wisest choice if you find flights to Dalaman airport from your starting point.

You can get to Kaş from the Dalaman airport by using the shuttles, special transfer cars, taxis, or public transportation. If you want to get to Kaş by using public transportation, then you might want to get to Fethiye bus station with the services that depart from the Dalaman airport and take Kaş buses from there.

If you could not find any flights to the Dalaman airport from your starting point, then you can prefer the Antalya airport. Getting to Kaş from the Antalya airport takes around 3 and a half hours. After you land in the Antalya airport, you can get to Kaş by using public transportation. First, you need to get to the Antalya bus station by using services, metro, or buses. Then, there is just left to take the buses that go to Kaş from the Antalya bus station.

Other options to get to Kaş from the Antalya airport are by shuttle and taxis, which will cost a lot more than public transportation, but it will be much more comfortable.

By Bus

Most of the big cities in Turkey have direct buses that go to Kaş especially in the summer. Even though you cannot find a direct bus to Kaş, you can get there by some simple transfers. If you need to get into Antalya bus station first, around 3 and a half hours of a road trip is waiting for you from the bus station to Kaş.  The following is a table about the distances and the approximate hours from different cities to Kaş, and Antalya.

CityDistanceTravel time by bus
Antalya187km (116 miles)2 hours 35 minutes
Fethiye106km (65 miles)2 hours 10 minutes
Marmaris227km (141 miles)3 hours
Bodrum337km (209 miles)5 hours
İstanbul819km (508 miles)14 hours
Ankara678km (421 miles)11 hours
İzmir437km (271 miles)7 hours 10 minutes
Denizli (Pamukkale)293km (182 miles)6 hours 15 minutes
Nevşehir (Cappadocia)668km (415 miles)6 hours 15 minutes
Konya490km (304 miles)5 hours (to Antalya) 

By Car

Once you get to the Antalya city center in a form of transportation, you can get to Kaş easily. The distance between Antalya city center and Kaş is approximately 2 hours of driving.

Top Things to do in Kaş

As I mentioned earlier, the possibilities in terms of things to do in Kaş are nearly endless. So, the top things to do in Kaş come in handy at this point. As a tourist, it is completely normal to not know where to start or what to do in Kaş. The following list might help you to have an idea about what to do in Kaş.

Kaş Bazaar (Downtown)

Kaş bazaar is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kaş, and it is popular among Kaş locals as well. In Kaş bazaar, you can find various local food, handmade goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, organic food, handmade jams, and so on. 

As you are in the Kaş bazaar, you can encounter thyme and sage, which are widely used in Kaş cuisine. You can buy some thyme and sage to remember Kaş even when you go back to your homeland.


Regardless of the time, you will spend in Kaş, visiting at least one beach while you are in there is a must. With its wonderful turquoise seas, you might feel yourself in a photoshopped landscape. Yet, the beauty of Kaş beaches is a hundred percent true, and you will miss a lot if you ever leave Kaş without visiting a beach. The following are some of the beautiful beaches of the Kaş district.

Patara Beach

Patara beach takes place in a village between Kaş and Fethiye and gets its name from the Patara Ancient City which is near to the beach. The beach length is 18 kilometers, and the deepness of the sea can get to 200-300 meters. A unique part of the Patara beach is that you have the chance to see some Caretta carettas there.

Büyük Çakıl Beach


Büyük Çakıl, (means big gravel in Turkish) is one of the most preferred beaches especially in the scorching heat of Antalya because a cold water source is present at its sea. This means that even in the times when the seawater is relatively hot on other beaches, you can cool off in the Büyük Çakıl Beach. You can find a parking lot for the visitors of Büyük Çakıl Beach, in addition to facilities where you can eat and drink.

Akçagerme Beach

Akçagerme Beach is a small beach of Kaş district which is mostly preferred by families with children since the sea of it is shallow. It is known for its crystal-clear sea where you can see your feet as you look down in the sea. Akçagerme Beach has the blue flag since the year 2010 and succeeded to earn the flag each year after that with its cleanness.

Seyrek Çakıl Beach

Seyrek Çakıl Beach takes place next to the famous Kaputaş Beach, which is commonly preferred by tourists, and due to this reason, it is relatively less crowded on the weekdays. If you do not like partying and you just want some headrest on your day on the beach, then Seyrek Çakıl Beach is one of the best options for you. It is one of the rare beaches that succeeded to stay completely natural, with no human intervention present.

Kaputaş Beach

Perhaps the Kaputaş Beach is the most popular beach of the Kaş district since many people’s first thought as you mention beach and Kaş together in a sentence is the Kaputaş Beach. Kaputaş Beach’s seawater comes from a canyon, which makes it so clear and clean. It is a first-degree protected area, which keeps it away from human intervention. It is one of the most charming natural beauties of Kaş.

Lycian Way

Lycian Way is a walking path that is 555 kilometers long, and it is on the list of the best 10 walking paths and the 50 walking paths which have the most beautiful landscapes on the world lists. Of course, you do not have to walk all 555 kilometers of the Lycian Way, but it is a great path to do some afternoon walk where you can stop in a café and get some rest as well. Besides, keep in mind that there are lots of historical landmarks on your way in the Lycian Way.

Scuba Diving

It can be said that Turkey’s best scuba diving centers take place in the Kaş district. There are 21 centers in the Kaş where you can dive. If you do not know how to dive, it is not a problem since many of the centers have professionals that would make your diving experience safe. 

Besides, underwater history is a thing in scuba diving in Kaş, insomuch so, some work is being done currently in this subject. If you are on your lucky day, you might see some rare fish species on your scuba diving experience in Kaş.

Kekova and Sunken City Ruins

Kekova is the name of the island which has the feature of being the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea which belongs to Turkey. You can find various boat tours named “Kekova Tour” which will take you to Kekova island. This island never became a settlement area, instead, it was just a stop-by for sailors.

Sunken City Ruins takes place near Kekova island. The sunken city ruins refer to the ruins under the sea including homes and other structures, which are thought to be from an earthquake that occurred on the mainland. You will not regret visiting Kekova and sunken city ruins for sure.


This little beach village is 33 kilometers away from the Kaş district. It is one of the calmest destinations you can get to in the whole Antalya region. Unfortunately, there is no way to get to Üçağız without a car, which is possibly the reason for its calmness. If you do not like crowded beaches or parties, then Üçağız might be the best option for you. But keep in mind that there are no fancy restaurants or cafes in Üçağız as well. Everything is modest in Üçağız.


Kaleköy is one of the rare places in Turkey in which there is no transportation via road is available. The only way to get to Kaleköy is by the sea. It is one of the smallest cities of the Lycian Union where you can feel the traces of history there. The history of Kaleköy goes back to the 4th century BC, and since it is such a valuable area, it is pronounced as a first-degree protected area. It would be so fun and enjoyable to spend some time in Kaleköy. 


Kalkan is a small beach town that takes place in Kaş, between Antalya and Fethiye. It has an impressing nature where you can feel like you are in a landscape canvas. It is a neighborhood in Kaş which located on the border of Kaş, and it has Greek island Meis right in front of it. The neighborhood is surrounded by seas and forests.

Kalkan is mostly popular among British people. Such that, there is some settled British population present in Kalkan. You can wander in streets which are dominated by the typical Mediterranean architecture and enjoy your time in Kalkan.

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church, also known as the Santa Claus Church, takes place in Demre which is close to the Kaş district. The commemorative ceremonies held in the summertime and in December get lots of attention annually. 

Saint Nicholas is believed to be the Santa Claus himself. He was born in the Lycian Union and he was loved by everyone a lot, so this church was built by the Myrians to his memory after his death. Saint Nicholas Church is today on the temporary UNESCO World Heritage list. It is one of the important structures that visiting is highly recommended while in Kaş.


Myra is the name of the ancient city that takes place in Demre, which is quite close to Kaş, and the St. Nicholas Church takes place in this ancient city. The most famous structures of Myra are the ancient Roman theatre, Lycian rock cemeteries, and of course, the St. Nicholas Church.

The history, nature, and architecture of Myra ancient city will most probably charm you with its uniqueness and beauty. Do not forget to visit Myra while you are in Kaş.


Xanthos is another amazing ancient city that takes place on the Fethiye – Kaş highway. Xanthos ancient city has lots of interesting historical artifacts and structures. If you are interested in historical events, reading the history of Xanthos ancient city is strongly recommended. I must mention that Xanthos ancient city takes place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Antalya is quite rich in terms of ancient cities, and another ancient city in Antalya waiting for you to explore is the Letoon ancient city. Letoon was the religious center of the Lycian Union in ancient periods. There are so many historically significant structures in the Letoon ancient city in which you must see before leaving. Letoon ancient city takes place on the UNESCO World Heritage list as well.

Patara Ancient City

If you think that we are all done with the ancient cities, you are wrong, no ancient cities in the Antalya list can be ended without mentioning Patara’s ancient city. It is one of the oldest and the most important cities of the Lycian Union. In addition to its historical, architectural, and archeological value, Patara is significant since it has one of the rare areas where the Caretta carettas lay their eggs. It has a quite interesting story that history lovers would enjoy.

Other Ancient Cities

As I mentioned earlier, the historical value of Kaş is quite rich and there are other ancient cities in Antalya as well. The following are the other ancient cities that you can visit while you are in Kaş:

  • Neisa Ancient City
  • Antiphellos Ancient City
  • Apollonia Ancient City
  • Simena Ancient City
  • Aperlai Ancient City
  • Phellos Ancient City
  • Kandyba Ancient City
  • Isinda Ancient City
  • Istlada Ancient City

Boat Trips

Boat trips are another activity you can do while you are in Kaş to spend some quality time and explore the Mediterranean Sea a little bit more. There are various boat tour firms that you can choose from with different opportunities and different tour plans.

You can decide on which places you want to pass by and what do you want to be included in your boat trip, and you can find an appropriate boat trip according to them. Depending on your expectations, you can have the best time of your life on a boat trip in Kaş.


If you want some adrenaline boost and try something new, or if you are a paragliding lover and want to experience it in Kaş as well, luckily you can engage in paragliding activities in Kaş. You can find firms that will arrange everything for your paragliding experience in Kaş. With the professionals, you can have a safe and fun paragliding experience. Besides, you can make this memory unforgettable with the photoshoot option that the firm offers to you while paragliding.


Meis is the name of the Greek island which is only 2.1 kilometers away from Antalya. You have the opportunity to get to the Meis island with the boats that depart from Kaş every day. It is a small island, which makes it quite easy to explore. Insomuch so, you can walk all the coastline of the island only in 30 minutes. Even though it is just a small island, it is worth seeing and you will not regret spending some time on Meis island. (Since it is a Greek island, you need an EU passport or visa to visit Meis.)

Day Trips from Kaş

Even though you already planned your trip to Kaş, and you will accommodate here at all times, you still have the chance to visit and explore Kaş’s surroundings.

Day trips from Kaş include the trips where you can hit the road in the morning and go back to your hotel, hostel, or home in the evening. Day trips are strongly recommended since you will be able to see more, learn more, and experience more.

Antalya City Center

Since you are in Antalya, not exploring the Antalya city center and leaving the city would not be appropriate. There are lots of places to visit, lots of activities to do in Antalya city center. If you made a little research before you hit the road for your day trip to Antalya city center, there is no way that you will be disappointed.


Perge is the name of the ancient city that takes place in the Aksu district of Antalya.  This ancient city is known for its architecture and city planning. You can observe lots of ancient structures which represent the cultural, historical, and architectural values of those periods that they were built on.

Kurşunlu Waterfall

If you want to get away from all the people, the business of the city and get some headrest in nature, then Kurşunlu Waterfall might be the best option for you. You can breathe some fresh air, watch the beautiful landscape of Kurşunlu Waterfall, go on hiking, and explore nature at its fullest in Kurşunlu Waterfall. With its rich fauna and flora, you will have an unforgettable day trip to the Kurşunlu Waterfall.


Kemer is another wonderful destination in Antalya that you must consider planning a day trip to. It has one of the cleanest beaches of Antalya, which holds a blue flag. Besides, the only thing Kemer offers you is not its clean beach. There are different ancient cities in Kemer in addition to other natural beauties.


Olympos is considered the best option for a nature holiday in Antalya. Even though you did not plan your accommodation here, you can plan a day trip here and explore. The beach of Olympus is so virgin that you would be surprised about how come a place that people visit so much could be so clean and pure.

If you are visiting Olympus in June or August, you have the chance to witnessing Caretta Caretta’s laying their eggs on the beach. Caretta carettas are the main reason for Olympus’ beach being so pure. Since Caretta carettas are a species that is in danger, the Olympus beach is considered a first-degree protected area.

Fethiye and Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon)

Oludeniz, Blue Lagoon

Fethiye and Ölüdeniz is a destination that is approximately 112 kilometers away from Kaş that is the equivalent of 1 hour and 50 minutes of driving. Ölüdeniz would not disappoint you since it is the best beach in the world. It is not just an exaggerated sentence about Ölüdeniz, indeed, the Ölüdeniz beach was chosen as the world’s best beach in the year 2006, with 86% of the voters voting for Ölüdeniz.

In addition to the Ölüdeniz beach, there are lots of other beauties and things to do in Fethiye. It would be one of the best options to spend your day trip. 


Köyceğiz is a beautiful part of the city of Mugla, and you can get to Köyceğiz from Kaş with just 2 hours and 20 minutes of driving. It has a charming nature with its various coves and forest areas. Besides, the architecture of Köyceğiz would be a feast for your eyes. If you want to have a calm day trip, then you must consider Köyceğiz.


Marmaris is a district of Mugla, and it takes around 3 hours to get to Marmaris from Kaş. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Mugla. Besides, since Marmaris and its surroundings were a host for various civilizations, you have the opportunity to see traces of various civilizations throughout history. 

What to eat in Kaş?

Food in holidays is perhaps one of the most important concepts to some, as you have the opportunity to experience some new delights. If you do not want to eat stuff that you normally eat in your daily life and try some traditional food of Kaş, keep reading to learn more about what to eat in Kaş.


Piyaz is a variation of the bean salad which you can see all around Antalya. It is a dish that you must try before leaving Kaş to experience Kaş fully. It is one of the most loved dishes in the Kaş region, and it is quite delicious as well. It can be defined as a bean salad with tahini and it is consumed as a side dish.

Pumpkin Dessert with Tahini

A signature dessert of Kaş is the pumpkin dessert with tahini. You can find this dessert in various restaurants and cafés of Kaş, and even you can encounter it if you ever find yourself in a Kaş local’s house.


Hibeş is a delight which is popular and widely consumed in all Antalya region, and you must try it out while you are in Kaş. It is an appetizer that is sometimes used as a dip, and it includes tahini (again). Some people prefer to consume hibeş on breakfast on a piece of toast.

Eggplant Jam

You can encounter all types of jams while you are in Kaş, but the eggplant jam could be the most interesting one among them. Eggplant jam is a jam that is popular in the Mediterranean Region and you have the opportunity to try it out while you are in Kaş. The idea of the eggplant jam might sound unpleasant, but please do not judge a book by its cover and try it out. What could be the worst?

Nightlife in Kaş

You can find hundreds of alternatives in terms of the nightlife in Kaş, from the calm cafes to the discos where you can party all night. The nightlife in Kaş is considered relatively calm in comparison to the other beach towns, yet it does not mean that you cannot have fun in Kaş. 

The only thing it means that you have the opportunity to experience other things besides your typical night out in Kaş. Of course, if you are a party person and just want to have your regular fun at night clubs or discos, there are options for that as well, it’s just that they are not as popular as the other options in Kaş.

There are lots of places where you can listen to live music and enjoy your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink in Kaş. You can choose the place according to your music taste as well. Besides, you have the opportunity to go to a tavern by sea and enjoy your raki to the beautiful sea view of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you do not want to consume alcohol and to be with people who consume alcohol, there are options for that as well. You can go to the tea houses and gardens where you can sit with your family, your significant other, or just by yourself to have a calm night. If you want to consume alcohol in a relatively calm place, there are wine houses where you can have a romantic night with your significant other as well.

There are lots of options for different age groups, music tastes, or interests in the Kaş district in terms of nightlife. You can always find something that would fit you. No matter what, do not forget to have fun.

Shopping in Kaş

Shopping in holidays could be lots of fun, especially if you are in someplace like Kaş. There are shopping centers in and near Kaş where you can find everything you need. But the real fun part is of course the local shops and bazaars of Kaş. You must go to the weekly bazaars and see all of the stuff that you cannot find in regular shopping centers such as handmade jewelry, organic foods, handmade jams, carpets, and so on.

One of the best souvenirs to give to your loved ones is the local things that people cannot find anywhere else in the world easily. So, you can get some unique gifts to your loved ones in the bazaars and local shops of Kaş. Of course, if you want to buy some typical souvenirs, there are souvenir shops in Kaş as well.

As I mentioned earlier, jams in Antalya and Kaş are pretty popular and jams have the feature of not going bad for a long time. This means that you can buy as many jams as you want to eat them later in your homeland, and share them with others. I think it would be one of the best gifts to give from Kaş.

Events in Kaş

Lots of events take place in Kaş annually, and there is a high chance of you encountering one during your stay in Kaş. There are some international and national festivals besides art, music, and dance events and so many more. The following are some of the events that take place in Kaş annually.

International Lycian/Kaş Culture and Art Festival

International Lycian/Kaş Culture and Art Festival take place each year at the end of June and the beginning of July. It lasts for 3 days and you can participate in lots of culture and art events at this festival. Besides, it is a great festival for children as well.

International Meis/Kaş Swimming Competition

This contest is a part of the International Lycian/Kaş Culture and Art Festival and takes place on the last day of the International Lycian/Kaş Culture and Art Festival. It is a swimming contest which includes 7000 meters of swimming.

CMAS-TSSF “Kaş Başka” Free Diving Competition

This is a diving competition in which various divers all around the world and Turkey participate in. It is being held in Kaş since 2017.

Presidential Bike Tour

It is one of the most important bike tours of Turkey. It starts from the Alanya district and continues through all the coastline.

7 Sun and 7 Moon Festival

This is an important festival in terms of the introduction of Kaş, and it is a festival which is being held in various Mediterranean regions. There are various activities held in the scope of this festival including cultural activities and art activities.

Where to Stay in Kaş

Accommodation is perhaps the most important part of your stay in Kaş since you will go back to your accommodation point every single day. Luckily, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to where to stay in Kaş. You can find hotels where everything is included, to the hostels that are on a budget.

Of course, the location is crucial for your stay as well. If you do not have a car with you, somewhere far away from the center and the beaches might transform your holiday into something unbearable. Keep in mind to research before choosing your hotel, hostel, or home in Kaş.

In addition to hotels and hostels, if you want to have your place while in Kaş, you can look for Airbnb options. Do not forget to look at the location and the comments of those Airbnb’s before booking them. Have a safe stay in Kaş.

Tips and Further Information about Kaş

If you are confused about your holiday or visit to Kaş, and you wish that only if some local people were there to help you out during your stay, say no more. There are lots of firms that arrange tours in the Kaş region. This way, a big weight on your shoulders would be reduced since someone else will arrange your exploration of Kaş for you. Besides, this way you will be able to learn more about the city in a shorter time.

Frequently asked questions about Kaş

If you want to spend your holiday in Kaş, or you are just curious about it, the following frequently asked questions about Kaş will help you to clear out the way.

Where is Kaş?

Kaş takes place in Antalya, a city in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey.

Is Kaş safe for families?

Yes, it is. There are no recorded terror attacks in Kaş, and it is preferred by thousands of families annually. 

Would it be wise to visit Kaş with children?

You can find various activities to do with your children in Kaş. Besides, some hotels offer daycare if you want to get some headrest.

Is Kaş safe for female travelers?

Kaş is one of the most modern places in Turkey, so yes. Unfortunately, everything can happen everywhere, but Kaş is typically known as a peaceful and modern place.

When should I visit Kaş?

Kaş is mostly visited in the summertime. But the climate of Kaş allows you to swim in the sea for about 8 months, and since it does not have a cold climate, you can visit Kaş any time of the year and still enjoy it.

Is Kaş worth visiting? 

There is little to no chance of you regretting your trip to Kaş. So, the answer is yes, Kaş is worth visiting. If you have a well-planned holiday, that is even better.

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