How safe is Cappadocia to travel?

Cappadocia is an incredible place. It is famous for its beautiful rock formations, its history, underground cities, and hot air balloons. Many people who want to visit Cappadocia wonder if it is safe to visit this beautiful, one-of-a-kind area. In this article, I will talk about safety issues in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is completely a safe place to visit for tourists like most part of Turkey. Violent crime is extremely rare and generally not related to tourists. There is no terrorism endanger. As in any travel, some commonsense is adequate to be safe during your trip.

Nevertheless, there are some issues you should consider while you are in the area. I will give you several tips about how you can stay safe.

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Is Cappadocia safe for solo female travelers?

Cappadocia is safe also for solo female travelers. There is a perception in the World as if Turkey is a strict Muslim country. But this is not true. Turkey is a secular country and there are no strict rules for females also.

As a solo female traveler, you can visit the Cappadocia, attend any attractions, and eat and drink what you would like.

You do not have to wear hijab and conservative clothes that cover your arms and legs. But if you would like to visit churches and mosques you should consider dressed conservatively.

The only thing you need to keep in mind, in the evening, you should have to be in cities and should not be in the rural areas. Also, you should never accept any invitations from a person you do not know. If you obey this recommendation you will be safe.

Is Cappadocia child friendly?

In general, there are no safety issues in Cappadocia for children. But you should be careful while you are visiting the museum and underground cities. Some parts of these places may have obstacles for children. Your attention may be required to prevent serious injuries.

You should also keep in mind that hot air balloons do not accept children under age 5 for safety reasons.

Food and water safety

Drinking tap water is generally safe in Turkey as well as the Cappadocia area. On the other hand, tap water’s taste is not very good and people generally use bottled water to drink. And they use tap water while cooking or preparing drinks like tea and coffee. If you stay at a home you can try to drink tap water. If you like it, you can continue to use it safely. If you stay at a hotel, you should ask them since they may use well water.

Eating outside is safe. Most restaurants obey hygiene rules and food quality is generally good.

Safety tips for travellers

Cappadocia has a different beauty in each season. As a matter of course, each season, especially summer and winter, has its own difficulties.

If you go to this area in summer, you will encounter hot weather. Thus, you should get a hat and sunscreen with you. You should also carry a bottle of water.

In winter, snow is not uncommon and it can be quite cold. You should wear clothes that will stay warm. In winter, you should not go to the rural areas without any guide, since you can easily get lost.

GSM networks in Turkey cover most of the country including rural areas. You can always contact the police and ambulance by calling 112 if you face any unwanted condition. Saving the phone number of your hotel is also a good idea in order to reach them when you need help.

When you visit open-air museums, underground cities, you should put on comfortable, anti-slip shoes.

Be aware of scams. Never accept any invitation that starts with “let’s have drink, my friend” if it comes from a person you do not know.

Be aware of your personal belongings especially crowded areas.

Bergain is widespread and you should not accept the first price if you want to buy something easily. An exception of this is restaurants with menus and supermarkets that are clearly indicates prices.

Turkish people are friendly but also very sensitive about the state, Turkish Flag, politics, and religion. You can ask questions about them if you wonder, but you should not criticize them.

If you would like to visit mosques you should wear clothes that cover your legs and shoulders. Additionally, female travelers should also wear a hijab when they enter the mosques.

Drugs are illegal in Turkey. You should never use them. Hookah that you may see in some places are legal but they only include tobacco with an aroma, not any illegal things.

If you visit the area during Ramadan, do not eat and drink in the street in the daytime. You can prefer to eat and drink at restaurants. Actually this is okay if you are in a tourist place but you should avoid drinking and eating at more conservative places like villages.

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