How safe is Bodrum to Travel?

Bodrum, located in the Aegean territory and southeast coast of Turkey and is a part of Mugla province. Bodrum is a peninsula and has a coastline that is 650 kilometers long, which makes it able to have so many beaches. Since Turkey has different seasonal properties for different regions, Bodrum stands out by being able to experience summertime for up to 6 months in a year. Bodrum is known to have the most crowded population among all other districts in Mugla. The total population is approximately 1.5 million with tourists in specific seasons, which is originally around 160 thousand. Still, many people wonder if Bodrum is safe to travel to. In this direction, I have prepared a comprehensive guide for you.

Here is your short answer: Yes, Bodrum is an extremely safe place to visit both as a tourist and for business or other purposes. In contrast to the stereotypical beliefs about Turkey, Bodrum is one of the most advanced, modern, secular, and secure places in Turkey. Bodrum people are especially known for their hospitality and guest-friendly traits. Indeed, most of the blog posts about Bodrum travels specifically mention hospitality.

Let’s have a short but detailed answer about how Bodrum is safe: You do not need to worry about your basic human rights if you are a single woman traveling or an LGBT individual, since the population is well educated and respectful for others and marginalized groups in general. As a characteristic of seaside cities, Bodrum locals are known to be more open-minded and indulgent in comparison to the rest of the country. 

But as in every place on earth, theft and snatching events are inevitable. Keep in mind that the authorities will help you in the most optimal way possible if something like this happens. Also, you can always visit Bodrum Tourist Information Center if you have a question in your mind about your safety, precautions or if you are having problems with your trip. This article will comprehensively explain the safety conditions in Bodrum.

Is there a terrorism risk at Bodrum?

There are a little number of reported cases of terrorism in Bodrum. The chances of being a victim of terrorism acts are low, according to past events. Additionally, Mugla municipality is giving a seminar for tourism agencies about counterterrorism. Tourism agencies are learning about safety concerning terrorism risks, and they are taking all preventions possible into consideration. Bomb disposal specialists and counterterrorism branch managers were in those seminars. They give important information about safety and prevention.

For example, setting up security cameras in addition to MOBESE cameras is recommended in this seminar for extra security. Hiring a security guard for each tourism agency is also recommended. As tourism agencies implement those recommendations, you will be safer. With more conscious tourism agencies, your trip to Bodrum will be much safer.

Is Bodrum safe for solo female travelers?

As mentioned earlier, since Bodrum locals are adapted to more western culture and mind, it is safe to travel to Bodrum alone as a woman. And since Bodrum is a district by the sea, they are all used to swimming suits, short shorts, and skirts. Most probably you will not get those weird looks and catcalls as you walk with an outfit of your choice. And even if you do, the police will be there for you to solve the problem and keep you safe by any means. Additionally, as the feminism movements increase in Turkey and especially on the west side of Turkey, you will not be alone. If you feel threatened and worried about your safety, you can ask people around you for help also.

Is Bodrum safe for families?

The answer is a big “of course, yes!” rather than a plain yes. Any family structure is welcomed to Bodrum, you will be witnessing the hospitality of the Aegean population in person whether it is in a coffee shop, a handmade craft store that is run by locals, or in any village of Bodrum. 

Bodrum is preferred mostly by families because it is very safe for them to travel. Also, if you have little children it is safe for them as well with calm seas and playing grounds of their choice. You can find different alternative destinations for your big or small family to have the greatest time, I am sure that Bodrum has a suitable plan for you. So do not have any hesitations about safety if you are a family considering going on vacation in Bodrum.

Important phone numbers for emergency situations

Emergency numbers can vary between countries. Before your visitation, knowing those numbers can potentially save your life in an urgent situation. These are the most important phone numbers to learn before your visit to Bodrum, Turkey:

  • 112: Emergency call center
  • 155: Police
  • 156: Gendarme
  • 110: Fire department

Is Bodrum LGBT friendly?

Even though the stereotypical view about Turkey is that all people have a Middle Eastern mindset, some places are exceptions and Bodrum is one of those places. So, the answer to this question is yes, it is LGBT friendly. Actually, Bodrum is one of the most LGBT friendly vacation destinations in Turkey. You can find various gay bars and LGBT friendly bars, cafes, clubs, and beaches. Still, being cautious as you left bars and clubs late at night is strongly recommended. Pride is not permitted in Turkey, but various protests are being done each year in Bodrum, this is another evidence for Bodrum being LGBT friendly.

These are some of the most LGBT friendly bars and other places you can find in Bodrum:

  • Hasba Club Bodrum
  • Kavalye Beach Bar
  • Café Rouge
  • Alem Bar
  • Marine Club Catamaran
  • Kuba Bar & Restaurant
  • Paşatarlası Public Beach

Some of those places are not especially confirmed as LGBT friendly, but the reports of individuals who have actually been there are towards those places being LGBT friendly.

Conditions of hospitals in the region

If you are coming from abroad, health-related situations might be stressing you out since you do not know the hospitals in the area. It is always better to do your research about healthcare before you go to your point of destination just in case something unexpected happens. You can find a list of hospitals and their conditions in Bodrum here.

Different hospitals in Bodrum have different conditions. You must search and find which one is appropriate for your condition before going to one. If needed, you can go outside of Bodrum to another hospital to get appropriate treatment for you. Of course, you must ask for a piece of professional advice first.

Bodrum Public Hospital is the only public hospital in the region. Some complaints are made about the insufficient number of healthcare workers there. Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital is a relatively better option than Bodrum Public Hospital, according to sources. It is mostly preferred for its pediatric section. If you have a serious and more complex situation, this hospital is not recommended but it serves as a great hospital for daily health occurrences.

The best hospital to go to in Bodrum is Private Bodrum Hospital. The comments and rating about healthcare in this hospital are pretty high. The only disadvantage is that it is a little bit pricey. But when it comes to health, money should not be a matter. Nowadays Private Bodrum Hospital’s name has transferred to American Hospital Bodrum.

For your dental related problems, you can go to Clinic International Bodrum. This hospital is not only serving as a dental hospital, but it has the most preferred dental clinic in Bodrum. The Clinic International Bodrum is also known for its well internal medicine healthcare systems.

For emergency conditions, Özel (Private) Tepe Clinic is the most preferred one with its good emergency room services.

Even though Mugla is an advanced city, Bodrum is just a small part of it and the healthcare services in Bodrum might not be enough for you. In those cases, you can go to Mugla province center to get more comprehensive healthcare if your condition is more serious. These are some hospitals in Mugla which are close to Bodrum:

  • 75. Yıl Milas Public Hospital
  • Datça Public Hospital
  • Marmaris Public Hospital

There is also a big hospital that is connected to a university’s medicine faculty and has a greater number of healthcare workers working there, which is Mugla Sitki Kocman University Training and Research Hospital. This hospital is preferred in complex situations.

Consulates in and near Bodrum

There are numerous consulates in Bodrum and Mugla province that you can go to if you have ever found yourself in a situation in which you need to contact your country’s embassy. Keep in mind that you need an appointment before going to a consulate. Additionally, the opening and closing hours of different consulates might be different.

In Bodrum, you can find Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, India, and the United Kingdom consulates. And also, there is one consulate general in Bodrum. In Marmaris, which is 2 hours driving away from Mugla, there are Denmark, Netherlands, and United Kingdom consulates.

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