How Safe is Antalya to Travel?

Antalya is one of the most attractive touristic places in the World. In 2014, 10 million tourists visited Antalya, and this number is almost 1.5 times bigger than Ibiza, which is also one of the most attractive touristic spots in the World. In the Summer of 2020, more than 3 million tourists are landed in Antalya, even though the pandemic. However, despite the fact that Antalya attracts so many travelers, many more people still wonder if Antalya is a safe place to visit.

Shortly, yes, Antalya is a very safe destination to visit. It has no difference from any European city in terms of safety. Millions of tourists and foreign residents love Antalya, and nearly all of them consider Antalya as a safe place.

Antalya is the 5th biggest city in Turkey. More than 2 million people are living in the city, and more than 5% of them are foreigners. There are people from more than 100 nations. The majority of immigrants is Russian who lives in Antalya, and Germans, Persian, and Ukrainians follow Russians. All of these foreigners live in Antalya safely, and happy. They transfer their culture, and it makes Antalya more colorful.

Is There a Terrorism Risk at Antalya?

Terrorism risk at Antalya is quite low or non-existent. Due to this fact, every year, millions of people do not hesitate to visit Antalya without any fear of terrorism.

Antalya is one of the safest cities in Turkey. International organizations like EXPO 2016 or International football matches are often organized in Antalya. Football clubs around the world use the resorts in Antalya for their training camp seasons due to the mild weather of Antalya in winter. Furthermore, even the times with the terrorist attacks on its top in Turkey, there was no such risk for Antalya. Ministry of Interior has been securing the safety of all citizens and tourists for years. Since Antalya is a crucial label for Turkey, therefore the government pays extra attention to the safety of Antalya.

Antalya is in a good position with a safety index of 72.5% (according to Numbeo) which means the crime level is low, and there are no big risks for anyone. Nevertheless, this does not mean that petty crime does not exist in Antalya.

Mugging, pickpocketing might be happening, especially around beaches. However, these crimes are common everywhere in the world. The level of criminal cases in Turkey is not bad compared to many other countries.

Besides, everyone can get help from security forces without any question mark. Turkish police are crowded and quite effective. Moreover, the Turkish people are so helpful and friendly. If an unfortunate event like pickpocketing occurs in the near of Turkish people, they will help without question.

Although the US State Department judges danger risk in Turkey at a Level 3 warning, there more attacks in the United States. In 2016, the United States had 477 mass shootings, and this number was 363 in Turkey. 

Is Antalya Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

In the past, women travelers may have suffered some problems in Turkey. However, Turkey has changed. Today, Antalya is also a safe place for solo female travelers.

With the growth of the number of tourist and immigrants make local citizens more open-minded. Moreover, the education level in Turkey and Antalya also has raised. Therefore, no more unfortunate events happened in Antalya, so far. When you visit Antalya, you will see women groups enjoying the city

Most female travelers from the USA think that Turkey is safer than the United States. The higher number of police officers relative to the population, lower murder rate are two of the advantages compared to the United States.

Is Antalya Safe for Families?

A big part of the tourists that visit Antalya is families. Russian and North European tourists say that tour offices suggest Antalya to their customers, who are families generally.

The only issue especially for children can be the sun, especially during high noon in the summer. During these hours please be careful and prevent your children from direct sunlight.

There are many hotels, which include amusement parks in Antalya specially designed for family activities, such as the Land of Legends. You can visit 40 different aquarium theme sections in Antalya Aquarium, unique sculptures made with sand in Sanland, 3 thousand antique toys in Antalya Toy Museum, fun filled-racing slides in Aqualand, a classic amusement park in Aktur Park, a great natural beauty in Kursunlu Waterfall, and a 12 km long golden sands of Lara Beach.

People who have visited Antalya before, declare that Antalya is cheaper and way safer than some of the European countries, such as Spain. They are making good comments about Antalya in comment sections of travel sites. They mostly speak in praise of the variety of cuisine and safety.

Is Antalya LGBT Friendly?

The Turkish government does not permit LGBT activities like pride walks. However, the way of look at LGBT Turkish citizens is not too bad. People who live in coastal areas in Turkey are open-minded and modern.

On the other hand, there is the reality that some local people could not get used to queers, so expecting some weird looks might be realistic. Nevertheless, no one can harm anybody, no one would even aim and try that. Turkey is one of the first countries that legalized same-sex activity in 1858, and it has always been legal in Turkey. The subject might be taboo among some people who live in Turkey, yet still, nobody might perform discrimination against gay people.

There are some LGBT friendly hotels, such as Akra Hotel, Palm House 17 Oriental Guesthouse, Holiday Inn Antalya, Libert Hotels Lara, La Paloma Hotel, Delight Deluxe Aparts, Pension Sabah, Bacchus Pension. There are also some gay-friendly bars and clubs such as Athena Club, Cello Cafe Bar, UpShot Bar, Jolly Joker, Aura Club, Club Inferno. Queers can enjoy Antalya’s beauty with relief. 

Condition of Hospitals in the Region

The health system in Turkey is well developed and effective. Citizens can get be cured without paying any fee if they have health insurance, which is an obligation to have for laborers. Furthermore, foreigners also benefit from this system as long as they have health insurance. Even though tourists do not have insurance, there is a law that guarantees foreign tourists’ right to receive medical treatment. Tourists who do not have health insurance may benefit from the law on the condition to pay the treatment price after treatment.

There is a special phone number for foreign tourists in Turkey. Tourists who need medical support may call the number “08502883838”. The translators in the call center provide English, German, French, Russian, Persian, and Arabic translations. This number is used for any medical situation, high body temperature, dog bites, insect bites, heart attacks, etc. The calls are generally coming from Antalya, which makes sense when thinking about the number of tourists visiting Antalya.

Antalya is the 5th biggest city in Turkey. Therefore, public investment in Antalya is more than most of any other Turkish cities. Just the number of state hospitals is 17. Furthermore, there are 27 private hospitals and medical clinics. According to Regulation about International Health Tourism and the Health of the Tourist, necessary medical intervention has to be done to the foreigners even though that foreigner does not have medical insurance. The foreigners who do not have medical insurance should pay the services fee after treatment. A list of state hospitals in alphabetical order is given below:

  • Akseki State Hospital
  • Alanya Training and Research Hospital
  • Antalya Dental Health Hospital
  • Antalya Training and Research Hospital
  • Atatürk State Hospital
  • Demre State Hospital
  • Elmalı State Hospital
  • Finike State Hospital
  • Gazipaşa State Hospital
  • Gündoğmuş State Hospital
  • Kaş State Hospital
  • Kemer State Hospital
  • Kepez State Hospital
  • Korkuteli State Hospital
  • Kumluca State Hospital
  • Manavgat State Hospital
  • Serik State Hospital

Consulates in Antalya

Consulates have a great role in relationships between nations, but also, they have an obligation to serve their citizens abroad. Citizens may apply to their nation’s consulate to change their passport when it is broken or stolen or in situations that no one desires. 

Consulates organize events in the year. These events might be exhibitions of their countries and cultures, sports organizations, barbeque organizations, economical events, school visits, or more. Foreign citizens, tourists, important people of the city come together with these events, and share good memories, get to know each other’s culture.

Because of the touristic importance of the city, there are many consulates, some of them are honorary consulates, and some of them are consulate-general. A list of consulates is given below, you may check the list to find your country’s consulate. If you live any undesirable event, you may attend your consulate. The list of the consulates in Antalya is given below:

• Belgium Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 244 68 53 

• Republic of Belarius Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 312 25 33 

• Germany Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 314 11 01 

• Sweden Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 242 32 80 

• Italy Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 323 43 64 

• Latvia Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 311 63 33 

• Poland Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 310 85 00 

• The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Consulate General +90 (242) 316 30 36 

• The Republic of Kazakhstan Consulate +90 (242) 324 26 11 

• Ukranian Consulate +90 (242) 312 33 77 

• Republic of Austria Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 352 22 00 

• British Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 228 28 11 

• Republic of Niger Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 323 98 88 

• Czech Republic Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 322 61 76 

• Netherlands Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 321 13 47 

• France Honorary Consulate +90 (242) 345 90 97 

• Russian Federation Consulate General +90 (242) 248 32 02 

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