Fethiye is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Turkey. It takes place in a province named Mugla, and it is known for its international character. Millions of tourists from all around the world visit Fethiye annually. 

The climate, nature, and the opportunities Fethiye offers to you make it the perfect holiday destination. You can definitely meet what you expect from a holiday in Fethiye. Besides, with the authentic objects, events, and food of Fethiye, you will have the time of your life. You can try new things and discover your sides that you were not even aware of in Fethiye. A Fethiye trip is always a good idea. 

Where is Fethiye Located on the Map of Turkey?

Fethiye takes place in Mugla. Mugla is a province located in the Aegean Region of Turkey. While looking at Turkey’s map, you can see Mugla on the very west side, between Antalya and Aydın. However, a small percentage of Mugla is in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, meaning that you have the opportunity of swimming both in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

About the City

As you learn more about the city, you will understand why Fethiye is so prevalent in terms of tourism activities. Many features of Fethiye are in favor of it to be tourism heaven, and the municipality’s work had always been supporting those features.


Since Fethiye is a part of Mugla, the climate characteristics of Mugla can be observed in the area. Mugla’s climate is the Mediterranean climate characterized by hot and dry summers and warm and rainy winters. But, since Fethiye takes place in the transition point between the Aegean Region and the Mediterranean Region, it is possible to see both region’s climate features.

However, as you get to the inner sides of Mugla, you can also observe the influence of continental climate sometimes. But since Fethiye takes place on the seaside, there is no continental climate observed there. It does not snow in coastal segments of Mugla, so you can only see snow in Fethiye once in a blue moon. 

Hours of sunshine are an essential predictor of climate and climate change in a region. To explain roughly, hours of sunshine is the duration of an area exposes to sunshine. The average hours of sunshine in Fethiye are 8 hours and 15 minutes. The monthly average temperature in Fethiye does not lower beyond 10 Celcius (50 Fahrenheit) degrees, making it to be accepted as a warm area at all times.

Another influential aspect of a tourism destination is the seawater temperature. Naturally, people want to know the seawater temperature on various months to detect which months they can swim in the sea. The average temperature of seawater in Fethiye is 21.8 °C or 71.24 °F. Between May and October, which are considered the “tourism months,” seawater’s temperature is always on or above 20 °C (68 Fahrenheit). The highest seawater temperature on Fethiye can be observed in August. 

You can see the expected weather conditions in Fethiye month by month. 

MonthExpected Weather ConditionAverage Temperature
JanuaryWarm and rainy7.6 °C  (45.6 °F)
FebruaryWarm and rainy8.3 °C  (47 °F)
MarchWarm10.7 °C  (51.3 °F)
AprilWarm13.9 °C  (57 °F )
MayWarm 18.4 °C  (65 °F)
JuneHot, dry, and sunny22.9 °C  (73.2 °F)
JulyHot, dry, and sunny26.1 °C  (79 °F)
AugustHot, dry, and sunny26.2 °C  (79.2 °F)
SeptemberWarm22.7 °C  (72.9 °F)
OctoberWarm18 °C  (64.4 °F)
NovemberWarm13.1 °C  (55.6 °F)
DecemberWarm and rainy9.3 °C  (48.7 °F)


According to the data collected in 2020, Fethiye’s population consists of over 167 thousand people. In percentages, %50.9 of the population is male, whereas the %49.91 of the population is female. The middle age group is the dominant age group in Fethiye, whereas the old age group is the smallest percentage among all age groups. 

Geographical Structure of Fethiye

Fethiye takes place in the transition point between the Aegean Region and the Mediterranean Region. To be more specific, Fethiye is mostly on the Mediterranean Region side of this transition point. The surface area of Fethiye is 3.055 square kilometers, making it the largest district of Mugla. 

Although Fethiye has the largest surface area among all other Mugla districts, it still has the biggest population density (before Seydikemer became a district). The flora of Fethiye is the typical Mediterranean Region flora. Forests typically start from the coast side; lower and plain areas’ plants are maqui type. 

History of Fethiye

In history, Fethiye had always been a special and important place. However, the name was not always “Fethiye” as it is today. The oldest source about Fethiye is from when Lycians were ruling it, and the name of the town was “Telmessoss.” Telmessos means “People of the Land of Light.”

Later, Fethiye became independent from the Lycian Union for a certain period, and then it became under the rule of Persians around 6th century BC.  About a century later, in the 5th century BC, the city’s ruler changed from Persians to Alexander the Great. After Alexander the Great died, the town became under Egyptian King Ptalomus, but his reign did not last long. 

Not long after that, the town occupied by the Roman Empire, and the town’s name changed by them. Instead of Telmessoss, Roman people referred to the town as “Makri,” which means “far land.” As the Roman Empire divided into Eastern Rome and Western Rome, Makri stood within Eastern Rome’s boundaries, known as the Byzantine Empire. 

In 1282, the Mentheses took the town from Byzantine Empire. The town was later taken from the Mentheses by the Ottoman Empire in 1424. After the Republic of Turkey was found, the name of the district changed to “Fethiye.” There is a reason behind this preference about the name. The district was named after Mr. Fetih, one of the first pilots of Turkey. He became a martyr in 1913 as his plane was shot down as he was flying above Taberiya.  

Today, Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday destinations to visit in Turkey. You can both have fun to the fullest, and see the amazing historical landmarks in the city. There are lots of things to do in Fethiye and so much to explore.

Getting to Fethiye

You can find various options to get to Fethiye according to your starting point. You can find direct flights, indirect flights, direct buses or indirect buses, and so on.

By Plane 

If you want to get to Fethiye by plane, your first option should be to land in Dalaman airport since it is the closest airport to Fethiye. If you are in Turkey, you can find plane tickets from many cities of Turkey. If your city does not have direct flights to Dalaman, you can always get to a city with direct flights to Dalaman airport, and you can fly to Dalaman directly. 

Besides, Dalaman Airport has an international arrivals part. If you plan to get Fethiye from abroad, you can look for the flight options available from abroad. Indirect flights are always an option if your starting point does not have direct flights to Fethiye. 

Dalaman Airport is about 50 kilometers away from Fethiye, which is approximately 45 to 1 hour of driving. You can find Havabus services that would take you from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye. Havabus is the cheapest option while providing comfort.

If you would like to, you can always take a taxi from Dalaman Airport as well, but it can be pricey. Getting to Fethiye from Dalaman Airport by taxi will cost you around 240 Turkish liras. There are also places where you can rent cars in Dalaman Airport, which can be another option to getting Fethiye from Dalaman. 

By Bus

Getting to Fethiye by bus is another option. You can find different firms offering buses to Fethiye from various starting points. The following table describes approximately how long it will last to get to Fethiye from other cities by bus. The duration may change according to the bus firm you are preferring.

Citykm (miles)Travel duration by bus
Muğla123 km (76 miles)2 hours 16 minutes
Marmaris131 km  (81 miles)2 hours 25 minutes
Bodrum238 km (147 miles)4 hours 8 minutes
İstanbul 818 km (508 miles)12 hours 55 minutes
Ankara124 km (77 miles)8 hours 55 minutes
İzmir329 km (204 miles)5 to 6 hours
Denizli (Pamukkale)201 km (124 miles)4 hours
Nevşehir (Cappadocia)700 km (434 miles)12 hours 35 minutes
Konya476 km (295 miles)6 to 9 hours
Antalya194 km (120 miles)Three and a half hours

Urban Transportation

Transportation in Fethiye is not tedious and challenging. Instead, it is easy and smooth. Most of the time, you can get to places by walking as everything is closely located with each other and taking a walk in the streets of Fethiye is beautiful. But, to get to beaches and coves, you will most probably need to use urban transportation. 

There are shuttles in Fethiye that take people to popular landmarks, especially in the summertime. Additionally, you can find buses to get to your destination. If you do not want to be involved in public transportation, the taxis are always there. 

The prices of public buses change according to the destination you want to get to, but most of them are 2 to 5 Turkish liras. Some buses require up to 10 Turkish liras as their destinations are far away. 

Top Things to do in Fethiye

Fethiye is holiday heaven, and there are tons of things to do while there. You can most definitely find activities you will enjoy in Fethiye, as there is a wide range of options. The following are some of the top things to do in Fethiye to give you some ideas about what you can do.

Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon)

Oludeniz, Blue Lagoon

Ölüdeniz is the first thing that comes to mind of many people when Fethiye is mentioned. Ölüdeniz is only 12 kilometers away from Fethiye, meaning that getting there will be very easy. Ölüdeniz literally means “dead sea,” and this comparison was due to the sea’s stillness.

If you do not like wavy seas, then Ölüdeniz can be the best option for you. Imagine you are in a pool, but there are no pool walls, and it is one hundred percent natural. How cool is that? Do not forget to try paragliding in Ölüdeniz while you are there, since Babadağ offers the best paragliding experience ever. 

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a heaven-like destination in Fethiye, which you must include on your to-do list. As you can infer from the name, Butterfly Valley is the home of different beautiful butterflies. We typically consider ourselves lucky as we see one butterfly flying near us, so get ready to be the luckiest person alive on this planet.

Besides the butterflies, you will be amazed by the beautiful nature while there. You can go hiking among the long canyon walls and even go trekking. There are little to no chances of you not falling in love with this place. Keep in mind that accommodation options are available in the Butterfly Valley; maybe you want to look at them. 


Kayaköy is a village that offers you historical heaven. The history of Karaköy goes back to the 4th century BC., and it is known as the “haunted village” by many people. Kayaköy is only 8 kilometers away from Fethiye, meaning that you can get there by walking. 

There are lots of abandoned ancient houses in the area. It is a beautiful place to go on hiking while exploring the history of Fethiye. If you like history and nature, Kayalöy is one of the best options for you to visit in Fethiye. 

Letoon Ancient City

When mentioning Fethiye and history in the same sentence, it would be such a shame to skip Letoon Ancient City. There are lots to learn about and from the Letoon Ancient City. Do not forget to visit this excellent site on UNESCO World Heritage List while you are in Fethiye. 

Letoon Ancient City is also closely linked with Greek Mythology, and there are many legends about this ancient city. It is highly recommended to do a quick research about Letoon Ancient City earlier your visit to have the best experience.

Additionally, Letoon Ancient City takes place in the Lycian trail. You can walk on this historic path while exploring the ancient city. 

Saklıkent Canyon

Fethiye’s natural beauties are endless, and Saklıköy Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural gifts of Fethiye. If you feel tired and need a day off, but you still do not want to miss out wonders of Fethiye, Saklıkent Canyon is a great option.

The transportation to Saklıkent Canyon is pretty straightforward. You can easily find your way to Saklıkent Canyon by car, in addition to taking the buses departing from Fethiye. You can walk by the ice-cold water of Saklıkent Canyon or just sit and watch nature with a cup of Turkish tea. 

Çalış Beach

A Fethiye holiday without a visit to at least one beach would be so deficient. There are lots of beach options to choose from in Fethiye. Çalış Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches of Fethiye. 

Çalış Beach has a 5 kilometers long sandy seashore. Thanks to the breeze winds, Çalış Beach is cool and fresh all summer long. Now you know where to go if you ever get exhausted from the hotness of Fethiye and need a replenish. There are many social facilities in and around Çalış Beach, so you do not need to worry if you ever need something while there. You can find it easily. 

Besides, Çalış Beach is one of the rare places where Caretta carettas lay their eggs. Caretta carettas get to Çalış Beach between April and November to lay their eggs. So, some parts of the beach are close for human interaction for the sake of saving the Caretta carettas. 


Fethiye is paragliding heaven and the capital of paragliding in Turkey. If you need an adrenaline boost and would love to see Fethiye’s view from the bird’s eye view, then paragliding is the best option for you. You can fly above the magnificent Blue Lagoon with professional pilots. 

The most popular paragliding point is Babadağ in Turkey, which takes place in Fethiye. If you have no problem with heights and you want to experience something that you will not be able to forget in your lifetime, then absolutely book a paragliding reservation for you while in Fethiye. 

Day Trips from Fethiye

Fethiye is amazing without a doubt, but there are always many more to explore. There are many fantastic sights to see, places to visit, and activities to do around Fethiye. Even though you arranged your accommodation in Fethiye, you can arrange a day trip from Fethiye to explore more.

The following section consists of some ideas about day trips from Fethiye. You can leave in the morning, have lots of fun during the day, and get back to your hotel, hostel, or home by evening. This way, you will be able to stay in Fethiye while exploring so much more than Fethiye. 


Köyceğiz is another district of Mugla, which is 1 hour of driving away from Fethiye. If you are looking for a calm and relaxing day trip from Fethiye to spend the day, Köyceğiz is one of the best options. Even though it is a small district, it hosts many historical and natural beauties, and there are many things to do in Köyceğiz.

You can visit the Kaounos Ancient City on your day trip to Köyceğiz. There are many landmarks in the Kaunos Ancient City to visit, ensuring that you have enough time to spend there. Ekincik Cove is another option to visit in Köyceğiz. The Ekincik Cove is especially popular among people who love yachting.  

Boat Trips

Boat trips are a fantastic option to participate in a day trip. Fethiye offers hundreds of boat trip options, all with different opportunities. You can choose a route that includes the places you have wanted to see or the boat trip with a theme you love. Besides, you will have the opportunity of exploring both Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea with some special boat trips. 

Some boat trips include food and drinks, whereas some do not. If you are a party person, you can also find boat trips where you will party. Besides having fun, you will visit many coves in one day that you could not otherwise. Some boat trips offer to stop by each cove and have a swimming break. It would be a beautiful day trip.


Dalyan is a town in Mugla, which is approximately 1 hour of driving away from Fethiye. You can find firms offering day trips to Dalyan, or you can just get there by yourself. Since it is only 1 hour of driving, you can easily get there in the morning and go back in the evening. 

Dalyan is fantastic, but it is not as popular as it should be. This means that Dalyan will not be much crowded, and you will have the opportunity of having a chill day trip there. Dalyan includes many lakes, beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and hills. If you would like, you can see as many places as you can see in one day. Or, you can participate in a boat tour in Dalyan. 

One of the signature landmarks of Dalyan is the Caunos Tombs of the Kings. The area has a history that goes back to over three thousand years, and even though you do not have information about the history, you will be amazed by just its aesthetic. You can drink a cup of coffee while watching the dazzling view of Caunos Tombs of the Kings. 


Marmaris is another district in Mugla that you will fall in love with, starting from the first moment. The distance between Fethiye and Marmaris is around 125 kilometers, equal to approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes of driving. If you do not own a car, you can find buses to take you to Marmaris from Fethiye.

There are lots of things to do and many to explore in Marmaris. So, take a detailed look at your options and choose wisely how you want to spend your day trip in Marmaris. Marmaris is known for water sports, and there are many places where you can try one with professionals. You can try scuba diving or participate in a rafting tour. 

Another popular activity to do is safari. Various safari options are waiting for you to choose from. Safari is a great option to do on a day trip since it will help you explore the area with a twist. You can have the time of your life with a jeep safari or a horse safari in Marmaris.

What to eat in Fethiye 

As I mentioned many times earlier, Fethiye takes place in a transition point between the Aegean Region and the Mediterranean Region. So, are there any better ways to enjoy the dishes of two different regions at once? There are many traditional foods of Fethiye and the traditional Turkish dishes from other regions that you can find while you are in Fethiye.

Babadag Keshkek

Keshkek or Keşkek is a traditional Turkish food that is on the UNESCO intangible heritages list. You can eat keshkek in any part of Turkey, but the Babadag Keshkek is special to Fethiye. Of course, you can find this variety in other places, but its origin is Fethiye.

It is made by adding overnight wheat to mix with boiled lamb. It has a creamy consistency since it gets beaten very well. It is typically served with butter and tomato paste. Do not forget to try Babadag Keshkek while in Fethiye!

Ölemeç Soup 

If you are looking for a delicious and nutritious starter for your meal, then Ölemeç Soup can be the best option for you.  The Ölemeç Soup is made by boiling thinly sliced onions and pepper powder together and adding tiny dough balls later. It is certainly a different taste, and you will love it (hopefully). You can get a bowl of Ölemeç Soup to drink with your lunch or dinner.

Leğen Börek

Another must-try out if you want to learn Fethiye cuisine is the Leğen Börek. Börek is a traditional Turkish food made with phyllo dough and various fillings, and Leğen Börek is a variety of it. Unlike other börek varieties, Leğen Börek’s dough has a bread-like consistency and can be filled with the ingredient of choice. It is commonly baked in village sides of Fethiye, and it is typically served with Turkish tea.

Et Kapama

If you are a kind of meat person, you will love this dish. It is made by the cube meats cooking slowly, with tomatoes and pepper. After, the meat and other ingredients are added to a plate of rice. The combination of meat, tomatoes, pepper, and rice is just immaculate. 

Artichoke with Olive Oil

Dishes made with olive oil are an indispensable part of the Aegean Region cuisine. While mentioning foods to eat in Fethiye, it would not be proper to move on without olive oil dishes, especially artichoke. 

Artichoke with olive oil is a simple, healthy, light, and nutritious dish. It is made by adding olive oil to formerly boiled artichoke and adding seasonal veggies roasted in olive oil on top. If you are looking for a healthier option that will not upset your stomach, then artichoke with olive oil is the best option. 

Yellow Herb Roast 

Moving on with another olive oil dish, next we have the yellow herb roast. Yellow herb is a popular herb grown in Fethiye, and you can eat them freshly. This herb is indeed yellow-colored, and the look of it is enough to convince you to try it. But, the taste is even better.

After the herb is all clean and boiled, it is roasted with olive oil and onions. You can add some spices if you would like. Besides the deliciousness of this dish, it is pretty healthy and known to have a healing influence on rheumatism.

Nightlife in Fethiye 

Perhaps the subject one is most curious about the place they will spend their holiday is nightlife, naturally. Nightlife is a crucial part of a holiday, and everybody wants to have access to the nightlife they would like. A bad nightlife can ruin all your mood and excitement if you are a party person. 

Luckily, Fethiye has wonderful nightlife that will not disappoint you if you know where to go. There are lots of options to choose from according to your preferences. You can find discos where you can party until the sun goes up, or chill bars to have one or more drinks with your friends, nightclubs, and so on.

Another nice thing about the nightlife in Fethiye is that it is not too much expensive. Of course, being a little bit more expensive is a natural thing for holiday destinations. But Fethiye does not bring in absurd bills after you had one or two drinks. Besides, if you did a nice research, you can find a place to have the best night on a budget. 

One of the first destinations that come to mind when Fethiye and nightlife are mentioned in the same sentence is Ölüdeniz. There are places to visit to have fun in the nighttime at the city center as well, but Ölüdeniz is among the most popular nightlife destinations of Fethiye. One of the most preferred streets in Ölüdeniz in terms of the nightlife is Hisarönü Barlar Sokağı (Hisarönü Pubs Street).

Another recommended place about nightlife in Fethiye is Paspatur Çarşısı (Paspatur Bazaar). If you want to spend your night with the company of music, then exploring Paspatur Çarşısı can be the best option for you. Besides, you can have fun with your friends in karaoke pubs.

There are many options in Fethiye. Insomuch that, you can get exhausted to choose from. If you have a limited time in Fethiye, be picky and try to choose the best option for you. But you do not have a problem in terms of time; explore yourself and see what you will like the most. Do not forget to have fun and stay safe!

Shopping in Fethiye

Shopping is an indispensable part of our everyday life, and especially holidays. Since you are visiting a place differently, the shopping options may surprise you. Of course, Fethiye has all the places for you to shop necessary stuff, and there are shopping centers where you can find basically everything.

But you probably know that, and Fethiye is more than big shopping centers and franchised brands. You can buy many authentic things in Fethiye that you cannot find anyplace else. Besides, your family and friends probably wait for you to bring them some souvenirs, and you would not want to disappoint them. 

A destination you must visit if you want to see the side of shopping in Fethiye other than malls in the Paspatur Bazaar. The Paspatur Bazaar is known for its handmade products, especially hand-woven bags, carpets, and rugs. 

Your friends and family will have to step up their game so much after you buy them some of those handmade goods. Paspatur Bazaar is not all about those things. You can find many other things there, including clothing, jewelry, food, and so on. Just know where to look at!

Events in Fethiye

Fethiye is a lively place all year long. A place like Fethiye had to be hosting some events to double the fun you will have while there. You can find various festivals, concerts, activities, carnivals, art events, and so many other things in Fethiye, regardless of when you visit it. 

The following are some of the most popular annual events conducted in Fethiye. If you happen to be in Fethiye when one of the following is taking place, it is highly recommended to participate in them since it will be a unique experience for you. 

Ölüdeniz International Air Games Festival

One of the most popular and fun events of Fethiye is the Ölüdeniz International Air Games Festival. This fantastic festival takes place every October. If you happen to be in Fethiye on the second or third week of October, then watching the Ölüdeniz International Air Games is strongly recommended. 

Although you did not have the chance to paragliding in Fethiye, you will be satisfied enough by the Ölüdeniz International Air Games Festival as if you paraglided yourself. Ölüdeniz International Air Games Festival hosts many paragliding pilots from various countries each year. Besides watching the colorful sky full of paragliders, you can participate in all the other fun activities Ölüdeniz International Air Games Festival offers to you. 

Yeşilüzümlü Mushroom Festival 

Yeşilüzümlü Mushroom Festival takes place in April each year, and it is a sort of different festival which serves a different tourism variety. We all know by now the holiday activities you can do in Fethiye, but what about the flora and nature of it? 

Yeşilüzümlü Mushroom Festival is centered on one mushroom variety: yellow morel. In this festival, scientific discussions about yellow morel mushrooms are made, and further plans are being made about yellow morel mushrooms being protected and continuing to their presence. 

You can join the panels about protecting the mushroom flora in the area for free in the scope of this festival. Besides, you will have the opportunity to learn comprehensive information about the mushroom varieties in Fethiye. Additionally, there are mushroom huntings with the guidance of experts in this festival. 

Yeşilüzümlü Mushroom Festival lasts for three days, and it is aimed to protect the cultural and natural heritage of Fethiye. With the participation of local and international guests, Yeşilüzümlü Mushroom Festival is colorful, fun, and instructive.

Eko Yoga Festival 

Another festival of Fethiye is Eko Yoga Festival. Even though this festival is not as old and has a strong background, it offers many things that you cannot find in any other festival. If you like nature, yoga poses, meditation, sustainability, dancing, and storytelling, then Eko Yoga Festival is just right for you.

The 2nd Eko Yoga Festival was held at the end of October in 2020, so the next one is expected to be around those days as well. The festival is conducted on a farm, to be in nature. You can participate in workshops about organic foods, yoga classes, and many more.

 It can be a little headrest to treat yourself, or it can be your first trial about living in rural. Whatever it is, if you are excited about what was described earlier, participating is highly recommended.

International Fethiye Sportsfest

Another fantastic festival of Fethiye is the International Fethiye Sportsfest.  Many athletes from all around the world come to Fethiye at the beginning of October to participate in this festival. You can participate as an audience, but if you are good at a sport included in this festival, you can participate as a contestant.

Nif Traditional Cherry Festival 

Nif Traditional Cherry Festival is a festival conducted in a small village for over 18 years. It was aimed to celebrate when cherries started to get ripened, and it became an entertaining festival. You can eat fresh cherries and have the best time at Nif Traditional Cherry Festival. Even though the date of the Nif Traditional Cherry Festival changes, it is typically held at the end of June and at the beginning of July. 

Benyamin Sönmez Classical Music Festival

Benyamin Sönmez Classical Music Festival is a precious festival of Fethiye. If you like classical music or just want to feel like you are in a fairytale, participating in Benyamin Sönmez Classical Music Festival is highly recommended.

The Benyamin Sönmez Classical Music Festival is first created for the memory of Benyamin Sönmez, who was a cello genius who died so young. Each year with Benyamin Sönmez Classical Music Festival, his memory is being kept alive. 

You can see and listen to classical music masters all around the world, live, by not even leaving your seat. It is an excellent opportunity to participate. If you ever find yourself in Fethiye in late June, do not forget to check out of Benyamin Sönmez Classical Music Festival’s time and place to have an unforgettable experience. 

Where to stay in Fethiye

Accommodation is a tricky thing on holidays. It would help if you were careful about where you choose to accommodate, as it will be the place you will visit every day. Luckily, the options in Fethiye are endless, so you can choose a place that will meet all of your needs.

The hotels in Fethiye are all kinds. You can find super lux 5-starred deluxe hotels that offer you everything you need. In these hotels, you do not need to worry about anything. You can find offers where every meal of the day included many social facilities and many other things you can think of.

But, it is pretty understandable to want o place to stay on a budget. You might have a holiday plan where you will visit other places, and your money is valuable. There is a solution for that since you can find as many opportunities as in terms of hotels on a budget. Of course, the offers will be less than the other kinds of hotels, but you can still find a place for a reasonable price and cozy.

If you do not want to stay in hotels, Airbnb is always an option. Like in the hotels, there is a wide range of prices in Airbnbs. You can find triplex houses with pools and only one bedroom for rent. If you want to spend your whole summer in Fethiye, you can rent houses for three or more months as well. The options are endless, and there is no way that you will not find the accommodation option suitable for you. 

Frequently asked questions about Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the best holiday destinations in Turkey and even in the world. You can have fun and relax while exploring and learning about history. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Fethiye that might help you learn and understand better. 

Where is Fethiye located?

Fethiye is located in a city in Aegean Region named Mugla. 

What can I do in Fethiye as an activity?

Fethiye offers many activities. You can see historical landmarks, swim and have fun at the beach, participate in boat tours, join festivals, and so many more things. 

Is it wise to visit Fethiye with children?

Fethiye offers many activities to do with children as well. Besides, you can find hotels with daycare so that you can enjoy yourself while your children are nicely taken care of and having fun.

Is Fethiye safe for families?

Yes, Fethiye is safe for families. Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday destinations preferred by families.

Is Fethiye LGBT friendly?

Fethiye and Mugla, in general, are some of the most modern areas of Turkey. The people are warm and welcoming and are not likely to judge you based on your sexual orientation.

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