Dates of Kurban Bayramı (The feast of Sacrifice, Eid al-Adha) in 2021

Religious holidays are quite important for those who believe in them, and the Kurban Bayramı (the feast of sacrifice, eid al-adha) is one of the important holidays for Muslims. Kurban Bayram is a holiday that includes fulfilling a religious duty, strengthening togetherness, and being there who has less advantage in terms of economy and nourishment.

What are the Dates of Kurban Bayramı in 2021?

Kurban Bayramı dates change each year, and in 2021 those dates are including the dates between July 19 and July 23.

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What is Kurban Bayramı?

Kurban Bayramı is an important religious holiday in Islam that includes fulfilling one of the optional religious duties of Islam, which is sacrificing an animal for God. This religious duty’s origin is about a tale in Qur’an about the Prophet Abraham and his son. According to this tale, Prophet Abraham could not have a kid no matter what he did to have one.

One day while he was begging to god to have a kid, he said that if God lets him have a kid, he will sacrifice the kid to God. When the time came for sacrificing his son, Prophet Abraham took the knife to cut his throat, yet God sent an angel and told him to stop. Since Prophet Abraham proved his loyalty to God about sacrificing his only son, God decided to reward him by letting his son be alive. Instead, God sent a ram to Prophet Abraham to sacrifice instead of his son.

 Sacrificing an animal for God represents the endlessness of a person could do for the sake of God and offering their gratitude to God. It is a way to thank God for everything he has done for the people who are believing in him and sharing the food they have with the disadvantaged people.

It is important to slaughter the animal in the less painful way possible. It is forbidden to make the animal feel pain in any unnecessary way while sacrificing them to God. Additionally, while slaughtering the animal, the halal slaughtering techniques must be followed in Kurban Bayramı.

Traditions in Kurban Bayramı

Like in other religious holidays in Islam and other religions, Kurban Bayram, as known as the Feast of Sacrifice, includes some traditions. One of the important traditions in Kurban Bayram is getting up early. This is not just a tradition that occurred in the past, but it is a recommendation that you should follow if you are believing in Qur’an. To be sacrificing to be appropriate, the sacrificing process must take a place in defined periods in Kurban Bayram. One can sacrifice an animal to God in Kurban Bayram in the first three days which are the equivalent of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth days of the Zilhicce month. In some sects of Islam, those days could differ.

After the sacrifice process is done, it is a tradition to be together with the whole family and celebrating their holidays. In Kurban Bayram, younger ones kiss the hands of the elderly people and subsequently put their hands on their forehead as a sign of respect. Typically, candy and other kinds of desserts are served to the people who came to your house to celebrate your holiday. Besides, elderly people typically give money to kids after they kiss their hands.

Even though today this tradition is seeming to be disappearing, people used to buy something of the same value as the money they give to their children to give disadvantaged children. Additionally, the meat of the sacrificed animal must be given to people who are poor and who genuinely need it.

Why do the Dates of Kurban Bayramı Change Every Year?

The dates of Kurban Bayram change every year due to the difference between the Hijri calendar and the Gregorian calendar. Kurban Bayram dates are originally defined according to the Hijri calendar, and the Hijri calendar has 11 to 12 days less than the Gregorian calendar. According to the Hijri calendar, Kurban Bayram is 4 days by the first day being the 10th day of Zilhicce month.

Frequently asked questions about Kurban Bayramı

Kurban Bayram could be a whole new experience for you if you have not visited a country in which Muslims are the majority. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Kurban Bayram.

Do all Muslims have to sacrifice an animal for God in the Kurban Bayram?

If they are financially available for this, then it is a religious responsibility for them. But if do not have the financial availability for sacrificing an animal, it is not considered a must. Additionally, a Muslim is not responsible for sacrifice if they are not a teen yet.

Is Kurban Bayram something similar to Christmas?

In terms of having religious backgrounds and the meaning such as solidarity, togetherness, and gratitude for God, yes, they are similar. But the practices are quite different.

Are places are closed in Kurban Bayram?

Most of the places are closed in Kurban Bayram, including schools and some businesses.

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