Datça is a peninsula district of Muğla in Turkey which is one of the most preferred places by tourists, especially in the summer season. Datça has a stunning structure that appeals to everyone. Besides the magnificent sea and beaches, there are also many different activities and events that people will be able to do. The impressive history of Datça is always riveting to people who are traveling to Datça. In addition to that, it is possible to join day trips, especially from the Greek islands. 

Every year, thousands of tourists visit popular districts of Muğla in the summer season. All districts of Muğla have special historical places, landscapes, and interesting activities. Datça is one of them for people who want to spend a good time in the summer season! One of the most amazing parts of Datça is the seacoast! It is possible to find deserted bays to enjoy with calmness at the same time! The activities that you can do are limitless as well!  

People who want to get away from the stress of their regular lives always prefer to spend the summer holiday in Datça! Everyone can have different interests but it is possible to find various activities, events, beaches and historic places for every person who would like to have a great holiday especially in the summer season! 

Where is Datça Located on the Map of Turkey?

Datça is located in the Aegean Coast of Muğla, Turkey between the popular touristic cities Antalya and Izmir. 

About the City

There are 9 different small villages in Datça although it is a small region on the Aegean Coast. The total population is 23.711 and the majority of the population is middle-aged people. There are lots of magnificent bays and stunning beaches in the 253 km coastline of the Peninsula Datça. In addition to that, Datça is the region where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea meet. It is the place where you can see 10 special plants only in Datça in Turkey and 2 special plants that you will be able to see only in Datça in the world. There are also 85 different plant varieties, too. It is possible to find interesting books about the plants of Datça that you can learn about them more as well. Besides, there are 19 different bird varieties that you can see. Datça is the richest region in terms of oxygen in Turkey and it takes second place in the world!

The best time to visit Datça to spend holiday time and swim is between August and September. The temperature will be perfect in these months. While it is generally not possible to see rain in August, January is the coldest and the rainiest month for Datça and the least sunshine is often in December. While humidity is highest in February, the lowest month is July.  You can see monthly details of the average temperatures on the table below; 


Average Temperature

Rainy Days(Avg.)

Sun Hours



13.2°C (55.8°F)

14.3 Days




13.2°C (55.8°F)

12.8 Days




14.5°C (58.1°F)

10.3 Days




16.3°C (61.3°F)

8.8 Days




19.4°C (67°F)

5.8 Days




22.9°C (73.2°F)

3.1 Days




25.2°C (77.4°F)

0.8 Days




26.1°C (79°F)

0.3 Days




24.2°C (75.6°F)

3.2 Days




21.4°C (70.5°F)

6.9 Days




18.2°C (64.8°F)

8 Days




14.9°C (58.9°F)

13.5 Days



History of Datça

The history of Datça dates 4000 years ago. The Carians have hosted the first known settlement of Peninsula Datça. After that, the peninsula was ruled by Dorians. Besides Dorians, Datça has been ruled by Mycenaeans, Persians, Rhodesians, and Alexander the Great. It is possible to see the traces of Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottoman Empire at the same time. In 1909, Datça was taken the name “Resadiye” by Ottomans but today it is only a neighborhood in the Peninsula Datça.

The Greek ancient city Knidos which was built by the Carians has an essential role in history. Every year numerous tourists travel to Datça to see the stunning ancient city. There were many philosophers, astronomers, artists, architects, and many famous people that contributed to the history and the world lived in Knidos. There is a famous statue of Knidos that was brought to England from Datça. The “Lion of Knidos” is still at the entrance of the British Museum. People who are interested in ancient history visit Datça to see the numerous traces of the first known settlement every year. 

Getting to Datça

When you would like to visit Datça from a city or country which is far from Datça, you need the easiest way to get there. Unfortunately, there is no airport in Datça but it is possible to arrive there easily from other airports and by taking busses as well! Let’s look at the details!

By Plane

You are going to have two different airport options that you can have a shorter and easier journey and both of them are located in Muğla, Turkey. When you want to travel to Datça by plane, you need to use Milas-Bodrum Airport or Dalaman Airport. You can make a reservation for transfer services and private services from both of the airports. You can see all the details of the airports below;

Milas-Bodrum Airport

The Milas-Bodrum Airport is located in Milas, Muğla. Bodrum is another district of Muğla. It is an international airport and it is possible to find flights from different airlines. You can check the flights of the airline that you always use or you can look at the other airway options which are more comfortable for you.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to go to Datça directly. If you want to arrive at Datça by passing through Bodrum, you will need a sea journey for 45 minutes. Bicycles, motorcycles, caravans, and automobiles are allowed in the ferryboats. If you want to prefer ground travel, it will take 4 hours from Muğla to Datça and there is 80 km from the airport to Datça. Besides that, you can stay in Bodrum and spend time there, if you need enough time as well! In this way, you can see different places at once!

Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport is another international airport. You will be able to use many different airlines when you want to arrive at Dalaman Airport as well. This airport is located in Dalaman, Muğla. It is possible to find international flights at the same time. Dalaman Airport has the third-largest terminal in Turkey. When you want to fly from Istanbul to Dalaman Airport, the flight will take about 1 hour 15 minutes most of the time. Flying to Dalaman Airport is the fastest way to arrive at Datça. There are also many transfer services between Dalaman and Datça as well. When you prefer to use transfer services, you will arrive at Datça in 2 hours 30 minutes. There is 160 km between the airport and Datça. You can make a reservation on transfer services before you travel as well. If you do not want to prefer transfer services, you need to take the urban buses which go to Datça from Dalaman. People who would like to get to Datça the fastest way usually prefer Dalaman Airport!

By Bus

People who do not want to get to Datça by plane can use buses as well! There is a bus terminal in Datça where you can purchase bus tickets easily for interurban journeys. It is possible to find bus tickets from almost every city around Turkey. There are many different bus companies that can provide transportation service between cities. You can check the companies online and find the best one for yourself easily!



Travel Time by Bus


124 km

1h 30m


71.4 km



192 km



741.6 km



716.7 km

10h 30m


281.2 km

5h 30m


274.8 km


Nevsehir (Cappadocia)

895.4 km



624.6 km

8h 30m


385.5 km

4h 30m
  • There is no direct transportation from Antalya and Konya to Datça. For these two cities, travel time is indicated for the transportation to Muğla. You can use transfer services or urban buses in Muğla to get to Datça. 
  • Marmaris and Fethiye are also districts of Muğla and you should prefer to use urban transportation from these areas. 

Urban Transportation

In Muğla, you will have many different urban transportation options. While you can prefer to take a taxi, you can also take urban buses or minivans at the same time! Besides that, it is possible to get to both of the airports by urban transportations. It is possible to use urban transportation to get to the airports in all of the districts of Muğla as well. The transportations are providing return services at the same time. You will be able to check all of the service hours and traveling time on the boards! Also, you can download the app for the bus hours or you can directly use the website of the urban transportation of Muğla. The prices are not too expensive for a popular touristic place! In addition to that, it is possible to rent a car in Muğla! If you do not want to use public transportation, you have the opportunity to rent a private car! The prices can be changeable according to your demand but it is possible to find transportation and private cars for every budget in Muğla! So when you decide to plan a holiday in Datça, you can be sure that you will not have a transportation problem! 

Top Things to Do in Datça

The Knidos Ancient City

Remains of an ancient Greek amphitheater in Knidos, Datca Penisula, Mugla, Turkey.

Knidos Ancient City is one of the biggest ancient cities in Turkey! It is located on the west side of the peninsula Datça. There is 35 km between Datça and Knidos Ancient City. It is the place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea meet. When you visit Knidos Ancient City, you will be able to see the two different ancient theaters with the 5.000 and 20.000 capacity. There is an amazing view of the stunning sea and nature! Besides that, you can see the traces of the Hellenistic period, Byzantines and Romans as well! If you want to spend more time in the Knidos Ancient City, there is a restaurant that you can enjoy with the atmosphere which is open only in the summer season! If you are planning to travel to Datça, you should not leave before you see Knidos Ancient City which is significantly essential for history!

Outdoor Activities 

You can enjoy the outdoor activities in Datça! You do not need to only enjoy the sun and the sea! There are many different activities that you will be able to do! When you spend your holiday in Datça, you will be able to go sailing, trekking, diving, windsurfing, and blue voyage at the same time! If you like outdoor activities, Datça is a good choice for you! 

International Knidos Art & Culture Academy

The International Knidos Art and Culture Academy is 13km far from the Knidos Ancient City. There are different statues in the garden of the academy. If you are interested in art, you can visit the Knidos Academy!

The Coves

There are 52 impressive coves in Datça! While half of them are located on the Aegean side, the other half is located on the Mediterranean side of the peninsula Datça! The coves are the most special and famous things of Datça because everyone who traveled to Datça is impressed by the wonderful and magnificent views of the coves and the stunning sea! You do not need to visit the coves only on the road! You can join the sail tours and blue voyages at the same time and enjoy the calmness and the positive energy of the coves during the holiday! 

The Old Datça (Old Town)

Old Datça will make you impressed with the amazing energy of the old streets and the stoned houses! When you travel to Datça, and you leave before you visit Old Datça, your trip will not be completed! You will feel the smell of the stunning flowers while you are walking through the attractive streets! When you visit Old Datça, your energy will change instantly! Besides that, people who are interested in photography always want to visit Old Datça because it has an amazing and impressive view! 

Datça Harbor

Datça Harbor is another impressive place in Datça! You will be able to see many different sailboats and they have a magnificent view! There are many popular restaurants around the harbor that you can have lunch or dinner as well! It is possible to rent a sailboat and yachts at the same time! You can join the blue voyage to swim in the stunning coves in Datça!

The Local Markets

There are many various local markets, bazaars, and small shops in Datça that you can buy souvenirs, spices, and special ornaments! While you will be able to find traditional cuisines and products, you can also find impressive and special gifts for your family or friends! Everyone can find special and interesting things for themselves in the local markets of Datça! 

The Restaurants 

Datça is also famous for its restaurants! Restaurants are making the nightlife of Datça up! People are starting to make a reservation days ago before to have dinner in the popular restaurants in Datça! While you will be enjoying the dinner, you will be able to try the special and traditional cuisines of Datça at the same time! You will be able to try wines and seafood at famous restaurants! You should spend your night at least once in the famous restaurants of Datça before you leave! 

Camping & Beaches

Hotels are not the only option to stay in Datça! If you are interested in camping, there are amazing campsites in Datça! You will be able to prefer the campsites where you can do outdoor activities at the same time! You can enjoy the magnificent beaches at the same time! There are various famous beaches that you can spend time in the sun and swim in the amazing sea of Datça! Even if you are planning to stay in a hotel, you should see the impressive beaches before you leave and enjoy the quiet environment in the stunning nature! 

Day Trips from Datça

It is possible to join the day trips from Datça! Besides the magnificent coves, you will be able to visit Greek islands at the same time! There are many tourists who are coming from the Greek islands as well! Symi, Kos, Patmos, Rhodes, and Leros islands are significantly close to the Datça peninsula and you can see them easily! 

  • Historical Places: If you are planning to travel to Datça for a day trip, you can spend time visiting historical places! The history of Datça is impressive and you can learn more about the history while you are enjoying the view of the stunning sea and the nature behind the historical places! You can visit the Knidos Ancient City and Old Datça during the day! 
  • Beaches: It is possible to swim almost everywhere on the Datça coast! There are admired beaches and coves that you will be able to spend your time on during the trip! If you want to enjoy the sun and the sea, you can prefer to visit beaches and enjoy nature and the wonderful sea! 
  • Other Districts of Muğla: Almost all of the districts of Muğla are significantly popular and touristic places especially in the summer season! Muğla is one of the most preferred touristic cities in Turkey by tourists! If you are planning to stay in Datça and if you have enough time you can visit the other districts of Muğla easily! Everywhere is significantly close to each other and you will be able to use urban transportation as well! If you do not have limited time, after you finish the holiday in Datça, you can visit other districts at the same time! Marmaris, Fethiye, and Bodrum are close to Datça and you can join the blue voyage to visit these districts as well! 

What to Eat

Besides the Aegean and the Mediterranean cuisines, Datça has its special tastes which are admired by people! Honey, almond, and fish are the most special tastes of Datça! When you go to the restaurants, you will directly see the honey, almond, and fishes at the same time! Datça Calamari is one of the most preferred tastes in the restaurants!  There are many amazing and popular restaurants that you can taste the special seafood and other traditional food! If you have never tried the stuffed zucchini flowers, Datça is the best place to try it! People, who want to travel to Datça, need to try these tastes and the rare almonds because Datça is also exporting the almonds to many different countries in the world! There is even an Almond Festival in February, too! You can find all varieties of almonds! 

Olive and olive oil are also extremely famous and it is also special for the Aegean and the Mediterranean cities! Many tourists do not leave before they buy a bottle of olive oil! As we mentioned before, Datça is also famous for plants, vegetables, and herbs! You can try many different and special spices and herbs! You will be able to find the tastes from both the Mediterranean and the Aegean cuisines in Datça! 


The nightlife in Datça is more different than Bodrum, Antalya, Istanbul, or Izmir because people who want to enjoy the calmness and the serenity in their holiday prefer to travel to Datça! It would not be a good decision to try to compare the nightlife of Datça and the other popular touristic cities because all of them are different from each other and every place has its own special nightlife! You should not think about the nightclubs instantly when you see the nightlife title because amazing dinners and restaurants make up the nightlife of Datça! 

Datça is famous for its restaurants and dinners! There are many different restaurants in Datça that you can enjoy with your dinner while you taste the special cuisines! Especially in the summer season, it is not easy to find a place to have dinner because people are starting to make reservations days ago! If you are planning to have an amazing dinner out of the hotels or holiday villages, you need to make a reservation at the restaurant that you would like to go to one or two days ago! Otherwise, you might not find a place when you go there without a reservation! 


When you travel to Datça, you might want to buy everything you see around! There are countless special things for shopping in Datça! Almonds and honey are significantly popular and unique things that you can buy as a gift for your family or friends! You will never be able to taste an almond that you will taste in Datça again! Many people say that it is the tastiest and the most delicious almond in the world! Besides the almond and honey, you will be able to look at the organic and natural vegetables, herbs, species, and different plants at the same time and it will not be hard to find them! You can see the shops, local markets, and special bazaars around!

Handmade souvenirs are also preferred by people who travel to Datça! You will be able to find much different handmade jewelry, souvenirs, ornaments, and numerous handmade products at the same time in Datça! If you are interested in ceramic products and souvenirs, you can buy them as a gift for yourself, your family, or your friends as well! 


Datça Story Days

In the Datça Story Days, many writers meet with the audiences to have an audition, interviewing, and arranging a panel! The Datça Story Days are arranged usually in October!

World Peace Day Celebration

This event is celebrated on September 1st every year! People are swimming in the sea and after that everyone meets in the peace park around the peace statue! At the end of the event, people are dibbling an olive seedling! 

Datça Turkish Chess Tournament

Every year there are many people who are joining the tournament from different cities and countries! People who are interested in chess do not want to miss the Datça Turkish Chess Tournaments!

International Datça Movie Days

It is an international event that people are remembering and respecting the old actors and actresses who are important for Turkish cinema culture! In time, this event became more international and people are joining this event usually in September! 

Datça Literature Days

Datça Literature Days are usually celebrated in the middle of August in Datça! While people are getting more socialized, they contribute to the literature at the same time! 

Turkey Windsurf Championship

It is possible to find many different windsurf centers in Datça! The championship is usually arranged in June! Windsurf lovers are meeting in Datça every year!  

Nature Walk

Especially in the spring months, people are joining the nature walk events! Usually, this event is arranged in the first weeks of May! It is a good event that you can care about your health and have an enjoyable time in nature! 

Toy Festival

The Toy Festival is an event for children! There are many children who are joining the event with their parents and friends! Many people are contributing to the festival and they are preparing food, toys and colorful flowers for the children! This event is usually in May and children join many different activities and games during the festival! 

Kite Festival

Many people are meeting at the Kite Festival in Datça every year! People are preparing the kites and joining the event with their children, family, and friends! The event is celebrated on April 23 which is the Children’s Day in the world! 

Almond Blossom Festival

February is the best time of the year for the Almond Blossom Festival! As we know, Datça is famous for the almonds and many people come together to celebrate the almond festival every year in February! 

Where to Stay

Peninsula Datça is not a big place but you will be able to have many different options! While you will be able to prefer holiday villages and more luxurious hotels, you can also prefer to stay at the boutique hotels and hostels at the same time! In addition to that, if you are planning to travel to Datça with your family members or friend groups, you will have the option to rent villas and big houses as well! It is possible to find various hotels, boutique hotels, holiday villages, and hostels for every budget in Datça!

You do not need to stay only in the hotels or holiday villages in Datça! If you are interested in camping and outdoor activities, there are many stunning camping areas in Datça at the same time! You can spend your holiday in the campsites and enjoy the magic of nature and the calmness! 

There are thousands of tourists who would like to visit Datça and most of the time it is not possible to make a reservation even a month earlier. If you are planning to travel to Datça, you need to look at the hotels a few months ago! Otherwise, you will not be able to find a place that you would like to stay. When you find the hotel or the holiday villages which are comfortable for you, you need to be sure of every detail of the hotel because some hotels do not accept pets or some hotels do not provide breakfast or dinner as well. You need to be sure that you understand every detail very well! You can check all of the hotels and holiday villages on their own websites and you can ask for your demands to the hotel at the same time! 

Who Should Travel to Datça?

People who would like to spend the time in the beauty of nature, impressive beaches and coves, historic places, and the calmness should prefer to travel to Datça! Besides that, Datça can be a good choice for people who are tired of their working life as well but people who would like to spend time in the nightclubs and more luxurious activities should not prefer to have a holiday in Datça because the nightlife is not that much active in Datça. On the other hand, there are amazing restaurants that you will be able to spend the night! People who would like to enjoy the nightclubs might prefer the other districts of Muğla at the same time and have day trips to Datça! If you like calmness, nature, positive energy and magnificent sea, you should prefer to spend your summer holiday in Peninsula Datça, and start to feel the traces of history, enjoy the beauty of nature, get away from the tiredness of regular life, and spending a great time with the special activities and events!  

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