Budget Accommodation Options in Istanbul: Where to Stay?

Accommodation in a place you are visiting as a tourist plays an important role. Many people prefer a place where they can easily access surrounding attractions while taking comfort, safety, and budget into account.

Cities like Istanbul can be both good and bad regarding accommodation. The upside of the process of choosing accommodation in such metropolises is the abundance of options. On the other hand, sifting through the plethora of bad options and finding a good and affordable place can be pretty challenging.

One solution to this dilemma is to evaluate the options beforehand. Today in this list, I will be sharing quality and comfortable hotels to stay in Istanbul, considering different budget options. Each hotel on the list is one of the best options you can stay in that price range.

Beşiktaş: Puffin Hostel

Puffin Hostel takes place in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, one of the most popular districts, regarding the abundance of activities, the number of historical landmarks, nightlife, and food.

The prices in Puffin Hostel are as low as 17 USD a night, which makes it a quite affordable hostel. The low prices of Puffin Hostel have nothing to do with “low quality.” In fact, most visitors to Puffin Hostel are satisfied with their stay.

The hostel includes a terrace, a common kitchen, and a café. Moreover, you can benefit from the washing and drying service for your clothes for a small price.

The hostel is known to be cozy and home-like. The hostel provides all the basic needs such as shower necessities, hot water, and heating system.

Given that the hostel is located in a central area, transportation is possible to almost every point of Istanbul.

Address:  Ihlamurdere Avenue, Çelebioğlu Street, No: 11 Beşiktaş – İSTANBUL

Number: +90 212 227 0229

Şişli: GK Regency Suites

GK Regency Suites is a boutique hotel run by a family. The hotel is known for its budget-friendliness in such a modern district, with prices as low as 35 USD a night. The district that GK Regency Suites takes place (Şişli) is a famous and modern district of Istanbul.

The hotel offers concierge services, an outdoor terrace, and free Wi-Fi. Moreover, the hotel is only 20 minutes of walking away from Taksim Square, meaning that you can have access to all means of public transportation you may need in Istanbul with 20 minutes of walking.

The hotel has four different room types, and the prices change depending on the opportunities in rooms. The hotel also offers on-site parking (completely free), airport shuttles, and a lounge area.

Address: GK REGENCY SUITES Prof.Dr Celal ÖKER Street NO:27/29 Harbiye / İSTANBUL

Number: +90 212 225 21 00

Kadıköy: Panorama Suite

Panorama Suite is a hotel in the Kadıköy district of Istanbul. Kadıköy is a very central district that allows many different public transportation options to different parts of the city. Panorama Suite is a budget-friendly accommodation option, with a price range of 30 – 50 USD per night.

The hotel offers a free parking lot for guests, cleaning services (dry cleaning, ironing, shoeshine, trouser press, and daily housekeeping), airport shuttle, car renting, and grocery deliveries.

The hotel is known to be secure and of high quality. Many visitors stated that everything in the hotel was clean and new.

Address: Osmanağa, Reşit Efendi Street no:6-8, 34744 Kadıköy/İstanbul

Number: 0536 746 62 08

Taksim: Triada Residence Apart Hotel

Taksim is one of the most live districts of Istanbul. There are many attractions and things to do in Taksim. Additionally, Taksim has various transportation options, meaning that you can get everywhere straightforward from Taksim.

Triada Residence Apart Hotel is a budget-friendly and high-quality hotel in Taksim. The prices are around 40 USD per night, and the hotel is four-starred. The hotel is located 4 minutes of walking from Taksim metro station, which is something typically preferred due to Istanbul’s traffic conditions.

The interior design of Triada Residence Apart Hotel is stylish and modern. Triada Residence Apart Hotel offers an open buffet for breakfast, heating system, cleaning services, wake-up services, and hot tubs in rooms.

Address: Katip Mustafa Çelebi, Meşelik Street No:4, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Number: (0212) 251 01 01

Büyükada: Köşk Orman Hotel

Büyükada is one of the Prince Islands in Istanbul. In fact, it is the biggest island among them ( hence the name “Büyükada = Big Island”).

Köşk Orman Hotel is a four-starred hotel and has a price range of around 40 to 60 USD per night. The opportunities in Köşk Orman Hotel makes it a frequented place by Büyükada visitors.

The hotel is by a big forest in Büyükada, and some rooms have a view of the forest. The design of the hotel is not like the modern and familiar hotel designs; instead, it is a home-like storied guesthouse. In fact, the building is a historical one.

The hotel has five rooms in total, meaning that a reservation earlier from your visit is a must to ensure an available room.

Transportation to the mainland is possible through steamboats all day.

Address: Nizam Neighborhood Türkoğlu Street No:17, 34970 Adalar/İstanbul

Number: 0533 259 49 49

Fatih: Skalion Hotel & Spa

Skalion Hotel & Spa is another budget accommodation option in Istanbul, Fatih. The hotel has a Safety Tourism Certificate given by the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey. The prices range between 40  to 60 USD per night, depending on the room and website you chose to make the purchase.

Skalion Hotel & Spa is a 4-starred hotel. The hotel has a restaurant named Skalion Roof Restaurant, which has a big terrace to see the city view. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hotel residents.

The hotel also has a spa room. Various types of massages are offered in the spa area. Moreover, the hotel offers a Turkish bath (Hamam) experience in a particular room with a unique Turkish bath massage, too.

There is a meeting room in the hotel with a capacity of 120 people, too. The meeting room can be used for any kinds of events one may want or need. The technical infrastructure for many events and organizations is fully present.

Fatih is known as the “historical peninsula” in Istanbul since the district includes many historical landmarks and witnessed various historically significant events. In fact, most of the famous landmarks such as Grand Bazaar, Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque), and Hagia Sophia. Skalion Hotel & Spa is located close to landmarks. And the landmarks that are not within walking distance of the hotel can be reached through public transportation.

In addition to the budget-friendly options in Skalion Hotel & Spa, there are deluxe rooms for bigger budgets, too.

Addres: Mimar Hayrettin, Çifte Gelinler Avenue No:6, 34130 Fatih/İstanbul

Number: (0212) 517 51 35

Sirkeci: Second Home Hostel

Sirkeci is another central district of Istanbul, and Second Home Hostel is a budget-friendly accommodation option in Sirkeci. The hostel is famous for its cozy and home-like environment.

Rooms are adequately organized and comfortable. The neighborhood is full of places that you might need for a comfortable stay (pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, change offices, liquor shops, etc.). Many options for public transportation are available nearby (tram stations, bus stations, ferry piers, airport shuttle stations, and metro stations).

Moreover, the hostel’s location is close to some essential attractions like Topkapı Palace, Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia, and Galata Bridge.

The visitors of Second Home Hostel typically leave positive comments mentioning how good their stay was. The hostel is not a typical hostel, meaning that there are various social events in the hostel.

Address: Hocapasa Neighborhood Ebussuud Avenue No : 19 Sirkeci, Istanbul, Turkey

Number: (0212) 512 57 90

Beyoğlu: Walton Hotels Galata

Beyoğlu is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul and consists of Taksim within. Walton Hotels Galata is located in one of the most frequented areas of Beyoğlu. The price range for Walton Hotels Galata is around 30 to 50 USD per night.

The hotel is four-starred. Many visitors praise the stylish rooms and the scenic rooftop of the hotel in addition to its opportunities. Moreover, the hotel is very closely located to Galata Tower, one of the most significant attractions of Istanbul.

The area that Walton Hotels Galata takes place is mainly famous for its boutique style. Instead of merchandized stores and restaurants, the neighborhood is full of boutique shops and stores.

On the rooftop of the hotel, there is a restaurant named Zula Galata Rooftop Bar & Restaurant. The rooftop has a view of Galata Tower.

Walton Hotels Galata offers VIP airport transfers to get you from the airport safely. Moreover, the hotel also gives free Istanbul public transportation cards to its visitors. If you have a baby or a toddler, you can use the babysitting service given by the hotel. Additionally, there are different massage services offered by the hotel.

Due to the sim card challenges abroad, the hotel offers portable Wi-Fi devices to its visitors as well. Lastly, dry cleaning service is available in Walton Hotels Galata.

Address: Bereketzade Neighborhood Bankalar Avenue, Şair Eşref Paşa Street No:4, 34420 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Number: (0212) 243 27 04

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