Beypazarı is a district of Ankara, which takes place in the Central Anatolia region. Even though Beypazarı is a small district, it has a great value in terms of history, architecture, and tourism. Today, Beypazarı is mainly known for the historical mansions and its mineral water.

Another thing that Beypazarı is known for is the handicrafts, and a great percentage of Beypazarı locals make a living out of processing copper, silver, silk, or other materials to be sold. The tourism activities in Beypazarı increase continuously, as people learn more about the town and want to see the area.

Where is Beypazarı located on the Map of Turkey?

Beypazarı takes place 100km northwest of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Ankara is located in the Central Anatolia region, which is in the middle of the map of Turkey.

About the City

Beypazarı is a historic city from the Ottoman period, and it was quite popular in the Ottoman Empire. The town became under the rule of many different empires and hosted different civilizations throughout history. 

When Beypazarı was under the rule of Seljuks, it was a significant trade center between Baghdad and Istanbul. Today, Beypazarı preserves its significance by being a cultural and historical tourism center. In 2020, Beypazarı was added to the tentative UNESCO World Heritage list.


The climate of Beypazarı is strongly correlated with the climate of Ankara, with some differences. The least amount of rain falls to Beypazarı in the summer months, whereas most rain falls in the winter months. Between March and July, Beypazarı’s weather is mostly partly cloudy.

The weather in Beypazarı rarely goes above 30 degrees Celsius. The heat can go below minus five degrees in January and February, but it is mostly between zero Celsius degrees and five Celsius degrees in the wintertime. In the wintertime, the heat is mostly between 15 Celsius degrees and 25 Celsius degrees.

The most snow falls to Beypazarı in January, February, and December. Snow can be seen in March and April sometimes in Beypazarı. 

History of Beypazarı

The history of Beypazarı is pretty rich since many civilizations and empires ruled it throughout history. Even though there is no certain evidence about when and where the first settlements were conducted in Beypazarı, some evidence is present about the first settlement that was made in the earlier eras of history.

Beypazarı takes place at the former Silk Road. The evidence shows that Hittites, Frigians, Galats, Romans, Seljuks, and the Ottoman Empire ruled this area in history. The very first name assigned to this area was “Lagania,” which means “Rock Peak Country.” A great part of the significance Beypazarı had in history comes from being on the important trade and transfer points.

When the area was under the rule of the Roman Empire, its name was transferred to “Anastasiopolis.” As the town was taken from the Greeks by Germiyanids, they built a big bazaar in the Beytepe neighborhood of today. The bazaar was named after the vizier of that time, Zinar Hezar. It has been said that through time, the significance of the bazaar exceeds the vizier and the name of the area changes to “Beypazarı.” 

After the area became under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, it became a part of a city that is today within Bursa borders. Starting from 1863 to today, Beypazarı is a part of Ankara.

Since Beypazarı hosted many civilizations and became under the rule of different empires, there are rich cultural traces and historical features present there. Besides, Beypazarı being mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s travel book further supports the significance it carries even back then.

Getting to Beypazarı

There are many ways to get to Beypazarı, depending on where your starting point will be. Getting to Beypazarı is quite simple from Ankara. Beypazarı is 100 kilometers away from Ankara, which is equal to approximately one and a half hours of driving. If you do not have a car, you can always take a bus from Ankara bus station to Beypazarı, as there are departing buses from there to Beypazarı.

By Car

You can get to Beypazarı easily by car, but of course, the duration of your road trip depends on your starting point. The following are distances between Beypazarı and some cities of Turkey.

  1. Istanbul – 337.6 km / 4 hours and 25 minutes of driving
  2. Izmir – 661.1 km / 7 hours and 50 minutes of driving
  3. Antalya – 501.3 km / 6 hours and 40 minutes of driving
  4. Bodrum – 716.6 km / 9 hours of driving
  5. Konya – 357.8 km / 4 hours and 10 minutes of driving
  6. Eskişehir – 158.2 km / 2 hours and 30 minutes of driving

By Bus

Unfortunately, only a few cities of Turkey have direct buses to Beypazarı. The easiest way to get to Beypazarı from other cities is first to get to Ankara and to take another bus to Beypazarı. If you come to Ankara by bus, transportation to Beypazarı will be very easy since the only thing you will need to do is take another bus from the same bus station.

Top Things to do in Beypazarı

Beypazarı is an excellent destination to see, especially if you are into relatively local areas, you will love exploring. Besides, there are many natural wonders in and around Beypazarı, so it will be a great opportunity if you are looking for a place to get away from the noise and crowd of the city to get some headrest.

If it will be your first time visiting Beypazarı, and you do not have someone who knows the area that will guide you, you might need some information about the things you can do and places to visit in Beypazarı. The following are some of the top things you can do while in Beypazarı.

Beypazarı Houses

One of the most popular features of Beypazarı is its unique and old-style mansions. Those mansions and houses are over 200 years old and witness to history. Typically, houses in Beypazarı are two or three-floored and have a bay window. Beypazarı houses are designed in a way that each house is adjoining to the other, revealing the social structure. Adjoined houses are a great predictor of strong social bonds and neighborhood concepts.

Even though the houses are adjoined, houses are placed in a way that would not block each other’s sunlight and view. Today, some of those historical houses of Beypazarı serve as a museum, restaurant, small shop, or pension.

Yaşayan Müze (Alive Museum)

Yaşayan Müze (“Alive Museum” when directly translated) is the first applied culture and open-air museum of Turkey, established by Dr. Sema Demir. When looking outside to the Yaşayan Müze, you will directly find it different from other museums. Because the Yaşayan Müze was constructed to a typical Ottoman house, making it impossible to discriminate from a home.

Here you can observe a typical Ottoman household in context. You will be able to learn detailed information about the family that lived there and the traditions in general. There are many exhibitions and events that take place: you can have a quick marbling class or have a photoshoot with old Ottoman costumes. 

Alaaddin Street

Alaaddin Street is another popular destination that you should visit in Beypazarı, in which many historical houses take place, especially those which transferred to social facilities. Besides, if you are looking for an area to shop for local products, you can find many stores on Alaaddin Street. It would be a great way to explore the city.

Imaret Square

Another popular destination of Beypazarı is the İmaret Square, without a doubt. As I mentioned earlier, Beypazarı is mainly known for handicrafts and other handmade works. The İmaret Square is a heaven of both concepts; you can find workshops and shops of artisans of the city.

This square was deliberately put into order to preserve city culture and values. All shops you will see there are working so that they can keep the culture and the values of Beypazarı alive. All the shops in İmaret Square are designed in the same way as the historical Beypazarı houses, for the sake of not killing the vibe. It would be so valuable and meaningful to visit those shops there and purchase some stuff to help them keep the values of the city alive.

Suluhan Nasuh Pasha Inn

Suluhan Nasuh Pasha Inn is one of the most typical yet beautiful examples of Ottoman city inns. This inn takes its name from the Ottoman grand vizier, Nasuh Pasha, who built the inn. Since it was built in the early 17th century, it got corrupted and had to be restored to preserve its presence today.

In history, Suluhan Nasuh Pasha Inn was one of the most popular destinations for traders who are traveling to Ankara from Istanbul. If you are planning a trip to Beypazarı, you should not leave before you see this structure, which embodied with Beypazarı and became a symbol of the town.

Historical Beypazarı Bazaar

Here in the Historical Beypazarı Bazaar, you can find everything, including but not limited to processed copper and handicraft works. This bazaar has a history that is six centuries long and has the sincerest environment ever. You can stroll in various streets in Historical Beypazarı Bazaar to feel the history and get some cool souvenirs.

Turkish Bath Museum

There is a high chance of you hearing the Turkish bath earlier, and there is also a chance of you having tried it earlier. If you heard it, tried it, or you have not heard it earlier, but you are willing to learn, then you will love the Turkish Bath Museum of Beypazarı. This museum’s main aim is to introduce Turkish bath culture with all the textile products and other materials used in Turkish baths for many years.

Hıdırlık Hill

If you got enchanted by the wonders of Beypazarı, there is a great opportunity waiting for you at the Hıdırlık Hill. Hıdırlık Hill offers a great view of Beypazarı from a height, making it possible for you to see the whole picture. And this is not it, and there is a tea garden present in the Hıdırlık Hill, in which you can have a cup of tea while watching the incredible view of Beypazarı. 

İnözü Valley

One of the most popular destinations to visit in Beypazarı is İnözü Valley. İnözü Valley takes place in the hollow area between two mountains, and the east and west slopes are very steep. İnözü Valley includes a whole bunch of geographical formations and human-made structures such as fruit gardens, poplar fields, in addition to cliffs, which have many caves in them. Additionally, there are some bird species that come to İnözü Valley to reproduce. 

You can be in nature, enjoy the landscapes and fresh air, get some headrest in İnözü Valley. There are many social facilities where you can eat, have a cup of tea, or just watch the view. You can get to İnözü Valley in the morning to have breakfast there.

Teke Plateau

Teke Plateau is a hidden gem of Beypazarı where you can breathe in pure oxygen and breathe out all the negative emotions you have. Besides, the Teke Plateau is only ten kilometers away from the Beypazarı center. Teke Plateau also includes a national park, which means that you can have a relaxing picnic there with all the social facilities.

Teke Plateau consists of 100 hectares of pure nature. You can go on hiking, listen to the sound of nature, take some pictures, and just chill to be in the moment. It will be such a therapeutic experience to visit this plateau.

Butterfly Valley

If you are looking for a more natural destination to visit to get some headrest and have fresh air, then you must visit the Butterfly Valley. The valley is only 5 kilometers away from the town center. You can observe a rich fauna and flora, in addition to the butterfly species that gives the valley its name.  It is a wonderful place for picnics and birdwatching.

Eğriova Nature Park

Another natural beauty of Beypazarı that you must visit is the Eğriova Nature Park. Eğriova Nature Park takes place at the Eğriova plateau, which will dazzle you with its wonders. You can have a nice picnic or go fishing in the lake. Eğriova Nature Park offers many other things you can do in nature. You can go hiking or ride a horse in Eğriova Nature Park.

What to eat in Beypazarı?

Eating and food are one of the most exciting things in different locations to some, especially if you have the chance to try some new things that you have never tried earlier. Even though you tried that food earlier, keep in mind that the following are the traditional foods of Beypazarı, and you should give them a shot while you are there.

Beypazarı Casserole

Beypazarı Casserole is one of the most popular dishes to eat in Beypazarı. After the casserole is prepared, it gets put into the stone oven in an earthenware pot, then later gets served with the same earthenware pot.


Another traditional food of Beypazarı is Kartalaç, which is a variety of traditional Turkish dish börek. Kartalaç is made in tandoori, which is typically used in breadmaking. It is typically thicker than other börek varieties and includes cottage cheese and parsley in it.

Beypazarı Baklava

If you are in Turkey for a while, there is little to no chance of you not trying baklava earlier, but you need to try the one at Beypazarı to taste the difference yourself. What makes the Beypazarı Baklava significant and unique is that, even though 80 layers of phyllo dough are used in the making, the thickness of it is only 5 to 6 centimeters. 

Beypazarı Kurusu

This teatime snack is a must-try while in Beypazarı. It is made with only flour, milk, and butter, but the taste is immaculate. Besides, it can be stored for up to a year.


Höşmerim is a dessert that is very difficult to make, and maybe this feature is what makes it so delicious and unique. It only includes milk crème, milk, butter, and flour, but the making process is not easy. 

Beypazarı Walnut Sujuk

Turkish sujuk comes in various sizes, flavors, and shapes, but perhaps the most delicious one is the walnut sujuks. Walnut sujuks are sweet (and vegetarian) in comparison to the regular sujuks made from meat. The secret of the Beypazarı Walnut Sujuk is the walnuts grown at the Beypazarı vineyards.

Shopping in Beypazarı

Shopping can be very fun at touristic destinations, and so it is at Beypazarı. The first place that comes to mind when shopping and Beypazarı are used in the same sentence is the Beypazarı Bazaar. You can find many handicrafts works there. 

Another place you can visit in Beypazarı is the Gümüşçüler Bazaar, where you can find all things related to silver. Keep in mind that on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, there are weekly bazaars are present where you can buy local food such as handmade jam, bread, and walnut sujuks. You can find lots of locally handmade products there as well.

Events in Beypazarı

Throughout the year, you can encounter various events held in Beypazarı. To have a unique experience in the town, it is highly recommended to participate in them if you happen to be there when they are occurring. The following are some of the events that take place in Beypazarı.

Beypazarı Sledding Festival

The Beypazarı Sledding Festival takes place in February at the Karaşar Kirazyanı Plateau, which is 30 kilometers away from the town. If you would like to participate in this festival, you can use the free transportation services from Beypazarı.

If you happen to be in Beypazarı while this festival is taking place, it is highly recommended to participate. You will be not only able to sled through the Karaşar Kirazyanı Plateau, but you will be able to have lots of fun. This festival includes children’s games, contests, and shows. If you want to have a one-of-a-kind day while you are in Beypazarı, then you must join this festival. 

International Beypazarı Festival

At International Beypazarı Festival, you will have the opportunity to be introduced to various local foods and handicrafts from all around Turkey. This festival aims to create an environment where the cultures are introduced to the participants. Besides, there are many events included in this festival, such as souvenir stands, folklore dances, exhibitions, stand-up comedies, concerts, animation shows, and many more.

Havuç ve Güveç (Carrot and Casserole) Festival

Another unique festival that takes place at Beypazarı is the Carrot and Casserole Festival, or Historic Houses, Handicraft, Carrot and Casserole Festival which is the full name. This festival is conducted on Junes, and it is a festival for introducing cultures. The festival includes many events such as concerts, folklore dances, firework shows, and other entertainment activities. Besides, the traditional dishes and desserts of Beypazarı will be sold at the festival. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know Beypazarı culture better while having fun.

Where to Stay in Beypazarı?

Accommodation in the destinations you visit is a great destination of any given trip. Luckily, you can find a nice place to stay in Beypazarı. There are full pension hotels where you can find everything, thermal hotels to treat yourself, and pensions at historic houses for the best accommodation experience in Beypazarı. You can find a place for every budget and every requirement for yourself at Beypazarı.

How long to spend in Beypazarı?

Beypazarı is a great touristic place that can offer you a pleasant stay and experience. You can have a detailed exploration of Beypazarı only in three days if you have nice planning, but Beypazarı is also a popular destination for daily trips. In other words, how long you will spend in Beypazarı is highly related to which places you want to visit and how long you want to spend in every destination, but you can finish exploring Beypazarı in three days under normal conditions. 

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