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Many couples prefer Istanbul for their honeymoon since the city has many options for newly married couples. In fact, some historical legends (especially about Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower) contribute to the romantic ambiance of Istanbul in some manner.

For someone who does not know the city well, it might be challenging to choose what can be a convenient and unique activity to do on a honeymoon. Today, I will share with you the best romantic ideas for a honeymoon in Istanbul.

Private Yacht Tour in Bosphorus

One of the most romantic things you can do in Istanbul is a Bosphorus tour on a private yacht. What will be the concept of this yacht tour is completely up to you. You can arrange a dinner, wine and dine evening, or late night trip with your significant other in Bosphorus.

People who rent private yachts typically prefer nighttime when all the Bosphorus bridges and the whole of Istanbul open their lights. However, the yacht tour would be remarkable in sunset and sunrise, too.

Private Yacht Tour in Bosphorus

Depending on the yacht firm you choose, you can have different options. You might stop by a swimmable shore to jump off of the yacht, get to the mouth of the Black Sea, or pass in front of some historical landmarks around the Bosphorus.

The duration and destination of the yacht can be entirely up to you to arrange it depending on your tastes and preferences.

Dinner in Maiden’s Tower

There is a love story between Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower. It is a legend, but every couple in Istanbul must-visit Maiden’s Tower and Galata Tower, especially if a honeymoon is mentioned.

Beyond the love legend, Maiden’s Tower itself has a convenient ambiance for special events and romantic dinners. Instead of dining in a random place, it would be a more convenient honeymoon move to prefer Maiden’s Tower.

Dinner in Maiden’s Tower

The restaurant in Maiden’s Tower is scenic and picturesque. It is crucial to make a reservation prior to your visit to make sure that you have a nice place to sit. To get to the restaurant (and Maiden’s Tower), you will need a boat. While transportation is possible with public transportation, you can rent a private boat to get there for extra romanticism.

Getting inside Maiden’s Tower is also an option before and after your dinner. Maiden’s Tower has a historical significance which can enrichen your experience there.

Visiting Galata Tower

Just like Maiden’s Tower, Galata Tower is a symbol of love in Istanbul. Insomuch that, legend says that a couple who climbs to Galata Tower would end up together forever, no matter what happens (only valid if it is the first time climbing to Galata Tower for both parties).

Visiting Galata Tower

Galata Tower offers a 360° panoramic view of Istanbul. The Tower is in the right place and right height to be able to see the whole city from one point. The view is known to be good in all seasons, all weathers, and all times. However, many people prefer it at sunrise or sunset.

Galata Tower is a popular destination to take romantic pictures, too. Doing a mini photoshoot with the Istanbul view in the background can help you to immortalize your honeymoon.

Additionally, Galata Tower has a restaurant in which you can eat your lunch or dinner with the panoramic view of Istanbul, which can be a good option for romanticism.

Turkish Bath for Couples

Turkish bath is one of the most important cultural assets of Turkey. This tradition goes back to the Roman and Byzantine periods, around the 7th century. And today, it is still a part of the culture and all the bucket lists of “must-do things in Turkey.”

Turkish Bath for Couples

In the most basic words, the Turkish bath can be explained as a public bathing place in the Islamic world, and it is known for the steam bath. You can expect lots of steam and hot water from a Turkish bath.

Generally, people tend to explain Turkish bath as a “spa day.” While it might be true, it is safe to say that the experience will be quite different from a spa.

You should keep in mind that not all Turkish baths in Istanbul would offer couples Turkish baths since there is a strict policy of women and men areas being different. However, you can easily find Turkish baths with a couple of treatments, too.

There are traditional, modern, and luxurious Turkish baths in Istanbul. Depending on your budget, tastes, and preferences, you can find the appropriate Turkish bath yourself.

If you want a more romantic Turkish bath, you might want to look for places where you can decorate the place and personalize it depending on your wants.

Bicycle Tour in Prince Islands

Typically, Prince Islands are preferred for phaetons, but it is possible to have an entertaining honeymoon without animal exploitation. A bicycle tour in Prince Islands is a romantic date idea with your significant other.

In general, the ambiance of the Prince Islands is pretty different from the remainder of Istanbul. Prince Islands consists of a string of 9 islands. However, the ferries in Istanbul go to only the biggest four islands.

Each island has different landmarks, views, and activities to do. There are no kinds of motorized vehicles permitted on islands and a nostalgic atmosphere all over there.

Bicycle Tour in Prince Islands

Prince Islands are typically preferred by those who want to escape from the noise and crowd of the city, even for a little while. You should keep in mind that the calmness of the islands is only there on weekdays; on weekends, the islands might be as crowded as the island itself.

Moreover, Prince Islands include many restaurants, boutiques for shopping, cafés, and other places to visit. Visiting Büyükada Tabiat Park (Büyükada Nature Park), Adalar Museum, and Aya Yorgi Church while in the Prince Islands is highly recommended both by tourists and island locals.

Among the sights, the most recommended landmark from the visitors is typically Aya Yorgi Church. Due to the great inclination, it is nearly impossible to use bicycles to get to Aya Yorgi Church. The journey there would be more like a hike instead of a walk.

Aya Yorgi is a small church, yet, many people state that it is fascinating. It is also possible that after a long and tiring hike, the church itself seems like a reward. Near Aya Yorgi Church, you can find a little café to catch your breath and get something to drink, too.

Lastly, the island locals are known for their hospitality, welcoming, and friendly, which contributes to the island experience for many people.

Watching Sunrise in Golden Horn Park

Another romantic honeymoon idea to do in Istanbul is watching the sunrise in Golden Horn. It is known that watching the sunrise together is a universal romantic move. There are many destinations to witness a good sunrise in Istanbul, and Golden Horn is one of those destinations.

Due to Golden Horn’s location, it is possible to see the iconic Istanbul silhouette while the sun is going up. Moreover, the sunrise will offer an environment to take pictures too.

Tea Date in a Rooftop Café

In Turkish culture, Turkish tea plays a crucial role. A tea date in a rooftop café where you can see a Bosphorus view can be a good romantic idea for a honeymoon.

In Istanbul, there are many different rooftop cafés where you can watch the view of the Bosphorus while sipping your tea with a snack. You can consider your alternatives and choose the best option for you and your significant other.

Sightseeing Date

Another romantic honeymoon idea in Istanbul would be a sightseeing date. Given the historical significance of Istanbul, there is a chance that you are walking in front of a historical landmark even when you least expect it.

Seeing the important sights of Istanbul would both make a good activity and contribute to your overall general knowledge. There are hundreds of sights to see in Istanbul. However, the following might be the most plausible options for a romantic sightseeing date:

  • Basilica Cistern
  • St. Antonio Church
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Blue Mosque

Picnic in Çamlıca Hill

Another romantic honeymoon idea would be going to a picnic with your significant other in Istanbul. One thing that would make your picnic good would be the place. Çamlıca Hill is a convenient place to have romantic picnics at.

The hill has an elevation of 288 meters, which makes it available to see the panoramic view of Istanbul. It is possible to see Beyoğlu, Marmara Sea, Prince Islands, and Golden Horn from Çamlıca Hill. At such a high point, you can even see some other mountains in different cities.

You can bring your favorite foods and beverages to have a romantic picnic at this high point of Istanbul. Watching the sunset from this point would also be a romantic honeymoon idea to do with your significant other.

Moreover, the hill includes gardens and coffee shops. Çamlıca Hill is also known to be a popular destination for long walks.

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