Best Restaurants in Istanbul with a View – Explore the Bosphorus

Istanbul’s geographic location is one of the main reasons why it was such a popular district throughout history. Not only this location helped the leaders to protect the city and use it as a means of trade, but it had also always been a “viewing area” for Sultans, Emperors, people, and today, tourists.

Given that there are not many places on earth where two continents are separated “with a view,” the Bosphorus can be described as one of the most important symbols of Istanbul if it is not already the most popular one.  

Indeed, today the Bosphorus view is one of the most significant attractions of Istanbul. There are many different points in Istanbul in which you can see the Bosphorus view, and most of them are frequented by people just because of the view.

Today, I will share the best restaurants in Istanbul with a Bosphorus view.

Vogue Restaurant

Vogue Restaurant takes place in one of the alive districts of Istanbul: Beşiktaş. The location of Vogue Restaurant allows its visitors to see a 360° view of Istanbul, which mainly focuses on the Bosphorus. The restaurant is mainly preferred due to its comprehensive view of both Bosphorus and Istanbul city.

The menu of Vogue Restaurant is described as “world cuisine,” meaning that you can find food in Vogue Restaurant from different cuisines of the world. Some of the most recommended options of Vogue Restaurant are everything from Mediterranean cuisine, sushi, and wine.

The food quality and service professionalism are high in Vogue Restaurant. While this is the case, the prices in the restaurant are above average—however, many visitors of Vogue Restaurant state that the prices are worth it.

Address: Süleyman Seba Avenue, No:92 BJK Plaza, A Blok Floor:13, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Number: (0212) 227 44 04

Divan Brasserie

Divan Brasserie is a restaurant in Bebek that is famous for its Bosphorus view and seafood. The restaurant offers a wide range of food options to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moreover, Divan Brasserie also includes vegetarian and vegan options.

Even though people prefer Divan Brasserie for the Bosphorus view, the restaurant’s interior design is quite modern and fresh, too. High food quality and professional service make Divan Brasserie a popular destination for business meetings.

Additionally, the district that Divan Brassiere takes place (Bebek) is a modern and luxurious district. Given the demographics of the district, the restaurant is typically preferred by those who are more like the upper-middle class.

The design and ambiance of Divan Brassiere belong to a combination of Western and Eastern cultures and architecture. It is recommended to make a reservation prior to your visit to Divan Brassiere.

Address: Bebek Neighborhood, Cevdet Paşa Avenue No: 28/A 34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Number: +90 212 263 29 73

Chilai Restaurant

Chilai Restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Istanbul, with a Bosphorus view. The restaurant is typically preferred for special meetings and events instead of regular walk-in types of diners. The interior design and ambiance of Chilai Restaurant are highly elite and luxurious. Chilai Restaurant is by the sea, which offers a wide Bosphorus view.

Remunerating the ambiance and design, food and drinks in Chilai Restaurant are first class. The service is as professional as it gets. Even though there is not a defined dress code, the restaurant’s ambiance requires a little more than casual.

The food is above high-quality. Chilai Restaurant is mainly known for its exclusive cocktails, which are specially designed for the restaurant by knowledgeable experts. The restaurant offers food options from Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, and many other world cuisines in addition to all kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Regarding the nightlife, Chilai Restaurant is a frequented place by both the city locals and tourists. Moreover, the restaurant is quite convenient for fine dining. The prices are above the average, but given the quality and service, many visitors state that it is worth the price. Reservation prior to the visit is recommended.

Address: Bebek Neighborhood, Cevdetpaşa Avenue, No 60, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Number: (0212) 263 63 15

Banyan Restaurant

Banyan Restaurant is a restaurant in the center of Ortaköy, by the sea. The restaurant mainly offers Asian and Thai food. There is a wide range of alcoholic beverage options, and the cocktails are highly recommended by visitors.

Banyan Restaurant also offers an open-air terrace for the full Bosphorus experience. Depending on where you are sitting in the restaurant, it is also possible to see the Ortaköy Mosque (one of the most popular mosques in Istanbul). The staff is highly knowledgeable and professional.

Given the décor and ambiance of the restaurant, it is typically preferred for special events and business meetings, too. However, the restaurant is also preferred by those who just want to wine and dine by the Bosphorus.

Address: Yıldız Muallim Naci Avenue &, Salhane Street No:3, 34347 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Number: +90 212 259 90 60

Sunset Grill & Bar

Sunset Grill & Bar is located in Ulus Park, which had been said to have the best view of Istanbul. The restaurant has a big terrace in which you can watch the whole Bosphorus at any time of the day (between 12:00 pm and 02:00 am).

Sunset Grill & Bar is the first restaurant in Istanbul to open a sushi bar, and it is mainly popular for its sushi. However, the restaurant also offers a wide range of food options from Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and other world cuisines.

The restaurant also has all kinds of alcoholic beverage options, from beer to high-end wine bottles. The restaurant is open until 02:00 am, which makes it a convenient destination for nightlife.

The ambiance and design of Sunset Grill & Bar are luxurious and modern. Given that the restaurant is highly frequented by both locals and tourists, it is highly recommended to make a reservation several days prior to your visit if you want a table that would see the Bosphorus view.

Address: Kuruçeşme Neighborhood, Yol Street, Ulus Park No 2, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Number: (0212) 287 03 57

Safran Restaurant

To have a wider view of Bosphorus, one needs to be at a higher point. Safran Hotel takes place on the top floor of the Intercontinental hotel, which is a convenient point to see a comprehensive and panoramic view of the Bosphorus.

The restaurant is known for its authentic atmosphere and delicious food. Insomuch that, the restaurant was awarded by the Academie Internationale de la Gastronomie for its Turkish and Ottoman cuisine dishes.

The design of Safran Restaurant is designed in a way to see Bosphorus in all points of it. Many people prefer to visit Safran Restaurant around sunset to witness the sun going down in Bosphorus; however, the view also attracts people at nighttime.

Safran Restaurant is known to be a luxurious and modern restaurant, insomuch that there is a warning on the restaurant’s website asking for guests not to wear “slippers, training outfit, shorts, etc.”

Between 7 pm to 10 pm, Safran restaurant offers traditional Turkish live music.

Address: Gümüşsuyu Neighborhood Asker Ocağı Avenue No:1 Floor 15/B, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Number: (0212) 368 44 44

Aqua Restaurant

Aqua Restaurant takes place in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beşiktaş. Even though the restaurant is famous for its Italian cuisine food, there is a wide range of options from sushi to Turkish cuisine.

The restaurant is by the Bosphorus, which allows a wide view. The restaurant is typically preferred for romantic events such as proposals and anniversaries. Given the atmosphere and view, it can also be convenient for any kind of professional meeting and event.

Food quality and service are known to be professional. Beyond the Italian cuisine, the seafood of Aqua Restaurant is also popular and preferred. Breakfast, lunch, and fine dining options are available.

Address: Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus, Yıldız Neighborhood, Çırağan Avenue, No: 28, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Number: +90552 381 11 11

360 Istanbul

Another restaurant to get the full Istanbul view from a high point is possible in 360 Istanbul. The restaurant had been awarded multiple gastronomy awards. It is located in a historical building in Beyoğlu, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul.

360 Istanbul offers dishes from all around the world; however, it is mainly known for its Turkish cuisine dishes. The restaurant only offers lunch and dinner. Fine dining options are available in 360 Istanbul.

Given the ambiance, service quality, and width of the food options, 360 Istanbul is frequented by those who want a romantic dinner, a professional business meeting, or a nice place to go with guests.

The restaurant is open until 02:00 am, which makes it a convenient place for nightlife events as well. There is a wide range of alcoholic beverage options and high-end wine bottles. On certain days and hours, the restaurant offers entertainment activities as well.

It is highly recommended to make a reservation prior to your visit, especially if you want a sport with a good view.

Address: Tomtom Neighborhood, İstiklal Avenue, No 163, Floor 8, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

Number: +90533 691 03 60

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