Best Resorts in Turkey for Couples: Having Your Honeymoon in Turkey

Traveling as a couple can be quite an outstanding experience if you know where to go and what to do. It can be just a summer vacation, a honeymoon, or a little escapade to get away from the daily stress. At this point, it is crucial to know which destinations are worth seeing and most convenient for couples, given that it will be different than a regular family trip or friend group vacation. 

In those terms, Turkey is a pretty popular destination to visit as a couple. In general, Turkey has lots of opportunities and destinations to visit regardless of who you are with or even alone. However, you should be knowledgeable about what are the best places to go, what are the best experiences you can try during your time in Turkey, etc. 

Since you are traveling with your partner, you would want something outstanding than the “just average.” Today, I am here to give you a list of the best resorts in Turkey for couples for your vacation, honeymoon, or any reason to visit Turkey with your partner. Of course, your expectations from resorts might depend according to what you like and don’t, so it would be best to read them all carefully and decide according to your taste.

Antalya Resorts

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers, if it’s not already the most important one. The weather, cultural heritage, and the abundance of activities to do in Antalya make it a popular destination to visit, especially in the summertime. Given that Antalya has this much demand, the city is entirely developed regarding summer tourism, which creates the most optimal environment for outstanding resorts. 

Antalya Resorts

In fact, Antalya, in general, is a frequented destination by couples itself. You can have romantic dates, entertaining activities, and the best time of your life. The following are some of the best Antalya resorts for couples. 

Tui Blue

Located in the Belek district of Antalya, Tui Blue is a luxurious and modern resort to stay. The rooms are known for being spacious, and some rooms have access to the private beach. The visitors often state that they can find everything they need to have both in their rooms and the resort in general. The resort has an adults-only policy, so it can be a good idea for those who do not enjoy the company of people’s children on their vacation. 

Indeed, the resort offers all kinds of services, including but not limited to an outdoor pool, indoor pool, massage center, hammam, bars, couple massages, shops, and laundry service. In general, Tui Blue is known for being a honeymoon destination, but many couples who are not on honeymoon prefer it as well. Languages spoken in the resort by staff are English, German, Russian, and Turkish. 

Address: Bogazak Neighborhood, Mehmet Akif Square, 29 Street. No: 9, Bogazkent 07552 Turkey

Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa

Porto Bello is a resort located in one of the most frequented destinations of Antalya, Konyaaltı. The resort is by the beach, which happens to be one of the longest beaches on the Mediterranean coast. The district is also known for being pretty close to the city center. 

Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa is a romantic destination to stay with your partner and have a good couples vacation. There are all kinds of different rooms offered in Porto Bello Hotel Resort & Spa, including but not limited to senior suites, junior suites, family rooms, and handicapped rooms. 

Moreover, the hotel offers a wide range of services and opportunities, including but not limited to a heated indoor pool, outdoor pool, children club for those who want to bring their children, beach volleyball, and so on. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, and clubs available in the hotel, offering its residents an outstanding Antalya experience. 

There are also different facilities in the resort where couples can have fun and spend time together, such as a spa center, aqua gym, skincare, and Turkish bath. 

Address: Liman Neighborhood, 1. Street. No: 4A-4B Konyaalti Beach, Antalya 07070 Turkey

Bodrum Resorts

Bodrum is another major tourism center of Turkey, and it is known for its young and alive population. Even though all tourism centers have a young population, Bodrum is primarily known for young people coming there to have fun. In general aspects, Bodrum can be a better idea for those who want to focus on having fun on their couples trip.

Indeed, there are many activities to do in Bodrum to make your vacation remarkable. Up to that, if you could find the most convenient resort to stay in, the vacation can be unforgettable. The following are the best Bodrum resorts for couples.

The Bodrum Edition

The Bodrum Edition is a top-rated resort in one of the most famous areas of Bodrum, Yalıkavak. The resort is known for its exclusive and modern atmosphere, offering an outstanding experience for couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon or vacations in general.  Moreover, The Bodrum Edition offers private cabanas for those who want to stay away from the crowd and only have their time for themselves. 

Some of the facilities the resort offers are bars, a nightclub, a dining venue that is open 24/7, a pool, and meeting rooms. It is known that the chefs in the resort are highly skilled, and you can find dishes from lots of different cuisines around the world. The beach area is optimally designed to get the most enjoyable experience from the Aegean coast. 

The staff is known for being highly professional and friendly. The resort hosts various events throughout the year, and you may want to check the calendar if you want to attend.

Address: Dirmil Neighborhood, Balyek Square No 5A, Yalikavak 48990 Turkey

Salmakis Resort & Spa Bodrum

Another famous resort in Bodrum for couples takes place in a frequented cove named Bardakci Cove. In fact, Salmakis Resort & Spa is one of the top resorts in Bodrum in general. The resort is family-friendly, offering a safe environment for those who want to spend their vacation in peace. 

Moreover, the resort is quite close to the city attractions and famous landmarks. There are all-inclusive packages in Salmakis Resort & Spa, which is a frequently needed option. The marina view of the resort is said to be outstanding. 

The resort is also known for its spa saloon. You and your partner can have a remarkable spa experience in the resort.

Address: Bardakci Cove, Bodrum City 48400 Turkey

Ölüdeniz / Fethiye Resorts

Ölüdeniz is an area in Fethiye, Muğla, and it is famous for its extraordinary sea. In fact, the sea is named “Ölüdeniz” (literally means “dead sea””) due to the stillness of the sea. No waves are present in the sea, makes it an optimal destination for those who want to experience water sports or don’t know how to swim. 

Moreover, the area is quite optimal for summer tourism thanks to the abundance of activities and cultural heritage of the area. In each year, millions of tourists prefer Ölüdeniz as their vacation point. The following are the best Ölüdeniz resorts for couples. 

Montana Pine Resort

Montana Pine Resort is one of the most outstanding resorts in Ölüdeniz, and it is frequented by couples both for honeymoon and vacation purposes. The resort is located on Mount Babadağ’s hillside and inside of nature. The resort is owned by a family, offering a friendly environment.

Moreover, Montana Pine Resort is known for being luxurious and modern. The accommodation is all-inclusive, meaning that you will not need to worry about anything once you arrive. The resort is known for being ultra-clean and peaceful. 

There are many facilities in Montana Pine Resort, including but not limited to pools, bars, bridal suites, other suites, mini golf, gym, table tennis, hammam (Turkish bath), spa, and steam room. 

Address: Ovacik Cove, Yasdam Square No:2, Oludeniz 48340 Turkey

Liberty Hotels Lykia 

For those who want a vacation children-free, Liberty Hotels Lykia offers an all-inclusive service. The resort is typically preferred for honeymoons, but it also makes a great deal for couples who just want to enjoy Ölüdeniz. The resort occupies a large place, offering its residents to explore Ölüdeniz and get the whole experience.

Moreover, the resort takes place in one of the most outstanding beaches of Ölüdeniz. There are all kinds of activities and nightlife events in the area, which are usually preferred for couples. If you would like, you can prefer the suites with the sea view.

The resort offers a wide range of facilities, including but not limited to an indoor pool, infinity pool, open buffet, tennis court, aerobics, entertainment staff, fitness, spa salon, private massage, and steam room. You can also use the resort’s own sunbeds and sun umbrellas.

The general atmosphere and setting in the Liberty Hotels Lykia are known for being romantic, which makes it a convenient place for proposals as well. The staff is known for being highly professional and friendly, offering the smoothest resort experience to its residents.

Address: Faralya Neighborhood. Kidrak Street 6, Oludeniz 48330 Turkey 

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