Best Destinations in Turkey for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads or those who work remotely have the freedom to live wherever they want, whenever they want. When this is the case, most digital nomads want to spend their time in the best places on the earth by considering many aspects.

When it comes to Turkey, there are various convenient destinations for digital nomads. While what makes a place convenient for digital nomads might be a controversial issue, people’s personal preferences would decide on this.

However, some categories would help me rate the destinations regarding the cost of living, activities, and comfort. So, I rated each destination with its convenience in each category to help digital nomads choose their next destination to live in Turkey.


Istanbul, the city that has the most crowded population in Turkey, takes first place in this list. Because Istanbul is a center for everything in Turkey, a digital nomad living in Istanbul can experience many things while living there, typically resulting in a more enjoyable experience.


In terms of cost of living, Istanbul is considered to be an expensive city to live in for Turkey standards in general. A person can live in Istanbul with an average income of 1500 USD per month comfortably. However, given that there are many alternatives for everything in Istanbul, it is also possible to find cheap options for whatever you may need.

Regarding activities, most people cannot name a better city for finding activities to do. There are historical landmarks, museums, natural beauties, restaurants, and cafés all over the city, offering a different and alive city experience. Besides, the abundance of cafés offers digital nomads various options to choose a place to work.

In terms of comfort, Istanbul has the average comfort level. Since living in such a metropolis might be new to some people, it would require some time to get used to the tempo of Istanbul. However, once people get used to Istanbul, it becomes more comfortable to live there, and people do not want to leave at all.

In general, Istanbul is known for being an enjoyable city for all kinds of people. The cultural diversity in the city allows everyone to find something for themselves in the best way possible. As I mentioned earlier, getting used to Istanbul requires time, but many people state that it is worth it. 


Another city in Turkey for digital nomads is İzmir. Located in the Aegean region of Turkey, İzmir is a typical Aegean territory. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is joyful and young, and there are a lot of natural beauties. Additionally, it is possible to witness the “Aegean Cuisine” people know and love all around the world.


Regarding the cost of living, İzmir is cheaper than Istanbul. It is possible to live comfortably in Izmir with an income of around 950 USD per month, with more luxury than you can get in Istanbul with the same income rate. Moreover, İzmir is a very developed city, so it is possible to find everything you may need or want in the city.

In terms of activities to do, İzmir is the third-largest city in Turkey with a significant proportion of the young population. So, the city has a lot of activities to offer its residents. Additionally, Izmir has a shore in the Aegean sea, which allows a wide range of holiday destinations.

In fact, some of the most important summer tourism centers take place in Izmir. This makes İzmir a very convenient place to get away from the city whenever one may want and explore the Aegean shores. Additionally, İzmir has a great historical and cultural heritage that physicalizes itself in the form of ancient cities and museums.  

In terms of comfort, İzmir is a welcoming place with its urban planning, people, and atmosphere in general. It is typically easier to get used to İzmir since the atmosphere is quite different from Istanbul.

In general, İzmir is known to be an enjoyable destination regardless of your purpose of visit. Millions of people enjoy living in (and visiting) İzmir, and for good reasons.

See Foça, İzmir in detail!


Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the second-largest city in Turkey. A large proportion of the city was built after Ankara became the capital city, meaning that, in general, urban planning is quite modern.


Ankara is known to be a “city ​​of officials” since the ministries take place in Ankara. Moreover, there are multiple universities in Ankara, which makes the population younger.

In terms of cost to live, Ankara can be described as an average Turkey city. One can live comfortably in Ankara with a monthly income of 850 USD. Of course, the region you want to reside in Ankara changes the necessary income to live comfortably in Ankara.

Regarding activities to do, Ankara has various convenient places. Since the city is quite big, it might take some time to find the places you enjoy. One advantage of Ankara is the abundance of common working spaces in the form of libraries and cafés dedicated to this purpose.

Moreover, Ankara has a tremendous cultural and historical heritage. There are many historical landmarks to see and natural beauties to visit. The surrounding areas of Ankara offer a great variety of historical landmarks and natural beauties, too. Additionally, Ankara is known for its extensive and extraordinary shopping centers. While it is not possible to say that each of them is good, there are some pretty good shopping centers to visit, such as AnkaMall and Taurus AVM.

In terms of comfort, Ankara is one of those places that you will need some time to get used to, especially if you are not coming from a place with a continental climate or if you are not familiar with it. The weather can be depressing sometimes, but it is an important aspect that makes Ankara the Ankara people know and love.

In general, Ankara can be a convenient place for digital nomads, with a different experience than the other ones.


While many people might find it extraordinary, the next place on this list is Trabzon, a city in the Black Sea region of Turkey. In general, cities in the Black Sea region are known to be not as developed as other big cities in Turkey, but the lifestyle and nature in the Black Sea are worth mentioning.


Regarding the cost of living, Trabzon is cheaper than both Izmir and Istanbul. It is possible to live comfortably in Trabzon with an income of 750 USD per month.

In terms of activities to do, at first glance, Trabzon may seem like it’s outdated. It neither has a vibrant life like Istanbul nor summer tourism centers like Izmir. However, Trabzon has a nature that outruns other cities in Turkey. For those who prefer a calmer, more in nature, and slow-paced lifestyle, the activities in Trabzon would be better.

Regarding comfort, Trabzon is known to be a comfortable city. The culture there is slightly different from the rest of Turkey, but you would get used to it.

In general, Trabzon is a city that is not upfront like other cities of Turkey, but it is a nice place to visit. While it might not be convenient to live in Trabzon for long periods, people strongly recommend staying there for shorter periods, like three to six months.


Another place for digital nomads in Turkey is Antalya, a Mediterranean region city. The city is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey.

In terms of cost of living, it is difficult to say something without knowing the region you are visiting. In the city center, it is possible to live comfortably with a monthly income of 800 USD. However, in tourist regions, this number can go up to 1300 USD per month.

In terms of activities to do, Antalya offers a great variety of activities. There is everything you can expect from a modern city, in addition to the touristic coast side. The coast of Antalya is quite famous with its historical landmarks, ancient cities, active life, and abundance of activities to do. For digital nomads who would like to enjoy their remote jobs with a Mediterranean climate and a view in front of them, Antalya would be the best option.

In fact, things to do in Antalya are endless. Even if you think you ran out of ideas, there is always one more path to go for a walk, one more beach to see.

Regarding comfort, Antalya is known to be a very comfortable place for both locals and visitors. Since the city is a tourism center, people there are very used to diversity, and it is difficult to detect the dominance of a single culture. However, many people state that they can immediately sense the Mediterranean people’s friendliness and hospitality.

In general, digital nomads who want a holiday-like experience with the whole opportunities of big cities might want to prefer Antalya. Moreover, Antalya is close to many other tourism destinations of Turkey, which makes it an even more convenient place for those who love to see different regions.

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