Best Breakfast in Istanbul with Sea View

One of the most loved things about Istanbul, in general, is the sea view. The Bosphorus in the middle of Asian and European continents in Istanbul not only creates significant strategic importance, but it also creates an aesthetic view.

Because of this, many people who visit Istanbul and Istanbul locals prefer places where they can see the Bosphorus and sea view in the best way possible. There are some notable restaurants that offer the view and quality service at the same time.

Indeed, there are many restaurants with a sea view in Istanbul. However, the number of restaurants with a sea view and good breakfast service is low compared to the whole restaurants by the sea.

Today, I am here to share with you the list of best restaurants with a sea view in Istanbul to have breakfast.

Kuleli Yakamoz Restaurant

Kuleli Yakamoz Restaurant takes place in the Çengelköy district of Istanbul. While Çengelköy is not a popular district in terms of attractions and living, Kuleli Yakamoz Restaurant is quite preferred, especially by Istanbul locals.

The restaurant is not dedicated to breakfast, but it is the most popular meal to have there. Kuleli Yakamoz Restaurant has a big terrace to better view the Bosphorus and has breakfast in the open air. The view in the early hours of the day is preferred by those who want to have breakfast in Kuleli Yakamoz Restaurant.

The prices in Kuleli Yakamoz Restaurant are pretty average, meaning that it is the typical price for eating in Istanbul. The restaurant offers an open buffet, parking lot, smoking area, vale, and vegan options to its visitors.

Since the restaurant is quite popular in all seasons, it is highly recommended to make a reservation prior to your visit. However, it is also possible to find a place if you randomly visit the restaurant.

Address: Çengelköy Neighborhood, Kuleli Avenue, No 69, Üsküdar, İstanbul

Number: (0216) 318 95 05

Le Vapeur Magique

Le Vapeur Magique is a restaurant located in Sirkeci, which is a district popular with historical attractions. The name of the restaurant is French, which means “The Magic Vapor” in English. Indeed, the name makes sense because the restaurant is in a steamboat, and it is not a regular restaurant.

Moreover, the steamboat does not sit still during your experience in the restaurant. While eating your breakfast, you will get to cruise around Bosphorus. In other words, Le Vapeur Magique offers a Bosphorus tour with good quality food.

Once again, the restaurant offers all kinds of food from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. However, it is famous for its breakfast options. Moreover, the breakfast options in the restaurants are pretty broad; you can taste different Turkish breakfast varieties from different regions.

Most of the visitors of Le Vapeur Magique state that the staff is very friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Given the service quality, ambiance, and food taste, the restaurant is highly preferred by both locals and tourists.

The restaurant offers vegan food options, a parking lot, and a smoking area. Moreover, it is available for crowded group events.

Since the steamboat actually departs and wanders around Bosphorus, it is crucial to be careful about the time you get there. It would be best to contact the restaurant prior to your visit to get informed about the departure times.

The cruise takes 2 hours. Moreover, Le Vapeur Magique also offers to be a host in special events such as proposals, special events, group events, and anniversaries.

Address: Sarayburnu Port, Liman Mevki Cankurtaran Neighborhood, Kennedy Avenue, Fatih, İstanbul

Number: +90545 599 46 52 / +90545 599 46 53

Sardunya Karaköy

Sardunya Karaköy takes place in Karaköy district, which is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul with its attractions and lifestyle. The restaurant is both known for its seafood and breakfast and sea view.

One of the most praised aspects of Sardunya Karaköy from the visitors is the decoration made with flowers. While watching the sea view, on the one hand, people get to see the aesthetic decoration of the restaurant.

The breakfast is only served on Sundays between 10 am and 2 pm. Given the time to go there is restricted, it only makes the demand go up.

Sardunya Karaköy’s breakfast food is said to be one of the bests in Istanbul. They offer fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and fresh fruit juices, and granola. There are many different options to create your kind of breakfast in Sardunya Karaköy.

Since the hours are limited and the restaurant’s capacity is around 300 people, it would be best to make a reservation prior to your visit to Sardunya Karaköy, especially if you want a good seat to see the sea view.

Address: Kılıçali Paşa Neighborhood, Meclis-i Mebusan Avenue, No: 22, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

Number: +90212 249 04 92 / +90212 249 10 92

Villa Bosphorus 

Villa Bosphorus takes place right under one foot of the Bosphorus Bridge, which allows a comprehensive sea view on your spot. The restaurant is famous for its breakfast as well as seafood options.

Villa Bosphorus is known to be a luxurious destination, which can be proven by the quality, design, aesthetic, view, and service. The terrace is the most popular section of Villa Bosphorus, but there are many more options to consider in the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a fireplace room, meeting room, and VIP lounge. The comprehensiveness of the options makes Villa Bosphorus a popular destination for special events, crowded meetings, and professional meetings.

The options for breakfast are said to be little yet satisfactory. In other words, even though you can find different places with more options, people state that this little option in Villa Bosphorus outruns other restaurants with its taste, quality, and service attributes.

Villa Bosphorus is mainly preferred by families and big groups, meaning that the chances of you needing a reservation prior to your visit are quite high.

Address: Beylerbeyi, Beylerbeyi İskele Avenue 18 A D:18 A, 34676 Üsküdar/İstanbul

Number: +90533 256 56 94 / +90216 318 68 10

Lokma Restaurant

Lokma Restaurant is a restaurant that is famous for its breakfast and Bosphorus view and takes place in Rumelihisarı. Most visitors of Lokma Restaurant leave the destination with satisfaction and hopes to visit there again.

The restaurant offers a wide range of breakfast food, especially Turkish cuisine breakfast varieties. It is possible to find breakfast food from all districts of Turkey. One thing that makes Lokma Restaurant a local favorite is the taste of the food. Indeed, there are many places with good breakfast food, but it has been said that Lokma Restaurant offers an extraordinary taste.

In general, the design of the restaurant is quite good and modern. However, most people prefer this restaurant for its terrace and sea view.

One difference between Lokma Restaurant and other breakfast destinations is choosing which foods you want one by one. It is a common concept to have “breakfast” options in restaurants, in which you get everything at once. However, in Lokma Restaurant, you will need to order everything one by one. While it might be a challenging duty to do, people say that it is worth it.

The most popular breakfast foods of Lokma Restaurant are börek, mıhlama, and menemen.

Address: Yahya Kemal Avenue No: 18 Rumelihisarı 34470 İstanbul

Number: +90 212 265 71 71

Rumeli Kale Café & Restaurant

Rumeli Kale Café & Restaurant takes place in Rumeli Hisarı district of Istanbul. The restaurant takes place by the sea, making it available to see a full Bosphorus and sea view.

The restaurant opens in the early morning hours, which makes it available to get breakfast at sunrise. The restaurant’s ambiance is known to be cozy and sweet rather than luxurious and modern, but it only contributes more to the experience.

The best place to see the view in Rumeli Kale Café & Restaurant is the terrace. The restaurant includes many food options from Turkish cuisine and has everything you need to have for a whole Turkish breakfast experience.

While the restaurant is not crowded in the early morning, it might be challenging to find a spot on weekends, especially at noon times.

Address: Rumelihisarı Neighborhood, Yahya Kemal Avenue, No: 10/A-B, Sarıyer, İstanbul

Number: +90212 265 00 97

Mesopotamian Terrace Restaurant

Located in the famous Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, Mesopotamian Terrace Restaurant is famous for its breakfast service and sea view. The restaurant also offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food options.

The restaurant is mainly preferred for breakfasts due to the food quality and taste. The staff is known to be friendly and professional. In addition to the sea view, the restaurant also offers Hagia Sophia sight, depending on where you are sitting.

Since Sultanahmet is a tourist attraction area, not many Istanbul locals prefer this place. This feature of Mesopotamian Terrace Restaurants leads to a calmer ambiance in comparison to its equals regarding view, service, quality, and taste.

Address: Akbiyik Avenue, Kutlugun Street No.23 Sultanahmet, Istanbul 34400 Turkey

Number: +90 212 517 81 12

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