Antalya City Guide (History, Maps, Top Attractions, Transportation)

Antalya has so many things to offer you, from holiday districts to lots of historical and natural places to visit, and overlooking the city center of Antalya might be easy while focusing on those features of Antalya. Yet, Antalya city center offers you more than you think, and some of the historical and natural beauties take place in the city center, in addition to some holiday destinations.


Where is Antalya Located on the Map of Turkey?

Antalya is located on the south side of Turkey. It has a coast to the Mediterranean Sea and takes place in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey.

About the City

Antalya is often known as the capital of tourism in Turkey due to its climate and tourism activities held here.

Climate and Vegetation of Antalya

The features of the Mediterranean climate are observed in Antalya typically. The Mediterranean climate is characterized by being hot and dry in the summertime and by being warm and rainy in the wintertime. However, in the inner parts of the city which are away from the seaside, a cold semi-continental climate could be observed as well.

The average temperature in the summertime is around 28-36 Celsius degrees. But in the noon when the sun is just above people, the temperature could increase up to 40 Celsius degrees. In the wintertime, the average temperature is about 10 to 20 Celsius degrees, and the degree rarely decreases below 0 Celsius degrees.

The climatic values of Antalya make it possible to being able to swim in the sea for 9 months of the year, and it can be said that snow is a very extraordinary thing in Antalya. The weather is bad and cloudy for only 20 to 30 days a year. With around 300 sunny days a year, Antalya is one of the most appropriate cities for tourism activities.

Antalya’s vegetation is maquis, which is characterized by dwarf trees that can be green all year long. Maquis vegetation is vegetation that appears in place of destroyed forests. In this vegetation, olives are generally grown, as they are suitable for the climate. The following are some of the most common plant types in Antalya:

  • Arbutus
  • Sandalwood
  • Wild strawberry
  • Oleander

Population of Antalya

After Antalya being a great tourism center, the population increased drastically since lots of job opportunities were available. Investments from private and public sectors play a huge role in those migrations to Antalya. Today, Antalya is the 5th city of Turkey in terms of population.

Of course, some other reasons besides tourism might have influenced the migration to Antalya, which could also be listed as the reason for the tourism activities being high.

In other words, features of Antalya having a warm climate, fruitful soils, the ease of the transportation systems are both reasons for Antalya’s high tourism activities and migration to Antalya. The education level of people in Antalya is above the average education level of people in Turkey. 

Economics of Antalya

The economics of Antalya is mostly owing to its presence in tourism, trade, and agriculture activities. Even though Antalya is considered a well-developed city of Turkey, industrial activities are below the average industrial activities in Turkey. 

The reason for industrial activities being below the average industrial activities is due to tourism and agriculture activities. It can be said that tourism and agriculture activities are at a level that there is no need for industrial activities being above the average of the industrial activities in Turkey. Since industrial activities are not so widespread in Antalya, it has fewer problems in terms of environmental pollution that comes with industrialization.

In terms of agriculture, Antalya has significance as the climate of Antalya, in addition to the fruitful Antalya Plain. Besides, agriculture in Antalya is not only an important part of the economics in Antalya but it is an important part of the general agricultural activities in Turkey. On the coast side of Antalya, fruits such as banana, avocado, and orange are grown whereas on the inner side of Antalya fruits such as apples, pear, and quince. 

Trade in Antalya is mostly alive due to tourism activities. As accommodation and resting facilities increased with the increase in the tourism activities, trading had raised as well. With the help of technology, trade in Antalya is an indispensable part of the economics in Antalya today. 

Farming, on the other hand, can be classified as the less-popular economic activity in Antalya since it is not as common as other economic activities. Even though Antalya is a city that has a coast, fishing activities are under the average of fishing activities in Turkey. 

History of Antalya

Antalya was found by Attalus II. Philadelphus, who was the Pergamon King at some point and Antalya gets its name from Attalus II. Philadelphus, as Antalya means “Attalus home”. It has been said that Attalus II. Philadelphus commanded his soldiers to find the “heaven on earth”. Subsequently, his soldiers show him Antalya and Attalus II. Philadelphus loves this region enough to build a city here.

Evidence shows that Antalya was a settlement area starting from 40 thousand years ago. However, the oldest trace of human presence in Antalya takes place in the Karain Cave, which is around 500 thousand years old. Bone remains found here from cavemen are the oldest evidence for the presence of homo sapiens in Anatolia.

Various empires ruled Antalya throughout history. The following are the name of the empires, individuals and states ruled the Antalya region, chronologically:

  • Hittite Empire
  • Pamphylia
  • Lycian Union
  • Cilicia
  • Pers
  • Alexander the Great
  • Antigonus I Monophthalmus
  • Ptolemais
  • Seleucid Empire
  • Kingdom of Pergamon
  • Roman Empire
  • Seljuk Empire
  • Ottoman Empire

Antalya lived its brightest period on the 2nd and 3rd centuries, while it was named Pamphylia. Towards the 5th century, the city started to lose its glory. While this region was under the rule of Eastern Rome (as known as Byzantine), it joined the land of Turks by the Seljuk Empire in the year 1207.

Evliya Çelebi, who was a traveler and writer, mentioned that there are 4 neighborhoods and 3 thousand houses inside of the castle and 24 neighborhoods outside of the castle, in his writings from the second half of the 17th century.

On the walls of the Kaleiçi district of Antalya, which is majorly cleared away, the traces of the Hellenistic period, Ottoman period, and Byzantine period can be observed. Inside of those walls, there are around 3 thousand houses.

Getting to Antalya

There are various ways to get to Antalya according to your starting point. You can get to Antalya by bus, by plane, or by car.

By Plane

There are two airports in Antalya province, one of them is named Antalya Airport, and the other one is named Gazipaşa – Alanya Airport. If you want to get to Antalya city center, then choosing Antalya Airport would be much wiser since it is closer to Antalya city center. Gazipaşa-Antalya airport is 175km (108 miles) away from Antalya city center. 

You can find various shuttles from Antalya Airport that would take you to the city center. Additionally, you can take the city bus named “300” from Antalya Airport which will take you to Antalya bus station and get to the city center from there as well. 

You can find lots of flights from most of the cities in Turkey to Antalya Airport including İzmir, Ankara, Antalya, and Adana in addition to lots of international flights from most European and Middle Eastern countries. During the summer months, Antalya Airport is the second busiest airport in Turkey after İstanbul Airport.

If there are no direct flights to Antalya where you would like to depart, a connecting flight via İstanbul is probably the best option.

By Bus

Getting to Antalya from other cities in Turkey is always an option. Lots of big cities in Turkey have buses that go directly to Antalya. The following are the approximate travel time from different cities to Antalya by bus:

From Istanbul: Around 12 hours

From İzmir: Around 7 hours

From Ankara: Around 8 hours

From Adana: Around 11 hours

From Mugla: Around 5 hours

From Cappadocia: Around 8 hours.

Urban Transportation

There are various options for urban transportation while you are in Antalya including buses, tram, and minibuses. To use the tram and the buses, you need to get an Antalya Kart first which will serve as your ticket in those urban transportation vehicles. 

You need to put money to Antalya Kart as much as you need. The full price for the bus and the tram for one use is 3.20 Turkish liras (as of March 2021). The fee of the minibusses depends on where you want to go.

Top Things to do in Antalya

As I mentioned earlier, the options when it comes to things to do in Antalya, choosing could be overwhelming. However, there are some things that most people enjoy doing while in Antalya and can be listed under the name of top things to do in Antalya.

Kaleiçi (Old Town)

Kaleiçi is the name of the city center of Antalya that takes place in the Muratpaşa district. The reason Kaleiçi is also as known as the old town is that you can see the traces of history in Kaleiçi whether if it’s on the streets or the buildings.

Kaleiçi area must be on your to-do list in Antalya for sure. You can see various old houses with amazing architectural values, a castle by the port, restaurants, and cafes in which you can find delicious and traditional food, and so on.

Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian’s Gate is one of the most unique structures in the Kaleiçi region of Antalya. It was built approximately 2000 years ago, for the memory of the Roman Emperor’s visit to the city. 

Hadrian’s Gate is a monumental gate, and it is one of the remains that is well preserved from the walls surrounding the Kaleiçi district. Today it is one of the most popular destinations among tourists in Kaleiçi. The gate has 3 eyes, and an inscription is written in the Latin language.


Leaving Antalya without visiting at least one beach would be such deviant behavior. Antalya’s beach is some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Region, and it is not exaggerating. As I mentioned earlier, Antalya’s climate allows you for swimming most of the year.

Especially, beaches are preferred when you are burning from the sun in the summertime. It would be both fun and refreshing for you. Besides, I cannot think of a better tanning center than Antalya beaches. The following are some of the options you can choose from if you want to visit beaches in the Antalya city center.

Mermerli Beach

While you are in Antalya city center, Mermerli beach could be a true lifesaver with its closeness to the city center. It is only 10 minutes of driving away from the city center. Even if you do not have plans to get to a beach while you are in the Antalya city center, you can make a last-minute plan to the beach and get here.

Lara Public Beach

Lara public beach was the most popular beach of Antalya city center, and still today it is one of the most preferred beaches in Antalya city center. It is relatively further from those two beaches I mentioned earlier but getting there would not cause a problem for you.

İnciraltı Public Beach

Lara Beach

İnciraltı public beach takes place next to the Lara public beach, by the cliffs. Even though it is a public beach, it is considered as one of the places where you can get some headrest in the city center.

Konyaaltı Public Beach

Another beach which is only 10 minutes of driving away from the city center is the Konyaaltı public beach. It is relatively rockier in comparison to other beaches, but it is a price to pay to be on this wonderful beach. Konyaaltı public beach is known for having the longest coastline in Antalya. 

Konyaaltı public beach is close to car traffic, and it consists of 5 beaches within. All of those 5 beaches have been awarded the blue flag which represents the European standard for beaches.

Antalya Museum

Antalya Museum is a museum with 30 square meters of surface area where you can find remaining that were saved after the looting in the area on World War II. The museum was built on the year 1922, and it had its final placement in the year 1972.

Antalya Museum is a museum in which you can find the historical artifacts from 3 important cultural regions that were in Antalya at some point: Lycia, Pamphylia, and Pisidia. Antalya Museum has the feature of being both an archeology museum and a history museum, with different rooms.

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium is one of the world’s biggest aquariums, and it is the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. You can explore the underwater world at its best, in addition to so many more activities. There is an area in Antalya aquarium named Snow World & Ice Museum where you can play with real snow, in addition to seeing the tropical world in the WildPark and traveling the world seas in the Ocenride XD Cinema.

Famous Historic Mosques and Madrassas in Antalya City Center

If you are interested in seeing some Islamic architecture masterpieces, you can find various historic mosques and madrassas in the Antalya city center.

Yivliminare Mosque

Yivliminare Mosque is one of the most significant structures of Antalya, which is located in Antalya city center. It is also known as the “Antalya Grand Mosque”. It is one of the first Islamic structures in Antalya. 

The minaret of Yivliminare Mosque is a unique structure that attracts thousands of tourists annually as it has a grooved structure. Such that, the name of the mosque is “Yivli”, which means grooved in Turkish. 

Kesik Minaret Mosque

Another famous historic mosque that takes place in Antalya city center is Kesik (means incision in Turkish) Minaret Mosque. It has a rich history which makes it historically significant. Today, you can visit the Kesik Minaret Mosque in the Kaleiçi district of Antalya.

Initially, this structure was built as a basilica in the Byzantine period for the memory of the Virgin Mary. The pieces of an ancient temple were used on the construction of this basilica named “Pagani Church”. In the 7th and 9th centuries, the church was exposed to some occupations and restorations. The church transformed into a mosque in the Seljuks period. On the occupation of Peter I., the mosque transformed into a church once again. 

Finally, the church transformed into a mosque again by II. Bayezid’s son, Prince Korkut. As he transformed the church into a mosque, the mosque is today known as Korkut Mosque as well. You can observe the traces of both the Byzantine period and Seljuks period on this mosque today.

Kesik Minaret Mosque was being widely used until a fire that harmed it greatly in the 1880s. After the fire, the mosque is, unfortunately, would not be able to serve as a prayer center for Muslims again. It gets the name kesik (incision) due to the loss of a part of the minaret on the fire.

Murat Pasha Mosque

Murat Pasha Mosque is a historic mosque that takes place in the Muratpaşa district of Antalya. It was built on the Ottoman period, in the year 1570, to be more specific. However, you can observe calligraphy that belongs to the Seljuks period on the Murat Pasha Mosque. 

There is an ongoing conflict about which Murat Pasha built this mosque since different source points out different Murat Pashas. It has a nice architectural design that is loved among tourists and local people, and it is highly recommended to visit.

İskele Mosque

Iskele Mosque is the smallest mosque in Antalya. Since it is located in a very central place, most of the people pass by this small mosque without even noticing what are they passing by. The area of the İskele Mosque is only 46 square meters. It has a hexagonal structure and although it has a simple architecture, it is an interesting building.

Iskele Mosque was built by Kenan Pasha and Şakir Bey on the year 1903, yet some sources show that there was a different mosque from the Seljuks in the exact area where the Iskele Mosque is located.

Düden Waterfall

Düden Waterfall is one of the most popular natural beauties of Antalya, where you can be in nature and spend some quality time. If you are bored from the noise and the crowd of the city, then you must include Düden waterfall on your to-do list in Antalya. Besides, it is only 10 kilometers away from the Antalya city center.


Perge is the name of the ancient city which takes place 17 kilometers away from the Antalya city center, and it is another popular tourist destination that is highly recommended to visit while in Antalya. Perge carries a great significance for Christianity and the spreading of Christianity as well.

It is known that Perge was an ancient city that hosted Hittites and the Roman Empire throughout history. Today, the well-preserved theatre of Perge is the most popular structure which is worth seeing.

Kurşunlu Waterfall

Kurşunlu waterfall is another natural beauty of Antalya, which takes place in a gorgeous canyon. It is known for its rich fauna and flora where you can observe various plant and animal species. It is a great destination for nature lovers to get away with for some headrest. 

You can go on hiking, ride a bicycle, bird watching in the Kurşunlu waterfall in addition to watching the amazing view from the terraces. If you have children with you, there are some playgrounds for them in the Kurşunlu waterfall as well.

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat waterfall is a waterfall that offers you more than nature itself by allowing you to engage in various water sports. Of course, the fauna, flora, and natural beauties of Manavgat waterfall cannot be overlooked. You can see various animal species in Manavgat waterfall including birds and fishes.

If you want to spend your day in the Manavgat waterfall, it would not be a problem as there are lots of recreative areas where you can find cafes, restaurants, and resting facilities.

Köprülü Canyon

Another natural beauty of Antalya where you can get away from the busy city life is the Köprülü Canyon. You can do various activities in the Köprülü Canyon including hiking, rafting, other water sports since Köprüçay River, which is the river that takes place next to Köprülü Canyon has a high flow rate.

Conglomerate rocks in the Köprülü Canyon are a unique area where you can feel like you are in a scene of the movie Avatar, insomuch that it is also referred to as Avatar rocks due to its similarity to the Avatar’s scenes. Additionally, the fauna and the flora of the Köprülü Canyon are enough to take your breath away.


Aspendos is another ancient city in Antalya known for the most well-preserved ancient theatre of all Mediterranean Region. Aspendos was a very developed city due to its fruitful soil and closeness to important trade centers. Today, the most popular structures of Aspendos ancient city are the theatre and the waterways.

The theatre and the waterways are quite significant structures due to their architectural properties and their historical value. Those structures attract thousands of tourists annually, and they are definitely worth seeing.


Temple of Apollo in Side

Side was the most important trade center of Pamphylia, and luckily you have the chance to visit this gorgeous ancient city on your trip to Antalya. The first settlement in Side ancient city goes back to 7th century BC, and the 6th century BC is marked as the century where Side ancient city became under the rule of the Lycian Union with all of the Pamphylia.

You can feel the history to your bones while you are in Side ancient city since a city that witnessed so much history cannot hide it from you. If you like history, or you just want to be in someplace interesting, then Side ancient city is the best option for you. 

Day Trips from Antalya

Even if you want to spend your trip in the Antalya city center and accommodate there, missing out on other beauties and activities that Antalya offers you would be sad. Luckily, there are some places in which you can get in the morning, spend your day there, and come back to your hotel or home in the evening. This way, you will both enjoy and experience fully and stay in your comfy city center accommodation. The following are some of the day trip ideas from Antalya city center.

Lycian Way

Lycian Way is sometimes referred to as the most beautiful walking path on the earth, and if you ask me it is not an exaggerated sentence to say. Indeed, Lycian Way was chosen as one of the best 10 walking paths in the world in addition to being chosen as one of the 50 walking paths that have the most beautiful view. 

On this 555-kilometer-long way, you can participate in various activities (you do not have to walk all 555 kilometers of the way). Lycian Way is only 36.8 kilometers away from the Antalya city center, which is the equivalent of approximately 45 minutes of driving. As the distance between Antalya city center and Lycian Way is short, it makes it a perfect destination for a day trip.


Alanya is one of the first things that comes to mind when someone mentions the words holiday and Antalya together. It is a beautiful, gorgeous district of Antalya which is 133.4 kilometers away from Antalya city center. 

There are lots of activities to choose from in Alanya when it comes to day trips. You can participate in boat tours in which you can explore the beautiful Mediterranean Sea or jeep safari tours in which you have the opportunity to be in nature. Of course, just wandering around in Alanya and seeing what it has to offers you is a great option as well. 


Kemer is another perfect day trip option from Antalya city center both with its opportunities and closeness to Antalya city center. It has a blue-flagged beach that represents European standards and cleanness. Besides, there are ancient cities in Kemer that you can visit in addition to other activities you can participate in. You have the opportunity to swim 9 months of the year in Kemer due to the climatic values as well. 


Olympos is known as one of the best places to be with nature and get some headrest in Antalya. Luckily, you have the chance to get away from the city for a day and then go back to it while you are in Antalya. It is 85 kilometers away from the Antalya city center. Thousands of tourists include Olympos on their agenda annually. Besides, if you are lucky enough you can witness Carretta carettas leaving their eggs on the beach in Olympos.


Kaş is important not only to be an important tourist attraction but by witnessing so many important events throughout history. Besides, it is the 4th biggest district of Antalya in terms of surface area. It is 190 kilometers away from the Antalya city center. You can spend a day in Kaş to lose yourself in history, in addition to various fun activities, it offers to you.

Patara Ancient City and Beach

Patara is the name of one of the ancient cities in Antalya, and it is one of the most significant ancient cities. Additionally, there is a beach named Patara near Patara Ancient City as well. This means that on your day trip to Patara you will get the best of both worlds by exploring a wonderful historical ancient city and soaking in the sun by the beach. The distance between Patara and Antalya city center is around 220 kilometers.

Xanthos Ancient City

Another impressive ancient city in Antalya is Xanthos Ancient City. Besides, it is one of UNESCO’s World Heritages. The history of the Xanthos Ancient City is worth reading, and the Xanthos Ancient City is worth seeing. You cannot know what you are missing until you visit this magical ancient city, so make sure that you planned your trip here. Xanthos Ancient City is approximately 213 kilometers away from Antalya city center

What to Eat in Antalya?

Food options on your holiday might be overwhelming since there are hundreds of options to choose from. Yet, choosing traditional food is highly recommended since you can eat other food at any other time as well. But why not eat the traditional food of Antalya and experience the city a little bit more, while tasting some delicious Mediterranean food?

Antalya Bean Salad

Antalya bean salad is one of the signature dishes of Antalya. Even though bean salads are common pretty much everywhere, the Antalya bean salad is different from your regular bean salad and unfortunately, you can only have this taste in Antalya. Different from regular bean salads, Antalya bean salad is known for including tahini.

Artichoke Crete Kebab

There is a high chance that you have been associated with kebab with Turkey, but what about the artichoke Crete kebab of Antalya? This dish is not a popular dish among other regions as it is in the Antalya region. 

It is known that artichoke Crete kebab is originated in Greece (as you can infer from its name), and today it is one of the most loved dishes of Antalya. You must try it out while you are in Antalya. It can be made with meatballs or cubed meat.

Stuffed Laba

Stuffed laba is a type of lamb ribs, and it is another famous food of the Antalya region. It is typically cooked on special occasions in Antalya.

Hülüklü Soup

Hülüklü soup is a type of soup that is widely consumed in the Antalya region. Besides being very delicious, it is also nutritious as well. It includes chicken, yogurt, and garlic. There is another version of the hülüklü soup in which chickpeas, tomato paste, and meatballs are included.


Cive is a type of dish from the Antalya region that people typically confuse as an appetizer. Even though it is looking like an appetizer, it is consumed as a main dish in Antalya. It can be made with rice of choice, tomatoes, and vegetables. 

Gökçesu Pilaf

Gökçesu pilaf is a dish that is mainly made from rice. Even though rice meals are pretty common in Turkey, the ingredients of rice meals are more or less the same. Yet, Gökçesu pilaf is different from other rice pilafs by having chickpeas, dills, parsleys, and carrots.

Bergamot Jam

Overall, Antalya’s jams are pretty popular. But, the one flavor, bergamot jam, is so good that you would want to buy hundreds of jars to take your homeland. Do not leave Antalya without trying the bergamot jam!


Hibeş is one of the first foods that would come to mind as Antalya cuisine is mentioned. It can be consumed both as a dip and as an appetizer. Sometimes it is compared with hummus, yet those two have some differences as well. Hibeş is made from tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and some other spices.

Sometimes hibeş is used as a dressing for chicken, meat, and pasta meals. Besides, some prefer eating hibeş on a slice of bread or use it as a dip for their chips. Anyways, it is so delicious.

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Another dish that is highly associated with Antalya is stuffed squash blossoms. Saying that stuffed squash blossoms are a traditional food of Antalya would not be fair since it is a food which is quite popular in all Mediterranean Region. Yet, it is among the dishes that you must try while you are in Antalya.

Nightlife in Antalya

There are various options to choose from for every sense of entertainment in Antalya. Whether if you want to spend your night in a crowded disco, or you just want to sit and talk with your significant other, you can always find something that would work for you in Antalya. It can be said that the nightlife in Antalya is pretty live and fun.

There are lots of clubs in Antalya, in addition to pubs and discos. Especially, those places are getting their peak in terms of the crowd in the summertime. In addition to those clubs, discos, and pubs, you can find taverns, cafes with live music, or ballad bars. 

There are places in Antalya for all kinds of music tastes. It does not matter if you like rock, techno, or folk music, there is always a place for you. If you do not like to go to bed early, in other words, if you want to party all night and sleep all day, there are discos where you can dance until the morning as well.

Shopping in Antalya

Shopping in Antalya could be a lot of fun if you know where to go. Of course, there are lots of shopping malls in Antalya where you can find everything. But if you want something special that would remind you of your holiday in Antalya, then shopping malls could not be the best option. Still, you need to get to the shopping centers if you need something from there.

The most popular shopping destination in Antalya is the Kaleiçi district, such that, there is a square in the Kaleiçi district which is separated for selling souvenirs. You can find almost everything in the Kaleiçi district as well. If you want to buy some authentic carpets as a gift or for decorating your home, the Kaleiçi district is the right destination for you. 

In addition to the authentic carpets, you can find various antique belongings, handmade silver jewelry, and many products made of leather. Antalya is known for its leather products as well. Additionally, there is a covered market area with around 760 stores in it in Antalya as well.  

Events in Antalya

A city which is loved and visited so much had to be hosting some annual events. Regardless of your time of visitation in Antalya, there is a high chance of you can encounter a unique event while in Antalya. Events in Antalya include art, culture, movie, music, sports festivals and so many more. The following are some of the events that annually take place in Antalya.

Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival

Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival is a great opportunity for you to experience ballet and opera as if you were living in ancient times. It takes place every year since 1994 in the Aspendos ancient theatre, in June and July. Various ballet and opera companies from different countries participate in this festival annually. 

International Antalya Piano Festival

International Antalya Piano Festival is the hidden treasure of Antalya for music lovers. Even if you are not considering yourself as a music lover, there is no way that you will not be amazed by the performances at the International Antalya Piano Festival. It takes place in October annually with the participation of worldwide known pianists.

International Antalya Film Festival

International Antalya Film Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Antalya, which takes place every year since 1996. It is considered the second most important film festival in Turkey. Previously, the name of the International Antalya Film Festival was Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Today, International Antalya Film Festival takes place in autumn in Antalya Culture Center.

Kaleiçi Old Town Festival

Kaleiçi Old Town Festival is a festival that takes place annually in October. The main aim of this festival is the recognition of Kaleiçi and its historical value.

Where to Stay in Antalya?

Choosing to place to stay on a holiday might be one of the most difficult decisions to make. You have thousands of options to choose from in Antalya. If you want a hotel where everything is included and you do not want to take care of anything other than your comfort, you got it. If you want just a place to spend your nights on a budget to be able to travel in the daytime, you got it as well.

There are full-pension and half-pension options in hotels and hostels as well. In fact, there are all kinds of options as I mentioned earlier. There are hotels with aqua parks, discos, children’s daycare centers, and so on. If you do not want to stay in a hotel and want to have your place, Antalya has lots of wonderful Airbnb options as well, if you want to take a look.

Tips and Further Information

Since there are lots of things to explore in Antalya, you might feel like you are missing out on some stuff. One of the options to explore Antalya fully is by tourism agendas which you can participate in city tours and sightseeing. This way, you can get to know Antalya better including its history, architecture, and values. Different tourism firms offer different programs for you to explore Antalya during your stay. 

Questions and Answers

Antalya is a great option to spend your holiday or travel in general. The following are some questions and answers about Antalya that might help you in any terms.

Where is Antalya located in Turkey?

It is located on the south side, in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey.

Is Antalya safe for families?

Yes, it is. There are no terror activities recorded in Antalya recently, and thousands of families prefer Antalya as their holiday destination annually. 

Is Antalya safe for female travelers?

Yes, it is. Antalya is one of the most modern cities in Turkey. However, one can never claim that there is no chance for you to get hurt or assaulted in any place in the world.

Is Antalya worth visiting?

A hundred percent yes. It has lots of opportunities you can choose from to do in your holiday including historical, cultural, artistic, and natural events. It is one of the best destinations to spend your summer holiday.

What are the best natural places to visit in Antalya?

Köprülü Canyon, Düden Waterfall, and Manavgat Waterfall are some of the best natural beauties of Antalya.

Is it wise to visit Antalya with children?

There are lots of alternatives to spend some quality time with your children in Antalya. Additionally, if you want to have some me-time in Antalya, there are some hotels with daycare as well.

Is there an international departures section of Antalya airport?

Yes, there is an international departures section of Antalya airport where you can find direct flights to various countries including Germany and Russia.


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